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๐’๐ˆ๐‹๐•๐„๐‘ ๐‰๐”๐๐ˆ๐‹๐„๐„ ๐‘๐Ž๐๐”I ๐“๐€๐Š๐ˆ๐ ๐‡๐Œ๐€๐๐†

๐’๐ˆ๐‹๐•๐„๐‘ ๐‰๐”๐๐ˆ๐‹๐„๐„ ๐‘๐Ž๐๐”I ๐“๐€๐Š๐ˆ๐ ๐‡๐Œ๐€๐๐† Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) Headquarters, Champhai chuan nimin khan kum 25 an tlin Silver Jubilee lawmna Government Champhai Multipurpose Hall-ah an lawm a. He hun hi Er. Lalrinawma Deputy Speaker, Mizoram Legislative Assembly chuan Khuallian niin a hmanpui a. Silver Jubilee Souvenir a tlangzarh nghal a ni.. Khuallian Er. Lalrinawma chuan MZP Headquarters Champhai in kum 25 hmel a hmua Silver Jubilee a hmang chu a lawmpui thu sawiin, zirlaite chu faina leh mahni inthununna nunpuia an nihna leh dinhmun chiang taka hre thin turin a fuih a. Eng hna pawh zahpui hauh lo a thawh duhna chu ram mamawh a nih tawh thu leh, zirlaite chu chhawrtlak leh belhtlak nihntum theuh turin a chah a ni. Zirlai kalkhawmte chunMizoram runtu hlauhawm tak AIDS natna lak atanga inveng fimkhur tura chahin, thalaite chu taksa zaha hlutna chang hre tur leh Nupui pasal neih hmaa invawng thianghlim turin a fuih a. Kan ram leh hnam chawisan a tulin, tu ram mahin…

YMA Palai : Champhai Vengthlang Chanchin Buatsaihtute Hmathlir

Mi thiam kan mamawh

Champhai khua hi mahni tawka induh ve tak, khaw danga kan thiante leh hmelhriat lemloh te nen kan inhmuh leh ti-ti ho pawha inla deuh larh, eng ni vak lemlo kan ni tlangpui a. Ngaihsan tur leh chawimawitlak han chawimawi pawh kan thiam hek lo. Kan khua hian ‘ze’ hranpa hi kan nei deuh tlat nia.
Khaw dangte chu thiamna leh zirna kawngah an intihhmuha, rualelnaah an intlansiak nasa hle. Hetiang kawngah hian kan thanharh a ngai khawp mai. Mizorama Officer lian leh mi thiam tam tak kan neih zingah hian Champhai khaw chhuak sawi tur an tam lo ta hle maia, chhiar tham lek an ni. Tun hnaiah MCS Sawrkarin a la thar leha, hun rei tak hetiang mi kan neih tawh loh hnuah Venglai tlangval R.Lalmalsawma chu a inziak tling nawlh maia. Kan lawmpui tawh tehlul nen, vanduaina tawkin min la boralsan zui leh ta nghal a! Thalai lehkha thiam leh zirna kawng zawh mekte hian hetiang kawngah hian tan lak deuh deuh tum ila, tun atangin tum fel tak neiin han zir tauh tauh teh u.
Champhaiah …


Sub-Headquarter in Committee nei
Thu pawimawh hrang hrang rel
Vengthlang,31st August (Pathianni) : Ni 26.8.2008 (Zirtawpni) khan Sub-Headquarters Commitee Hall Tlangrawtah Champhai Sub-Headquarter Committee a nei a. He Committtee hi Pu C. Lalawmpuia’n kaihhruaiin kum 2009 a Sub- Headquarters YMA Conference chungchang leh Sub- Headquarters YMA Budget an thlir ho a. Kum 2009 Sub- Headquarter Annual Conference neih ngei nise an ti a. A hun a tan April thla ruahman a ni a. Tin, a thleng tu tur pawh Champhai Sub- Headquarter nise anti. Tin, kum 2008-2009 atan Sub- Headquarter hnuaia Group leh Town Branch hrang hrangte budget tur thlir hona an nei a. Heng Group leh Branch hrang hrangte Budget tling khawm hi Rs. 33, 500/- tura ruahman chu an pawm tlang bawk.
Hengbakah hian khawpui chhung venhim chungchangah Branch hrang hrangte tan la lehzual tura hriattir nise an ti. kum 2008 a Mizo ram Assembly Election lo awm turah YMA tangkai na tur leh thawh tur hrna ghrang sawi hona an nei bawk a. Amah…

AK 47

@@ Zaupuia leh Pa- Thana thufingte :
1) DIET Lecturer nupuia i neih duh chuan tlangval ngo lam pang tlema san tha deuh i nih a ngai.
2) Mahni nupui tur zawn aichuan thiante nupui tur zawn kan thiam zawk.
3) Chhungte hmangaihna bak chu midang hnen atangin hmangaihna hi dawn kan in beisei tawh lo.
@@Tunah a thar hmangaihna eng nuamah tih hla an sak hi chuan ka rilruah hian engdang a lut thei mawlh lo.
VL-a, N-Sec
@@Zaithiam ngaihzawn tur neih loh pawn an hming ang tal hi chu thlan hram hram tur.
John-a, K-Sec
@@Mautam tam tuarte eitur Soup an sem chu Hrilzauva te hoin an ngeih hle mai.
Pu Mantea
@@Dingpuia te ho hi ka lo kawm ve lak lawh tawh sia, han kawm loh a nih thei tawh bawk si lova, ka duh aiin an changkang lo lutuk a.
Sawmpuia, New Saron
@@Tunlai thianpa Zohlira chuan ramhnuaia silai kah vel a ni a buaipui leh tawh ni. Tu tak hruai leh ang maw....
Pu Hnunpuia, V-Sec
@@Ka pa name plate hi a hranpa min siamtir ve tawh mai la. Sepa, N-Sec

Kohhran Aw

Ramthar Ni
Vawiin hi Synod Ramthar Ni atana ruat a ni a. Chawhnu leh Zan Inkhawmah hemi pual hian hun hman a ni ang.
Beihrual thla kan thleng ta
Naktuk atang hi chuan Kohhran Beihrual prog. kan hmang leh tan tawh ang.A kar hmasa ber hi Ramthar Hapta a ni leh dawn a.Synod Ram thar chanchin chipchiar taka zirho thin a ni ang. Kohhran mipuiten, thahnemngai taka inkhawm theuh i tum ang.
Pathian ram thilpek
Vawiin hi August thla chhung atana Kohhranin Pathian Ram thilpek kan lakkhawm ni hnu hnung ber a ni leh ta. La pe remchang lo, pek duh site kan awm chuan theihnghilh lo ila a tha ange.Vawiin tlaiah hian tun thla chhunga tla zawng zawng chhiar a ni tawh ang.
*** Pawisa- Asoka Pillar chuang reng reng chu Bank lamin an pawm tawh lova.Thilpek ah pawh, Inkhawm thawhlawmah pawh thawh tawh loh mai nise a lawmawm khawp ang.
Inkhawm Zat :
20/8/08 ( Thawhtan) : 159
23/8/08 ( Inrinni) : 225
17/8/08 (Pathianni)
Sunday School : 1218
Chawhnu : 306
Zan : 305


Renewable Energy Day
Free Concert nen hmang dawn
Vengthlang,24th August (Pathianni) : Zirtawpni khan District Education Office Champhaiah Champhai District-in Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas, Renewable Energy Day 2008 hman dan tur ngaihtuahin Committee an thukhawma, kum danga kan hman dan lo ang deuhin tun kum hi chuan Dt.29.8.2008 (Zirtawp) zanah Free Concert neih turin an rel fel. Renewable Energy Day hi District dangah chuan a ni tak August ni 20 khan an hmang tawh hlawma, mahse he Day hi kar hnih huam chhung, eng hunah pawh hman theih a nih avangin Champhai District chu kan tlai deuh dawn ta a ni. Free Concert hi Champhai Town Hall-ah neih tura ruahman a ni a, inbuatsaihna peng hrang hranga hma latu tur pawh inruatfel nghal vek a ni bawk. Free Concert neih turah hian Champhai District huam chhunga zaithiam langsar deuh deuhte chu an sawm kim dawn hle a, a buatsaihtu tur lam an phur tawh bawka, pui tham deuh taka hman tum a ni.

Tanpuina dawng nual
Mautam tam tanpuina chu YMA Branch, V.…


## Tunkar chhunga kan member damlai lusun kan tuarpui em emte
Remnaa (Helen of Romance)
Lalsena (Zaithiam)
Lalduhawma (Inbiakpawhna)

##’Zunzam’ chanchinbua Papuia an rawn tih ve ziah hi keimah ngei hi ka ni e. Papuia, K-Sec.
##Ngur tlangah Ek tih vel aichuan Centenary Hall-a vawih hi a nuam deih zawk. Partei, N-Sec.
##Mipa kawr aiin hmeichhe kawr thui ka thiam fe zawk.
Ramsanga, N-Sec.
##Kum 4 hnuah chuan Aizawl chu lo pui tawh kher mai. Step tawlh theihah te kan tlawlh vel a. Tehmingi, N-sec
## U Marem, JCB in tih ve ziah hi TMB emaw ka lo tia, lei laihna khawl a lawm lo ni.
Pi Hmingtei w/o Pu Marema
##Zakaia nen kan inanna chu Theipui kung kan ngaina ve ve a ni lawm ni Pu Hnunpui
Pu Zohlira, V-Sec
##BC Academy-ah hian Ek paih hna pawh nise a thlawnin ka thawk peih reng.
ChCh-a, T-Sec
## Ka ha lem ka vuah loh hi chuan Chhingmami Film a mi kha ka an zia ka hrechhuak ziah. Chubakah Cheng nga thir bial hi ka an…

Kohhran Aw

Inkhawm Zat ( Crusade)
13/8/08 ( Thawhtan) : 182
16/8/08 ( Inrinni) : 215
17/8/08 (Pathianni)
Sunday School : 1159
Chawhnu : 227
Zan : 407
Inkhawmah Tan ila zel ang u.

July Thilpek chingfeltu
1. Pu C.Hualchhunga
2. Pu K.Lalzawngliana
3. Pu PC Liandawla
4. Pu PC Lalchawiliana
5. Pu K.Rokunga
Inkhawm zai hruaitu
1. Pu H.Nghakliana
2. Tv.VL.Zauva Chhangte
3. Pu C.Lalchhuanawma
4. Tv.VL.Ramdina-Keyboardist
5. Pi Lalhruaitluangi
** Inkhawm Zai hruaitute hi kar hnih chhung zel atana ruat an ni.
Nilai Zan hun hman
1.Thunun thar:
Nilai zan khan inngaihna suala tlu member pathum chu thunun thar an ni leh ta.Thununna reng reng hi lainatna thinlung nen, Kohhran thianghlimna atana tih thin a ni.
2. Pem dawnsawn:
Nl.Lalparmawii, Pu Lalni- liana (L) fanu chu Venglai Kohhran atangin a lo pem a. Lawm taka lo dawnsawn a ni.
NPSS Zirtirtu training
Inrinni hmasa khan kan Kohhrana NPSS Zirtirtu training chu hl…

Buatsaihtute Hmathlir

Pawl tam lutuk

Ram hmasawn tur leh changkang tur chuan Sawrkar chak leh tha, ruahmanna siam thiam a pawimawha. Chutiang deuh bawk chuan khawtlang hmasawn tur chuan ‘Pawl’ (Association) chak a ngai thin.
Hetiang pawl hrang hrang hian khawtlang an khaiding in Sawrkar hmalakna tam takah nasa takin an theihna leh tangkaina zawnah chuan an pui thin. Entirnan YMA chu E/Roll, Ration Card etc. siam thleng kawngah Sawrkar kutke ber a ni. Hetianga pawl tangkai tak tak a awm mek lai hian, a tangkaina sawi tur chu sawiloh khawtlang leh Sawrkar tiluhaitu pawl kan tam ta lutuk niin tunah chuan a lang ta. Pawl kan lo din ve takah chuan hmalakna tur leh kan tha tichak turin ‘Sum’ kan mamawha, pawl zawng zawng deuh thaw hian Sawrkar kan behchhan ta thin si a, a luhaithlak zawng a ni.
Chumi pawl chu tia han sawi dawt chu thil tha ber pawh a ni kher lovanga, han ngaihtuah vang vang mahila, Mizo mipui ngaihtuah hian pawl chu kan tam lua deuh a ni. Pawl tangkai tak tak an awm kan tih laiin heng pawl the…


Birth Certificate dah pawimawh phut dawn
Vengthlang,15th June (Pathianni) : Ni 15.8.2008 ( Zirtawpni ) Zan khan Branch Executive Committee vawi 8-na YMA Runah neih a ni a. Hetah hian Committee Member an kal tha hle a. He Committee-ah hian Kum 2008 YMA General Conference ni 18-20 October a Serchhip-a neih turah Agenda tur an ngaihtuah a. Hengte hi Branch atanga Agenda atana thehluh tura ruahmante a ni.
1. Sawrkar-in Birth Certificate a pek chhuah thinah hian YMA Population Register hi dahpawimawh tura hma lak ni rawh se.
2. Inner Line Permit(ILP) hi Sawrkar-in uluk zawka vawngin permit hmang dik lo te dap chhuakin an chungah action lak ni rawh se.
3. BADP Fund hi Plan & Estimate felfai tak hnuaiah Sanction siam thin ni rawh se.
4. Mizo Culture humhalh turin CYMA in hma la rawh se.
5. Mizo te hnamdang nena kan chen honaah Mizote tana thil pawi awm thei laka kan inven nan CYMA in Awareness Programme siamin hma la rawh se
6. CYMA in Aizawlah Khualbuk changtlung…

Kohhran Aw

August Pathian ram
Kohhranhovin August thla chhung atana Pathian ram thilpek kan lakkhawm chu tunah hian Biak In Veranda-ah dawh chhunzawm zel a ni a.Chhungtin inbuatsaih zel ila a tha ange.
Inkhawm Zat ( Crusade)
4/8/08 ( Thawhtan) : 275
5/8/08 ( Thawhlehni):230
6/8/08 (Nilai Zan : 288
9/08/08(Inrinni Zan): 391
Sunday School : 1224
Chawhnu : 397
Zan : 568
Inkhawmah Tan ila zel ang u.

July Thilpek chingfeltu
1. Pu C.Hualchhunga
2. Pu K.Lalzawngliana
3. Pu PC Liandawla
4. Pu PC Lalchawiliana
5. Pu K.Rokunga
Nilai Zan hun hman
Nilai zan khan inngaihna suala tlu member pakhat chu thunun thar a ni leh ta.Thununna reng reng hi lainatna thinlung nen, Kohhran thianghlimna atana tih thin a ni.
NPSS Zirtirtu training
Nimin khan kan Kohhran NPSS Zirtirtute training pein Synod Sunday School atangin mi 4(pali) an lokal a. Training hi tha takin an pe a , a lawmawm hle a ni. An ni hian Vengthlang North Ko…

AK 47

##Jail Veng-ah Petrol la tur reng reng chuan min lo sawm ziah teh u. Tin, ka kohhran dang hming chu Laitris a ni a, a awmzia chu Thim leh Eng tihna a ni e. Remnaa, N-Sec
##Science lam ti mi a lo lan meuh chuan kum 2 chhung a hmangaih taka ka lo dawm pawh sir a hnawl a ngai tlat. VL-a, N-Sec
##Faka pahnih an ni tho sia min hriatchhuah hma hian in sem fel lo lo mai ang, i duh zawk zawk thlang hmasa rawh. Lalduhawma, K-Sec
##Nl. Hmingi : Zan reh laia ka aw ngainat em em thin a han au dap dap hi chuan ka suihlungmuhnu hi a kai tho va, ka mur sung sung a, awm ngaihna ka hre thin lo.
Pu Mantea : Into, chutin chuap chuap suh. A sawt tawh reuh chuang lo.
##Aizawl zin leh vat ka ngai ta, ka style neihin a daih tawh tlat lo. Sawmpuia, T-Sec
##U Lanmawi, a rilru tak tak hi sawi teh se, rilru a tinuam lo a nia. Madiki, K-Sec
##Apa Dumliana tih hming hi ka puzo tawh ber zawkin ka hria.
Pu Biakthansanga, N-Sec
##Ka hmangaihna hmasa fun te reuhte hi ka ba…


Kan Nu leh Pate Aiawh tur Keiniho hi !!
By : Lalhuapzauva

Hnah hlui an til a, hnah tharin a rawn thlak ang hian keini, tunlaia thalaite hian nakin lawkah chuan kan nu leh pate ai kan awh a tul dawn. Tuna mahni thatna tur pawh ngaihtuah pha mang lo keiniho hi chhungkaw enkawla kan phi buai ve fe ala tul ang. Chumi hun atan chuan tuna i awm dan kha tha tawkin i hria em?
Kan nu leh pate : Tuna kan nu leh pate zinga tam ber hian chhungkaw bul tanna tur min siam lawk sak hlawm a. Buai vak lova chhunzawm tur kan nei sa hlawm avangin kan hlawhtlin leh tlin loh chu kan kutah a innghat. Nu leh pate rethei ve tak pawhin, kan fate tan tiin kan mamawh ber pakhat zirnaah nasa takin hma min lak pui a. Hei hi kan vanneihna a ni. Vairamah chuan mi retheite tan lehkha zirna chance a awm lo tluk a ni. Zirna lama sorkar tanlakna pawh nu leh pate’n an fate tha an it vangin an ngai pawimawh zo lo va, tet te atangin kan chhawr thin. Keiniho chu hmalakna tur atana bul tanna tur kan nu leh pate’n min hn…

Tunkar Chhunga Champhai Thil Thleng (11-16.8.08)

11.8.2008 (Thawhtanni)
Lemziak Inelna
Art & Culture Deptt. buatsaihin Inrinni khan Primary School II ah lem ziak inelna neih a ni ta a, hetah hian Clas X hnuai lam zirlai, sikul hrang hrang a mi 64 an tel.

Circle Order Pe
Champhaia PHE Circle Office hawnna tura Sorkar Order chhuak thar Copy chu Inrinni khan NGO hruaitute hnenah hlan a ni. SE Office thar hi CHANEM buildinga dah a rem em tih rawn thli thlaiin Er. Lalhmachhuana SE Champhaiah a lokal. Hetihlai hian Champhai NGO hruaitute chuan Champhaia District Session Judge an awm ve theihna turin hma an la mek a, Guwahti High Court thuneitute hnenah leh Mizoram sorkar hotu te hnenah an dilna a pui tlin thuai theihna tura hma la turin an ngen a, he thu bawhzui tur hi Aizawlah palai an indah mek bawk.

Top Ten-ah Tling
Zoawi Lelte, Sumeon Zaithanpuia chu Skylinks in an buatsaih Zo Star inelna neih mekah Top 10 ah tling chho.Zaia hi intihsiakna a tel zingah a zai tha ber ber a ni phak a, endiktute pawhin an Comment tha thin hle. Nl.Lalrinch…

Buatsaihtute Hmathlir

Faina bawk hi
Mizoram hi a leilung a nghet lo, tlangram awiha awm kan nih avanga kan ram min fo thin hi kan ram balhchhanah tam tak chuan kan puh fo thin. A chhan pakhat chu a ni ngei anga, mahse thil dangah a chhan lian ber nia lang chu kan taima tawk lo hi a ni.
Faina kawngah hian inzirtir thar reng a ngaia, ram neitu mipuite kan pawimawh. Mahni in bul leh a vel, vawnfai kawngah hian tanlak hmasak a ngai hmasa ber pakhat niin a lang. Sipai leh sawrkar hmun fai deuh kan hmuh chuan nuam kan tiin kan ngaina nghal maia, chutiang chuan kan ti ve thei tihlam kan ngaihtuah zui ngai chuang lo. V.C leh YMA ten mahni in leh a vel vawngfaia, hma lo la turin kan inchah fo thin, a sawt mawh khawp mai. Kan khua hi a fai theihna tur chuan chhungtinte mahni in leh a vel vawnfai kawngah tan la hmasa ila, chu chuan naupang thlengin nghawng a nei thui khawp ang.
Khawlai bal leh tawp, khu leh diak hi faina kawngah min tihmelchhetu ber pakhat a ni leh. A bik takin kawng dunga dawr neite hian mahni daw…

Vengthlang Kohhran Chanchin

August Pathian ram
Vawiin hi Kohhranhovin August thla chhung atana Pathian ram thilpek kan lakkhawm ni hmasa ber a lo ni leh dawn ta Thilpekah hma kan sawn zel a, theihtawp chhuah chhunzawm zel turin chhungkaw tinte kan in ngen zui zel a ni.
Inkhawm Zat
30/7/08 (Nilai Zan : 153
02/08/08(Inrinni Zan): 282
Sunday School : 1252
Chawhnu : 334
Zan : 426
Inkhawmah tanlak kan ngai.
Tan ila tlang zel ang u.

Thilpek chingfeltu
1. Pu C.Hualchhunga
2. Pu K.Lalzawngliana
3. Pu PC Liandawla
4. Pu PC Lalchawiliana
5.Pu K.Rokunga
Nilai Zan hun hman
Nilai zan khan inngaihna suala tlu member pakhat chu thunun thar a ni leh ta.
Naupang lang Camp
Nimin khan naupang pualin Lang Camp neih a ni a, naupang thahnem tak telin Team hoten hun an hmanpui a, an hlim hle.
Team-hote Chaw eipui
Kohhran Committee chuan Nimin tlai khan Sinners Friend Team hote Zanriah an kilpui. .Anniho nena rawng…

Vengchhung Chanchin

Budget Ruahman Dawn
Kum 2008-2009 Branch hrang hrangte Budget tur chu Ni 26.8.08 (Thawhlehni) hian Sub-Hqrs. Coordination Comt. in a ngaihtuah dawn ta. Hemi rual hian nakum Annual Conference neihna hmun leh hun tur pawh an rel nghal dawn bawk.

AIR FM Live Phone
Mobile phone pawhin a man theih tur FM radio chu August ni 15 India Independece Day hian AIR Aizawl chuan a pe chhuak dawn ta a. Tlai dar 5 atanga zan dar 10 thleng programee pechhuakin Mizo leh sap hla tha tak tak a ngaihthlak thei dawn a ni. He AIR FM hi 100.7 Megahertz-ah a man thei ang. Ni tin tlai dar 5:00-5:30 ah Gospel, dar 5:30-6:30 leh 8:00-9:00 thlen western music, dar 9:00-10:00 lengzem/lenglawng a pe chhuak dawn a. Nilaini, Inrinni leh Pathianniah dar 6:40-7:00 ah sap hla, dar 7:00-8:00 inkarah Hindi hla a pechhuak ang a. Thawhtanni, Thawhlehni leh Zirtawpniah dar 6:40-7:00 ah Hindi hla hi a pechhuak bawk dawn a ni.
NGO fakawm
Champhai Civil Hospital-ah hnrei tak Doctor te indaih lohna phuhrukna turin NGO Champhai te …

AK 47

## Mantea inlak lar tum dan hi a thing tlat, mi koh dan ang nilo hian an phuahchawp kual vel a. Mi an chibai dan velte reng reng hi. .............
Pu Rawna, T-Sec
##Lalthleka hi UPC of Mission Veng a nia, kei chu UPC of Awmpui Phei ka nih hi.
Thlailawka, T-Sec
##Kohhran dang ngaihzawn chu loh theih lovin sap hming neih a ngai tlat ta mai.
Rocky Lalsena, N-Sec
##AK-a milem in rawn dah hi CCN Nui Nui chhiartupa hi a nih duh hmel. Pa Ruala, T-Sec
##Into (Nl. Hmingi a koh duatna) ka ngaizawng ngai reuh bawk lo che. Min ngai zawng i lo tih leh reuh chuan ka hnek awk tawh ang che.
Nl. Hmingi ngaizawng thintute zinga mi Pu Mantea, Pre
##Chhungkuaah LDC ni pawh nin tawh nen Office lamah LDC han nih lehzel chu.........
Kima, K-Sec
##Ka pa, i fate zingah a ngaihtuah awm lo pahnihin pawmlai kan nei tawh a, a bak la awm pahnihte hi chu beisei duh tawh lo mai rawh. Bei an ti dawng dun e mai...
Pu Zohera, N-Sec
##Mi rn kah leh…


Thankhat lian teh meuh mai India-in British a\anga zalenna a sual chhuah lรขwmna chu Mizoram pawn kan hmang ve ta. Mizoram chhรปng hmun hrang hrangah pawh urhsun takin hnam puanzar pawt parhin lรขwmna hun kan hmang ve \hin. Amaherawhchu hemi lรขwmna tรปra sum kan sem dรขn erawh hi chuan lung a van ti awi lo tรขk รชm?
Aizรขwl khawpui Independence Day lรขwmna pรชng pakhat Football Tournament-ah ringawt pawh Rs. 2 nuai an seng a, Mizoram hmun hrang hrangah erawh chuan Rs. 2 nuai hi District pakhat hman tรปr hian mi pe em le? Independence Day chauh pawh hi a nilo Chapchar Kรปt, Republic Day thlรชng hian a ni vรชk. Aizรขwl-ah duh tรขwk a an hman tรปr pawisa an lรขk pen hnuah District hrang hrangah min sem kual leh ni ber hian a hriat. A van lungchhiat thlรขk tak รชm?
Hetiang dinhmuna ding reng chรปng hian ngatinge kan khawtlรขng hruaitute hian Aizรขwl lama kan hruaitute hi an nawr ve loh le. Nge sum tlรชmtรชah hian kan la lungawi tรขwk. Hmasรขwnna kawng hrang hran…

Ni 4-8 August 2008 Champhai Thilthleng

4.8.2008 (Thawhtanni)

Thukhawm dawn
Vawiin chawhnu dar 2:00 hian Vengthlang YMA Runah Champhaia Commercial Gas Connection neitute leh a nei awm chi te chu NGO Co-Ordination Comt. Executive COmmittee ten thil kalphung an sawipui dawn.
Scho. lak theih
Vawiin atanga August ni 8 thlengin SJSRY Cell, UD& PA Department, Champhai hnuaia BPL Family atanga Trade chi hrang hranga Training te tan Scholarship/stipend Office hun chhung in lak theih a ni ang. Training Centre thlan te tan pawh a chunga hun tarlan chhung hian attendance register kengin, training fee lak theih a ni bawk.
In thiat dawn
Pu Hrangkhuma (Patea), Champhai Venglai te In leh a vel min nasa chuan an In chu chenna atana hlauhawm khawpin a awm a, nimin tlai khan an bungrua te thiar chhuakin an In an riah rauh san a, vawiinah an In hi thiat turin ruahmanna an siam.


Mizote hi kan pi leh pu atangin hnam tlawmngai thian chhan thih ngam tiin kan inchhal thin. Kan tun dinhmunah erawh hi chuan kan pi leh pu tena tlawmngaihna an tih hi kan Mizo ziaah hian a bo tawh ni ber hian a hriat.
Kan tunlai khawvรชlah hi chuan mi chhiatni thatni hi kan zia lanchhuahna awlsam ber a ni a tih theih hial tawh รขwm e. A bรฎk takin chhiatni bikah hian a ni leh zรปal. Kan khawtlรขng nun han en vรขng vรขng hian mi chhiat tawkte chunga kan รขwm dรขn leh kan nihphung hi chuan tlawmngaihna hi a phawk pha tawh lo ni ber hian a hriat. Tlaivรขr zรขnah nise kan duh hรปn hunah kan hawng a, a chรขng phei chuan mi tlรชmtรช leh chhiattawk chhรปngkua chiah awmchangte kan nei ta zeuh zeuh hi a zia lo lam mah mah a ni. Vรชng heti rรชng ruangah chhiattawk chhรปngkuate In khat zo lo member kan รขwm hi i inngaihtuah nawn leh teh ang u.
Kum khatah vawi khat tlaivarnaah a kal a ngem aw... tih tรปr thahnem tรขk member kan nei te hi a zia lo lam mah mah chu a ni. Khawhar In leh Lumen tlaivรขr zรขnah hi…

AK 47

% U Remna, ka rawn ho leh hunah chuan min lo theihnghilh tawh awm si a, min hriatreng nan lukhum hi i lo nei dawn nia.
Veng pakhat VCP fanu
%Motor pawn Spare Part a nei a, kei pawn spare sass ka nei ve a ni mai a lawm.
VL-a, N-Sec
%Zote khua a Mizoram tih kawr ha apiang hi ka pu-te vek an nih saw. Bula, Fin. Secy
%Lehkhaden pawh hi sim a hun ta, member kan kiam sawt tlat. Hrangkima Pa, T-Sec
%Tung hul ve tlat Mapuii, Pastor Quarters
%Machhuan, nupui neih chu nuam si hlauhawm si a lo ni ber e. Lalbuanga, K-Sec
% Thianpa Vungpuia hi chu Camping-ah pawh lut leh mahse a pass zo tawh chuang lo ang, Nunna Bu ah pawh a hming phek khat chuang an ziak tha tawh.
Lalpuia, N-Sec
%Pa Fak, Editor ka ni ve tho sia ngatinge Khuallian tur leh thil hawng tur hian min van sawm ve lo em em. U BM-a (Dumde) hi an sawm zing ropui si. Hruaia, Rihlipui Ed.