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π’πˆπ‹π•π„π‘ π‰π”ππˆπ‹π„π„ π‘πŽππ”I π“π€πŠπˆπ π‡πŒπ€ππ†

π’πˆπ‹π•π„π‘ π‰π”ππˆπ‹π„π„ π‘πŽππ”I π“π€πŠπˆπ π‡πŒπ€ππ† Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) Headquarters, Champhai chuan nimin khan kum 25 an tlin Silver Jubilee lawmna Government Champhai Multipurpose Hall-ah an lawm a. He hun hi Er. Lalrinawma Deputy Speaker, Mizoram Legislative Assembly chuan Khuallian niin a hmanpui a. Silver Jubilee Souvenir a tlangzarh nghal a ni.. Khuallian Er. Lalrinawma chuan MZP Headquarters Champhai in kum 25 hmel a hmua Silver Jubilee a hmang chu a lawmpui thu sawiin, zirlaite chu faina leh mahni inthununna nunpuia an nihna leh dinhmun chiang taka hre thin turin a fuih a. Eng hna pawh zahpui hauh lo a thawh duhna chu ram mamawh a nih tawh thu leh, zirlaite chu chhawrtlak leh belhtlak nihntum theuh turin a chah a ni. Zirlai kalkhawmte chunMizoram runtu hlauhawm tak AIDS natna lak atanga inveng fimkhur tura chahin, thalaite chu taksa zaha hlutna chang hre tur leh Nupui pasal neih hmaa invawng thianghlim turin a fuih a. Kan ram leh hnam chawisan a tulin, tu ram mahin…

Champhai - Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 28.2.2018 (nilaini)

     Thawhtanni tuk khan Champhai Nature Conservancy chuan Champhai leilet zawla In, Kudam leh a dang sak an duh lohna an lantir.  
     Champhai Nature Conservancy te hian Champhai leilet zawk chu loneih leh a kaihhnawih atana hman tura tih angin, hetiang atan ( chauhva hman nise an duh thu an sawi a. Sumdawng ten Kudam leh in an sa chu an duh loh thu leh, Champhai leilet zawk chu Champhai mawina ber pakhat a nih angin lo neih na atan chauhva hman nise an duh thu an sawi tel bawk a ni. An thuziak tar  hrang hrangte : Agriculture land a Kudam sak hi dan bawhchhiatna ( a ni tih te, Champhai rohlu kan leilet ti chhe lo zawngin hmasawnna I kalpui ang u, tih te, Champhai zawl hi kan tui no kan hriselna nena in zawm tlat a ni tih te an tar chhuak a ni.
     The Mizoram Revenue Laws 10(6) leh 11(1) na in a sawi leh tarlan, Agriculture LSC, Periodic Patta and Garden Pass te chu pass pek a nihna ang taka huan tlai siamna atan ni lova…

Champhai - Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 27.2.2018 (thawhlehni)

Khawzawl Taxi Owners Association chuan Taxi  tinah bawlhhlawh paih name dah vek nise an ti. Khawzawl Taxi ( Owners Association hian Block Resource Centre Training Hall, Khawzawl ah Rising Day lawmna neih pahin General Meeting Anne a. Hetah hian KTOA Member kal khawm team chuan Khawzawl khawpui fai a siam tura hmalakna kalpui mekah Taxi a chuang ten kuhva, mei zialo bung  leh thildang an paih name turin Taxi( tinah bawlhhlawh bawmah dah theuh nise an ti a ni. KTOA hian Khawzawl Vengthar Bazar a Taxi Stand te chu zing tin phit faiin bawlhhlawh paih name pawh an lo hung tawh a, ( a an hmalakna bakah hian Taxi atanga bawlhhlawh paih chhuak lo turin Passenger te fuihna thin nise an ti bawk. General Meeting ah hian KTOA Member te chuan pawl kaihhnawih thildang bakah Taxi chuan man chu chip ( chair takin siam that ngai late siamαΉ­ha in, member boral team chu Rs. 5000 in ral ta…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 26.2.2018 (thawhtanni)

YMA in ram leh hnam tana tangkai taka hna a lo thawh tawh thinna chu chhawm nung zel turin Tuipuiral Group YMA Rorel Inkhawm hmangtu Palai kalte chu Bialtu MLA Pu T. Sangkunga`n a chah.
Bialtu MLA chuan kar hmas Zirtawpni khan Sesih Community Hall-a Tuipuiral Group YMA Rorel Inkhawm vawi hnihna hmanpuiin kumpuan 'Ram leh Hnam Humhalh' hawnna hun a hmang a. YMA chu pawl ropui, tlawmngai pawl, Mizo hnam inhumhimna atana pawimawh a nih thu sawiin mi tam takin sawisel mah se, YMA ziding chu hnam tana tha turin akal ngut ngut a, a thil thlir dan pawh a lai a ni a ti. YMA  khawvela a tal tam laia a thil thlir dan leh politics khawvela a zuanluh hnua a thil thlir dan tam tak danglam dan a ngaihtuahin YMA lo ropuizia a hmuchiang hle nia a hriat thu a sawi a. YMA huang  chhung atanga hmalak chu hnam damna atana pawimawh zual bik niin a sawi.
Rorel Inkhawm tan hma hian PHE Khawbung WATSAN Sub-Division Officer Er C. Lalchawimawia, khualzahawm chuan tuihna h…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 24.2.2018 (inrinni)

Nimin khan Champhai MJA Press Club ah Zoram Thar pawlte chuan Press Conference an nei. Upa Zosangliana, Fin. Secy kaihhruai Press Conference ah hian Rev. Dr Zaichhawna, President chuan kum 2018 atang hian Lalpan thil thar, Politics thar min pe dawn a ni a ti.
Kan ram harsatna lian ber chu Politics diklo a ni a ti a. party Politics hian kan ram a  eichhe nasa a. Party POlitics chu Lapan titawp a duh a, ama Lal ram Politics rawn din a tum a ni a ti. Zoram Thar Pawlte hian Zoramthar siam kan tum lo, Pathianin a siam dawn a, a chhiahhlawh ni turin kan inpe ani a ti.
Zoramthar chu Zofate hmanga khawvel zawng zawnga chanchintha hril hi a tum ber a ni a ti. Pathianin a mite hnena Lal a duh tawh avangin Pathian Lalram din a ni dawn a, kan ramah hian Lal Isua Krista hi thlan tlin ni ve tawh rawh se tih hi kan tum ber a ni a ti. Chief Minister nih hi kan tum ber a ni lova, Pathian hi kan ram Lalber ni tawh se tih hi kan duh ber a ni a ti a. Z…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 23.2.2018 (zirtawpni)

SYMA Champhai Conference Vawi 6-na thlengtu tur Mimbung Branch YMA te chuan Pansal sak hna an thawk mek.
SYMA Champhai Confernence Vawi 6-na hi Mimbung ah neih tur niin COnference neihna tur Pandal Ralkapa Run chu sak mek ani a, Ralkapa Run hi a dung feet 125 leh a vang feet 64 a zauva( sakniin mipui a tlem berah 1500-2000 inkar vel leng zo tura ruahman ani. Nimin thlen gkhan a bang bel zawh tawh niin a chung hi chih leh tura ruahman mek ani a. Ralkapa Run hi Mimbung Branch YMA chuan Conference kal tur hian SYMA Champhai huamchhung a YMA Member zawng zawngte an sawm a. Hetih lai hian Conference kal tur te chu zu leh ruihtheih thil bakah mipat/hmeichhiana lama mualpho tur chu kalo mai turin ( min ngen a. Motor keng tur ten Motor ah Counter No leh Driver/a neitu Phone No. tarlang vek turin an ngen bawka. YMA chu tanpui ngaite tanpuitu kannih ang hian mutbu leh hmanraw intawm chi lohte palai ten mahni intodelh vek leh Conf…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 22.2.2018 (ningani)

Nimin khan Mizoram Legal Services Authority (MLSA) bultumin Champhai Kahrawt YMA Community Hall-ah Legal Services Camp buatsaih a ni a.   He hunah hian India khua leh tuiten an chanvo dik tak an hmuh theihna tura kaihhruaina dan inhrilhhriatnna na neih niin  Sorkar Department hrang hrangten mipuite dawr theih tur leh thu zawhfiah theih turin Stall an hawng a ni. He hun hi Pu C.Lalhnunpuia, President, MJA Champhai District chuan khuallian niin a hmanpui a ni.
Pu C. Lalhnunpuia chuan Khawvel a Democracy ram ropui ber, State 29 leh UT 7 te infin khawm, mipui tluklehdingawn 1.34 awmna India ram mipuite tana Sorkar laipui leh State sorkar-ten hmasawnna rahbi hrang hrang a siamte mipui kut ( a thlen ngei theihna tur leh mahni chanvo dik tak an dawn theuh theihna tura mipuite zirtir leh hrilhhriat tir chu tihmakmawh a ni, a ti a.   Hetiang ruahmanna tha tak, mipui ban phak a awm theihna tur leh mipuiten an chhawr tangkai ngei thei…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 21.2.2018 (nilaini)

Nimin khan MZP Hqrs. Champhai chuan Chhung Inkhawm leh kum 208-2020 hruaitu thlanna an nei. He hun hi I&PR Auditorium CHANEM Building ah hmangin Chawhma lamah MZP Chhung Inkhawmneih a ni a, he hun hi H.Lalramhluna, Secretary MZP Hqrs Champhai in a kaihruaia, President C.Lalthlenglianan thu a sawi bawk.
He hunah hian MZP hqrs Champhai Bakah a hnuaia Sub Hqrs hrang hrang- Farkawn, South Khawbung, Dungtlang, Khuangleng leh Hnahlan Bakah Hqrs Thuthmun Branch hrang hrang Hmunhmeltha, N.Khawbung, Zote, New Champhai, Tlangsam, Ruantlang leh Mualkawi atang te in Inthlang tur Palai kalkhawm in an hmalakna Report theuh an pe a, inpawh zawk leh nasa zawka zirlaite leh ram leh hnam tana ke pen Turin infuih thar ani bawk ani.
Chawhnu lamah hian Zirsangliana Paite Returning Officer leh HT Lalrokhuma Recording secy kaihhruai na in 2018-2020 hruaitu thlanna neih ani a, Heng mi te hi an thlangchhuak ani.
President: Remnalalnghaka, Vengthlang North
Vice …

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 20.2.2018 (thawhlehni)

Pu Vanlalngaihsaka, District Magistrate Champhai District chuan a hnuaia tarlan ang hian thupek a chhuah.
Sawrkar thuchhuak Notification No. LRR-80/73 (A) Dt. APril, 989 in Champhai Town (Khawpui) a a puan angin Phaizawl leilet hmun hi Town huamchhungah telh a ni lova. Town huamchhung sawrkarin a puan ni lova chenna tur In sak leh kudam etc. atana In sakte phal a ni hloh mai bakah Mizoram Revenue Dan (The Mizoram Revenue Laws) 10(6) na leh 11(1) na in an sawi leh tarlan, Agricultural LSC, Periodic Patta and Garden Pass te hi pass pek a nihna ang taka Agriculture (huan/thlai siam etc) atan ni lova thil dang atana hman khap tlat a ni a.
Chuvangin Champhai Leilet a Agriculture kaihhnawih atana ram neiten pek an nih chhan ang takin an hmang tur a ni a. Kudam sak leh chenna atana In sakte khap tlat a ni. Kudam sak mek leh sak tawhte endikin ram pek an nih chhan anga hmang lote chu Mizoram Revenue Dan 11(8) tlawhchhanin thiat tura hriattir vek an ni a.…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 19.2.2018 (thawhtanni)

Champhai Chhungte rama kawngpui kam huan/lo var chhuak luitu chhungkaw pakhat chu Chhungte Village COuncil/Court leh Champhai District Fire Prevention Committee chuan a hrem dawn.
Champhai Chhungte VC huamchhung Aizawl Road a huan/lo ram vattu chhungkaw pakhat chuan kawngpui chhuaka thing a vah/kihthluk avangin Champhai District Fire Prevention Comt chuan The Lushai Hills Regulation 1954 Section 5 & 8 tlawhchhana hriattirna pein, kawngpui Reserve feet 100 huam chhung hal lova, thianfai vek tur leh kawngpui thlanglam feet 100 chinah thingphun leh vek tura a tih bakah mumal taka meilam sial turin a ti a. Kumin June thla ral hma ngei a he ram humhalh ah hian thingphn leh vek turin a hriattir a. District Fire Prevention Committee chuan Champhai District chhunga Leipui leh huan ram lo vahte chu February thla ralhma ngeia hal vek turin a ti bawk.
CHamphai Chhungte Village COuncil/Court chuan he mite chhungkua in huan/lo ram an vah hma p…