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π’πˆπ‹π•π„π‘ π‰π”ππˆπ‹π„π„ π‘πŽππ”I π“π€πŠπˆπ π‡πŒπ€ππ†

π’πˆπ‹π•π„π‘ π‰π”ππˆπ‹π„π„ π‘πŽππ”I π“π€πŠπˆπ π‡πŒπ€ππ† Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) Headquarters, Champhai chuan nimin khan kum 25 an tlin Silver Jubilee lawmna Government Champhai Multipurpose Hall-ah an lawm a. He hun hi Er. Lalrinawma Deputy Speaker, Mizoram Legislative Assembly chuan Khuallian niin a hmanpui a. Silver Jubilee Souvenir a tlangzarh nghal a ni.. Khuallian Er. Lalrinawma chuan MZP Headquarters Champhai in kum 25 hmel a hmua Silver Jubilee a hmang chu a lawmpui thu sawiin, zirlaite chu faina leh mahni inthununna nunpuia an nihna leh dinhmun chiang taka hre thin turin a fuih a. Eng hna pawh zahpui hauh lo a thawh duhna chu ram mamawh a nih tawh thu leh, zirlaite chu chhawrtlak leh belhtlak nihntum theuh turin a chah a ni. Zirlai kalkhawmte chunMizoram runtu hlauhawm tak AIDS natna lak atanga inveng fimkhur tura chahin, thalaite chu taksa zaha hlutna chang hre tur leh Nupui pasal neih hmaa invawng thianghlim turin a fuih a. Kan ram leh hnam chawisan a tulin, tu ram mahin…
ni 31.8.2017 (ningani)
KRISTIANNA HI A THA BIK A NI TIH LANTIR TUM: Nimin khan Champhai Press Club-ah PRISM hruaitute chuan Press Conference neiin, Kum 2018 MLA Election neih tur atana PRISM MLA Candidate atana sawmna hun an hmang a. Nakkum Mizoram tinthlanpui neih tura PRISM-in inthlan chuh an tum leh an ruahmanna hrang hrangte an phochhuak nghal bawk. RL Liantluanga General Secretary GHQ chuan Press mite hnenah Candidate tura mipui aiawh an zawn thu leh ram siamthat a tul zia te sawiin, Press mite zawhna a chhang a: PRISM Gen. Secretary chuan, Kan ram siamthat a tul thu hi mi tam takin an lo aupui tawh thin a, siamthat duh mihring tam tak pawh an beidawng hman hial a ni. Hetih lai hian siamthat duh avanga penchhuak tura beidawng tawhte thinlung erawh chuan beiseina a la nei fan a, mithiam leh a ngaihna hria tam tak ten ram siamthat duhna rilru puin kawng hrang hrangin hma an la mek a ni, a ti a.
ni 30.8.2017 (nilaini)
MI INPE LEH PAWL CHUNGAH INNGHAT : Champhai DC leh District Child Protection Committee Chairman, Vanlalngaihsaka, IAS kaihhruaina hnuaiah nimin khan DC Conference Hall-ah Champhai khawpui chhunga naupang kumtling lo ram dan bawhchhia te, hleilenna tawk leh chhawmdawl bik ngaite naupangte enkawl mekna Adopt-a-Home hmun thum tihphuisui dan tur chungchang ngaihtuahin an thutkhawm. Sorkar puihbawmna tel kher lo pawha khawtual mi neinung leh inpe ten Women and Child Development kaltlanga duan Adopt-a-Home Programme hnuaiah Child Care Institution te, mimal, Pawl leh sumdawng lian emaw ten tanpuina an pek theihna tura Champhai khawpui chhunga kumtlinglo enkawlna hmun puihbawm leh chhawmdawlna an dawn theih dan tur chungchang ngaihtuah a ni.
ni  28.8.2017 (thawhtanni)
NORTH KHAWBUNG BIAK IN ATANGIN TIR CHHUAK : Champhai Baptist Kohhran chuan nimin khan North Khawbung Kohhran Biak lnah missionary C. Zodinmawii chu bial vawngtu Rev.B.Rothangpuia'n a tir chhuak a. NI C. Zonunmawii hi C.Lianngenga leh Lalnunmawii, Champhai Venglai te fa panga zinga a upa ber a ni a. Kum 5 chhung zet Tripura leh Maharastra ah te missionary a thawh hnuin, M.Th Philippines ah a zir chhunzawm leh a, tunah hian BCM hnuaiah Evangelist Teacher hna thawk turin Dampa Rengpui-ah a awm dawn a ni. A thawhna hmun hi naktuk hian hna bul a tan ang.
ni 25.8.2017 (zirtawpni)
SBI-IN KHAWLTHLUAK NEI HMANG TA : Nimin khan Cbamphai North Biaitu MLA TT Zothansanga Parliamentary Secretary, chuan Mizorama a 4na ni turin SBI  Champhai ah E-Corner a hawng. Hawnna inkhawmah hian TT Zothansanga chuan thu sawiin E-Comer hawn theiha peihfel a ni ta chu Champhai tan hmasawnna nasa tak a ni tih a tarlang a. Bank dawr avanga mipuiten hun tam tak tak an khawhral thin chu he hmasawnna hian a ti ziaawm dawn tih a sawi a. E-Corner peihfel tak zarah hian Bank dawrtute Ieh Bank hnathawkte inkara hun tamtak senga hmaichhana indawr ngai thin chu za a 85 zetin a chhawk zangkhai dawn a, hei hian mipui tan Bank hna tihfel alo awlsawm phah zawkin hun leh tha nasa takin a hum dawn tih a sawi a. Bank dawr awlsam zawk nana hmasawnna tha tak E-Corner chu  Champhai mipui te tan a hlan a ni.
ni 24.8.2017 (ningani)
KAWNG SIAM THATNA HUN AWMLO : Nimin khan Champhai Venglai Community Hall-ah DRDA Champhai leh Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) hmalakna in India sorkar hmalakna thar New India Movement chungchang zir ho a ni a. Champhai North Bialtu TT.Zothansanga, Parliamentary Secretary chu khuallian niin he hun hi a hmanpui. He hun hi Vanlalngaihsaka, Champhai DC chuan a kaihruai a, Sankalp Se Seddhi- New Indian Manthan chu kum 75 India zalenna lawmna chikhat a nih thu sawiin, India ram atanga retheihna te, natna thlentu bawlhhlawh te leh eirukna te tihbo hi a tum ber a ni tih a sawi.
ni 23.8.2017 (nilaini)
THLIRLETNA HUN HMANG : Nimin khan CDFA chuan Independence day Football  thlirletna hun CDFA Office ‘ Chhangphut Field-ah an nei. He hun hi C. Hualrikhuma, President CDFA chuan kaihruaiin Tournament neih zawh tak chu a hlawhtling hle tih an tarlang a. lndependence Day Celebration Committee te chuan Champion Team Ieh Runners Up te lawmman an tumsaka an chungah lawmthu an sawi bakah Best Player, Top Score Fair Play lawmman tum sak tute zawng zawng chungah CDFA chuan lawmthu a sawi a ni.
ni 22.8.2017 (thawhlehni)
A ZUNG CHAWPIN HALRAL: Tuipuiral Group huam chhunga Khuangthing Branch YMA te chuan an ram chhunga Ganja kung 10,000 chuang chu a bulah pawt phawiin nimin khan an halral. Khuangthing Branch YMA-te hian ruihhlo do leh luidung nungcha humhalh kawngah, tha thlah lovin hma an la reng a, niminpiah chawhma inkhawm ban khan, zu zuar dapin, zu thlawr lai bungbel leh hmanrua eng emaw zat an Iak sak a. Chawhnu lamah Khuangthing khaw chhung leh dai hnaia Ganja kung engemaw zat an suat hnuah nimin zing khan hmalak chhunzawmin Lailak nikanga Kapkima, Lalvena leh J.Lallawmawma te thlawhlaia Ganja, buh kara an chin chu suatin Ganja kungte hi an phur hawng a. Khuangthing khelmual hlui Community Hall kawt-ah nimin khan, Khuangthing VCP B. Lawmkima‘n an a halral nghal a ni.
ni 18.8.2017 (zirtawpni)
SAWRKAR KUTA HLAN AIIN HALRAL DUH ZAWK : Ngur Branch YMA leh YMA Sub-hqrs. Champhai tangkawpten niminpiah tlai-a Tiau-kam Zilhri phai-a an man,  Pseudoephedrin (Khehpuam) mum 7,80,000 chu nimin khan YMA Sub-hqrs. Champhai Office tual, Tlangrawt-ah Champhai District Session Judge R. Vanlalena'n a hairal. Ngur khaw kal tlanga Myanmar ram Ngente kai a lakluh tur ni ngei a hriat Pseudoephedrine Mum Nuai 7 leh sing 8, Tualchhung hralhna a chhut a Cheng Nuai 117 leh Sing 6 man chu niminpiah chawhnu khan Ngente kai Tiau kam Zilhri phai-ah Ngur Branch YMA hruaitute chuan hmu-in,YMA Sub-hqrs. Champhai hruaitute an hrilh hnuah a neitu an changzui a. He Khehpuam senghawitu hi an chan chhuah mai loh avangin nizan hmasa khan YMA Sub-hqrs. Champhai hruaitute chuan an senghawi a.
ni 17.8.2017 (nilaini)
INDIA ZALENNA CHAMPHA LAWMNA : Champhai : Thawhlehni khan India Independence Day vawi 71-na lawmna chu Chhangphut Field ah Social Welfare Minister PC Lalthanliana hoin ropui taka hman a ni. He lawmna inkhawmah hian Khuallian chuan hnam puanzar pawt parhin parade contingents 25 te hnam puanzar chibai buk a chhangleta Khuallian chuan Independence Day Vawi 71-na lawm tura kal te chu chibai bukin, Ram pum huapa zalenna kan hman chu ram tan inpekna thuk zawk nei tura inhlan thar nan leh zalenna kan lawmna chu min fuihtu a tan leh hmasawnna kawnga thui zawk pen nan hmang theuh turin kalkhawm mipuite chu a sawm ani. He ni pawimawh takah hian India ram zalenna atana nunna hlu tak hlan tum Martar-te zahna chibai bukin, India zalenna a tana hma hruaitu ropui Mahatma Gandhi, Netaj Subash Chandra Bose leh hruaitu dangte hre reng turin kalkhawmte chu a chah a. Zalenna sualtute chu hun eng pan thei tum min fuihtu leh kan
ni 15.8.2017 (thawhlehni)
DISTRICT NGIAT AVANGIN NUAR : Khawzawl District Implementing Demand Committee (KDIDC) ten August ni 12 hma a Khawzawl District ti puitling tura Sawrkar an phutna a hlawhtlin tak loh avangin nimin khan Khawzawlah Total Bandh huaihawt ani.
KDIDC-in Khawzawl District tih puitlin an duh zia lantirna atan Total Bandh an huaihawt hi Zing dar 5:00 atanga tlai dar nga thleng awh niin Khawzawl kawngpui chhunga sorkar office, zirna in leh bank zawng zavmg khar vek a nih bakah dawr inhawng pawh hmuh tur a awm lova, veng tinah duty tih loh chu mipui chhuak vak hmuh tur an awm meuh lo. Chiat tawk leh damlote erawh ngaih hnathiam an ni thung. Aizawl lam atanga Iirthei lokal lirthei eng emaw zat dan an ni a, Champhai lam atanga chhuk erawh pahnih pathum bak an awmlo thung. Total Bandh hi tlai lam dar 5:00 khan khar niin
ni 14.8.2017 (thawhtanni)
VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT ZO TA : lnrinni-khan independence Day Volleyball Tournament chu a hmawr hawk a ni ta. lnrinni Zing dar 7:00 khan mipa Semifinal khelh niin Vengthlang North-in 3-2 in Sazep an hneh a, PC Lalsangliana Memorial VC in MZ Home 3-1 in an hneh bawk. Chawhma dar 11 ah Hmeichhe final khelh niin PC Lalsangliana Memorial VC in 3-0  Dungtlang hnehin an Champion a, Mipa finalah Vengthlang North in 3-0 in PC Lalsangliana Memorial VC an hneh bawk. Mipa Best setter atan Zoramthara, Vengthlang North thlan niin Best Spiker-ah Lalbiakmuana, PC Lalsangliana Memorial VC, thlan a ni bawk. Hmeichhe Best Setter-ah Zothanpuii, PC Lalsangliana Memorial VC thlan a ni a, Best Spiker-ah Vardingliani, PC
ni 12.8.2017 (inrinni)
LEI ZAWH THEIH TA: Mizoram leh Myanmar inkalpawhna, Zokhawthar, Champhai District a mi chu zawh ngam loh khawpa a chhiat tawh avangin Mizoram PWD chuan thawmthat hna an thawk a Ningani khan an siam zo. He Lei hi lirthei bakah mihring tan pawh zawh a hlauhawm avangin PWD te hian Dy. Commissioner, Champhai District phalna la in hun reilote chhungin an siamtha ta a ni.
ni 11.8.2017 (zirtawpni)
KUM TIN ZA ZELAH 3 ZIRLAI NAUPANG THI: Nimin khan Kendriya Vidyalaya, Central School CHANEM Building-ah C. Lalbiakchhungi, MPS, SDPO Champhai hovin Road Safety chungchang zirtirna hun hman a ni. SDPO chuan kumin hian zirlai naupang te hi za zela 3 chu motor accident vangin an thi thin a, nitin naupang 480 chu hliam tuar ziah ang a ni a, kumtin mi nuai chuang  motor accident vangin an thi thin a ni, a ti a. Zirlai naupangte chu funkhur turin a chah a. School kan kalin emaw kan haw lama ni emaw uluk taka kan kalna kawng chu en a hlauhawma awm leh awm loh en a, a him a nih chuan kal chauh thin tur a ni, a ti a. Kan ding leh veiah motor aIo kal leh kal Ioh te, motor ri ngaihven thin tur a ni tih a sawi a. Traffic Police te thuawih tur a nih thu sawiin kawng kawiah takte kawng kan
ni 10.8 2017 (ningani)
TV EN MAN BITHLIAH TA: Champhai Cable Network leh LCN Zokhawpui chuan Sorkar laipui duhdan angin Channel Encryption a kalpui tan dawn ta. TV Channel hi package thuma siam a ni dawn a. Pack-I, Rs. 150 manah chuan Zonet Bawhbel & Free to Airchannel zawng en theih a ni ang a; Pack-2, Rs. 350/-manah chuan CCN leh Zonet Local Channel zawng zawng & Standard Definition atanga pek Channel leh Free To Air Channel-te man theih ani ang a, Pack-3 Rs.400 manah chuan CCN leh Zonet Local Channel zawng zawng, Standard Definition Channel zawng zawng, High Definition channel zawng zawng leh Free To Air channel-te a man vek ang. Encryption kalpui a nih dawn tak avang hian September ni 1 atang chuan Cable TV Monthly Fee pawh a danglam tawh dawn a, Monthly Fee hi Pre-paid a kalpui vek a tul tawh dawn a. CCN chhungkua te chu mahni Package lak tur lo inhre chiang tur leh September thlaah chuan August thla fee leh September thla Fee nen Khawn kawp a ngai dawn a ni tih lo hre t…
ni 9.8.2017 (nilaini)
MAHNI BIKE HRALHNA SUM MIDANG TANPUINAN : Nimin khan Zomi Donghu Kipawlna te' n Mizorama tuilian tuarte tanpuina leh chhawmdawlna tur YMA Sub-Headquarters Champhai hnenah an hlan. Tuilian tuarte tanpuina leh chhawmdawlna inhlanna hun hi YMA Sub-Headquarters Conference Hall, Tlangrawtah hman niin, C.Lalbiakzauva, YMA Sub-hqrs President chuan a kaihruai a; Pastor C. Lalngaihthanga‘n hunserh a hmang a. Lalnunpuia, Zomi Donghu Kipawlna President chuan thu sawiin, Mizorama tuilian tuarte tanpuina leh chhawmdawlna chu Central YMA ah direct-a hlan mai awm tak a nih laiin kum 2015-a Myanmar rama tuilian tuarte tana CYMA in vehbur a khawn Pawisa fai, buhfai leh thawmhnawte a hmun ngeia hlana zirchiangtu an nih avangin YMA Sub-hqrs kaltlanga hlan an ni tih a tarlang a. Mizoramah tuilian tuar tanpui ngai an awm a ni tih Zomi unaute‘n kan hriatin mipui rilru a
ni 8.8.2017 (thawhlehni)
DISTRICT PAWN PLAYER TE NEN VOLLEYBALL BENG DAWN : CDVA buatsaih Independence Day Volleyball Tournament chu vawiin atangin Kahrawt Field ah tan a ni dawn ta. CDVA chuan Club pakhat tan District pawn player pakhat theuh lak a phal avangin he tournamentah hian Mizoram player tha an fuan khawm dawn a. Mipa Team 19 leh Hmeichhe team 7 te an inlan dawn a ni. Mipa Pool A ah MZ Home Team 1, Tuipui, TBC leh Dinchhungi Volleyball Club te an awm a Pool B ah Vengthlang North, Zion Veng, Champhai Higher Secondary School leh  Khawhai te an awm. Pool C ah PC Lalsangliana Memorial Volleyball Club, Sazep; Bethelians, Govt Champhai College leh Zokhawthar te an awm a. Pool D ah Tlangsam
ni 7.8.2017 (thawhΘ›anni)
RORELTUTEN SAKHUA LEH KOHHRAN BOSAN: Mizoram hmun hrang hrangah Exodus Movement chungchang sawi fiaha hun hmang mek, K Sapdanga chuan Inrinni khan Champhai a thuthar thehdarhtute hnenah ram hmasawnna tura kalphung thar an duante a tarlang. He hunah hian K. Sapdanga chuan 'Political party kal tlanga ram  in relbawl danah duhthusam tawk lo tam tak a awm avangin Mizoram chu India ram state hnufual fak zingah kan tel mek a ni, a ti a. Khawsak  senso hautak ber pawl Ieh, Sum hnar project nghahfak neilo State kan ni a. Development leh Zirna tichhetu
ni 4.8.2017 (zirtawpni)
VAANTLANG HRISELNA CHUNGCHANG HRILH: Directorate of Health Services Mizoram hnuaia Controlling & Licensing Authority cum Deputy Food Safety Commissioner Lalsawma, Deputy Director & DO (F & D) F. Lalliantluanga, Assistant Director (F &D) Laldinpuii leh Food Safety Officer Lalrinkimi-ten thupui duansa hrang hrang hmangin zirtirna an pe a. Damdawi zuartute leh Ei leh In siamna neituten mawhphurhna peng hrang hrang an neihte hrilhhriatna hun an hmang bawk.
ni 3.8.2017 (ningani)
ENTREPRENEURSHIP ZIRTIRNA PE: New Economic Development Policy (NEDP) hnuaia Entrepreneurship summit neih tur leh business plan contest chungchang inzirtirna chu nimin khan Champhaiah neih a ni.
Govt Champhai College Multipurpose Hall-a hun hman hi Remlalliana Hnamte, SDC, DC Office Champhai chuan a kaihhruai a Resource person Lalhruaitluanga (EDS Master Trainer) leh Anna Zorinmawii, IIMCIP Local Team ten zirtirna an pe a ni. Lalhruaitluanga chuan Entrepreneurship Development Scheme sawifiahin he Scheme kalpui tur hian Mizoram State Entrepreneurship Development & Monitoring Committee din a ni a, chumi hnuaiah chuan hmalatu turpeng hrang hrang siam leh ani, a ti a. Kum 2017-18 atan EDS ah hian Cheng Nuai 500 dah a ni a, he sum hmang hian entrepreneurship tihhmasawnna leh
ni 2.8.2017 (nilaini)
FOOTBALL INELNA KALPUI ZEL: Nimin khan Independence Day Football Tournament chu Chhangphut field ah khelh tan a ni. Hawnna inkhawm hi IC Hranghluna CDFA Sr Vice President chuan kaihruai in Khuallian R. Lalrinmawia, Asst Commissioner of Taxes, Taxation Dept chuan thu sawiin infiamna thil pawimawh ber chu inthununna a ni a, hlawhtlinna kawnga harsatna lo thlenin mi tamtak chuan an tawpsan thin a. Hlawhtlinna thlen hmain a kawng tawp a awm ngai lo, kan kawnga harsatna kan tawh te hi min kaihruaitu
ni 1.8.2017 (thawhlehni)
GANJA SUAT ZEL: YMA Sub-Headquarters Champhai Executive meeting-in Ganja suat nise tih a Io rel tawh bawhzuina kal zelah Ganja suat mek zel a ni. YMA Sub-hqrs in Kumpuan bawhzuina kawnga hmalakna peng pakhat atana Branch hrang hranga Ganja suat tura ngenna a siam bawhzuina kal zelah Thuthmun Branch hrang hrangte chuan Ganja an suat mek zel a. Nimin zing khan Tlangsam Branch YMA leh VC tangkawp te chuan an huamchhunga mimal leh