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๐’๐ˆ๐‹๐•๐„๐‘ ๐‰๐”๐๐ˆ๐‹๐„๐„ ๐‘๐Ž๐๐”I ๐“๐€๐Š๐ˆ๐ ๐‡๐Œ๐€๐๐†

๐’๐ˆ๐‹๐•๐„๐‘ ๐‰๐”๐๐ˆ๐‹๐„๐„ ๐‘๐Ž๐๐”I ๐“๐€๐Š๐ˆ๐ ๐‡๐Œ๐€๐๐† Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) Headquarters, Champhai chuan nimin khan kum 25 an tlin Silver Jubilee lawmna Government Champhai Multipurpose Hall-ah an lawm a. He hun hi Er. Lalrinawma Deputy Speaker, Mizoram Legislative Assembly chuan Khuallian niin a hmanpui a. Silver Jubilee Souvenir a tlangzarh nghal a ni.. Khuallian Er. Lalrinawma chuan MZP Headquarters Champhai in kum 25 hmel a hmua Silver Jubilee a hmang chu a lawmpui thu sawiin, zirlaite chu faina leh mahni inthununna nunpuia an nihna leh dinhmun chiang taka hre thin turin a fuih a. Eng hna pawh zahpui hauh lo a thawh duhna chu ram mamawh a nih tawh thu leh, zirlaite chu chhawrtlak leh belhtlak nihntum theuh turin a chah a ni. Zirlai kalkhawmte chunMizoram runtu hlauhawm tak AIDS natna lak atanga inveng fimkhur tura chahin, thalaite chu taksa zaha hlutna chang hre tur leh Nupui pasal neih hmaa invawng thianghlim turin a fuih a. Kan ram leh hnam chawisan a tulin, tu ram mahin…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 30.6.2018 (inrinni)

Nimin khan Champhai Special COurt a Judge R. Vanlalena chuan hmeichhe naupang khuaikhemtu Zohmingthanga kum 32, Khawzawl Vengthar chu kum 14 chhung hrehawm taka Lungin tang turin a chungthu a rel sak.
Kum 2015 June thla laihawl vel khan ZOhmingthanga Khawzawl Vengthar hian hmeichhe tleirawl kum 15 mi chu a hnute khawih luih sakin a thawmhnaw te a hlim sak a. Hei vang hian Khawzawl Police Station ah H. Zaimawii, CDPO Khawzawl chuan FIR theh lutin ZOhmingthanga lakah hian naupang khuaikhem thubuai ziahluh a ni.
He thubuai hi R. Lalremruata, Sub-Inspector  of Police Khawzawl chuan chhui nghalin naupang khuaikhemtu hi man nghal a ni a, Police Officer hian thubuai a chhuina report kimchang chu Court ah thehlutin he thubuai hi Court chuan uluk taka relin thuhretu hrang hrangte leh Hmeichhe naupang khuaikhem tawh leh Case IO te a ko a, Naupang khuaikhemtua puh hi a thiamthu sawina hun pawh Court hian a pe thlap bawk.
Zohmingthanga hian hmeichhe naupan…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 29.6.2018 (zirtawpni)

Nimin khan Mizoram Sawrkar hnuaia National AYUSH Mission ten Chawngi Memorial English School Biate ah School Health Mission leh AYUSH Damdawi chungchang inzirtirin, School naupangte tan Free Clinic an nei nghalbawk.
He hun hi Thanmawia, Chawngi Memorial School Principal chuan kaihruaiin Mizoram Sawrkar hnauia AYUSH ten School Health Mission an kalpui mek leh an School a hetiang Programme Sawrkarin an neih sak chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a. Dr Vanlalchhuanga chuan National AYUSH Mission School Health Programme Activities Mizoram hmun hrang hranga an kalpui dan a sawi a. Sawrkar laipui chuan India ram mipui hriselna a ngaih pawimawh thu te, zirlaite an hriselna Sawrkarin a ngaih pawimawh thu te a sawi a, Zirlai leh mipui chu Ayush Damdawi hmanga inenkawlna tha zawk an neih theih nan kalpui zel a nih tu thu a sawi bawk. Hemi hnu hian School naupang tan Free Clinic neih zui nghal a ni a, School naupang 140 zet a thlawna damdawi tha tak tak an sem a, Mizoram Sawrka…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 28.6.2018 (ningani)

Nimin khan Champhai District Education Committee (DEC) chu an Chairman Vanlalngaihsaka District Bawrhsap hovin DC Conference Hall, Keifangtlangah an thukhawm.
He hunah hian K. Lalsiamliani, DPC SSA Mission chuan kum 2017-2018 chhunga achievement report tlangpui a tarlang a. Report kum chhung hian Sikul luhniah Zirlaibu Zirlai naupang 13322 te hnenah semchhuah vek hman a ni a. School uniform pawh Zirlai 11485 te hnenah a thlawna pek a ni bawk. SSA hnuaiah Primary Teacher 44, Middle Teacher 144 bakah Instructor 162 chhawr a ni a. District chhunga Block Resource Centers (BRC) 4 awm mekah Resource person 24 an awm a, Cluster Resource Centers (CRC) 23 te chu Cluster Coordinator ten an vil bawk a ni. Meetingah hian Science leh Mathematics chawilarna  tur scheme Rastriya Avishkar Abhiyan hmalakna leh Zirna tihhmasawnna tura Training neih hrang hrangte pawh tarlan a ni.
Meetingah hian Champhai Vengthlanga Residential Girls Hostel, Khawzawla Boys Hostel leh Saikhumph…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 27.6.2018 (nilaini)

Nimin khan RL Neihkungi Memorial Football Tournament For Inter Branch MHIP 2018 chu khelh tan a ni.
RL Neihkungi Memorial Football TOurnament ah hian Team 12 an tel thei a, heng team te hi Pool 4 A,B,C, D ah te then an ni a. Pool A ah Vapar, Vangchhia leh Zokhawthar an awm a, Pool B ah Zotlang, Ngaizawl leh New Champhai; Pool C ah Dinthar, Hmunhmeltha II leh Melbuk; Pool D ah Hmunhmeltha I, Vengsang leh Selam te an awm bawk. heng Pool tin ami te hi intum kualin a chakber leh a dawttu te chuan Quarter Final an kehl dawn a ni. Nimin khan Match 4 awmin inkhel hmasa berah Vapar leh Vangchhia te inkhelin Vapar te chuan 2-0 in hnehna an chang a, inkhel vawi hnihnaah Zotlang leh Ngaizawl inkhelin Zotlang hian 1-0 in Ngaizawl an tlawm a, Inkhel pathumnaah Dinthar leh Hmunhmeltha II te inkhelin Dinthar hian 5-0 in hnehna an chang a, inkhel hnuhnung berah Hmunhmeltha I leh Vengsang te an inkhel a, 1-1 in an in draw.
Vawiin ah inkhel hi chhunzawm leh ani ang a, Match…

Champhai - Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 26.6.2018 (thawhlehni)

April thla atanga nimin thlengin Champhai District Child Protection Unit chuan thubuai 42 an ngaihtuah tawh.
Juvenile Justice Board, Champhai chuan April leh June thla hian thubuai 10 an ngaihtuah tawh a, heng zingah hian rukruk leh pawngsualte chu a langsar zual a ni a, zu leh ruihhlo kaihhnawih bakah in atanga tlanbo thubuai te an nei bawk a. JJB te hian thubuai in an ngaihtuah hnuah a tul angin Observation Home Champhai leh Special Home Aizawl ah te kum tling lo pawikhawihtute hi an dah lut a ni. CHild Welfare Committee chuan thla hnih chhung hian thubuai 32 an nei tawh a, mipa 12 leh hmeichhia 20 an ni. Thubuai 8 te hi POCSO Act kaihhnawih a ni a, naupang kutdawh luihtir thubuai 2 awm bawkin, a bak zawng hi naupang enkawlna dawng tha lo , chhanchhuah leh chhawmdawl ngaite an ni.
Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act 2015 chuan naupangte hian tha taka an seilen theihnatura enkawlna tha an dawn theih nan dikna chanvo a pe …

Champhai - Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 25.6.2018 (thawhtanni)

FAINA LAMAH BIATE CHE THA :      Inrinni khan India ram khawpui lian zualte faina kawnga inelna Swachh Survekshan 2018 lawmman sem a ni a, Biate chuan Best City of Innovation & Best Practices an dawng.       He chawimawina semchhuahna hun hi Indore khawpui Madhya Pradesh ah neih a ni a. He hunah hian North East State huanga inelnaa Best City of Innovation & Best Practices lawmman dawngtu Biate khaw aiawhin Champhai DC Vanlalngaihsaka, Dr Vanlalchhuanga, MO, Nodal Officer Swachh Survekshan Biate leh RV Hluna, VCP Biate ten Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs changtu Minister Hardeep Singh Puri hnen atangin chawimawina citation leh momento mawi tak hi an dawng a ni.       India ramin faina kawnga hma  a sawn zel theihna tura a hmalakna Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs buatsaih Swachh Survekshan 2018 kal tlang thian India ram puma khaw 4041 te chu fai inelna tur hian thlanchhuah an ni a. Mizoram chhung khaw lian zual 23 zingah Champhai District chhunga khawpui lian zual …

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 23.6.2018 (inrinni)

Nimin tlai khan Young Legend khelh mek Sponsor tu 8 One Foundation leh CDFA hruaitute chuan League kal zel dan tur relin Joint Meeting an nei.
He hun hi CDFA Office, Chhangphut Field ah neih niin C. Hualrikhuma, President, CDFA chuan a kaihruai a, Young Legend League, Baby League ti a hriat bawk kal zel dan tur sawi ho a ni a, he league hi nikum October thla atang khan khelh tan niin vawiin hian Final khelh a ni ang. Final Match hi chawhma dar 10 ah khelh a ni ang a, Final Match hmanpui tur hian 8 One Foundation atangin Varun Achreja leh Prakhar Soni te an rawn kal a ni. Final hi U-8, U-19 leh U-12 ten an khel ang.
Tlai dar 3 ah Closing Founction hman tur niin C. Hualrikhuma, President CDFA in a kaihruai ang a, 8 One Foundation hotute leh MFA atanga lokalte hnen atangin thusawi ngaihthlak a ni ang. He hunah hian Champhai District atanga ISL leh I League khel Players - Lalchhawnkima (Mohun Bagan), Indian National Player Lalruatthara (Kerela Blaster) leh R…

Champhai _ Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 22.6.2018 (zirtawpni)

Champhai khawchhung veng hrang hrang te chuan an mahni puala motor ruaiin bawlhhlawh an paih.
UD&PA bawlhhlawh paih motor hian Champhai khawchhung a chawm zawh loh avangin veng hrang hrang te chuan an VC te hmalaknain motor ruaiin bawlhhlawh hi an paih thin a. Hei hian nasa takin UD&PA Dept. te chu a pui a, veng hrang hrangte intih hmuh zelin tunah hian Champhai khawchhung a Veng 15 te chuan anmahni pualin bawlhhlawh hi an paih mek a, anmahni bakah hian UD&PA bawlhhlawh paih motor pawh an kal kual reng bawk. UD&PA Dept ngenna angin mahni puala bawlhhlawh la paih ve thei lo veng 3 - Zote, Hmunhmeltha leh Vengsang te pawh paih ve vat thei tura beisei an ni mek.

EDP-Mipui Mamawh Intawm Ruahmanna (MiMIR) chungchanga Champhai District NEDP MiMIR Committee chuan thuchhuah a siam.
Mizoram State dinhmun chawikanna atana ruahman, New Economic Development Policy -…

Champhai - Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 21.6.2018 (ningani)

Nizan hmasa khan Champhai Khankawn Police Check Gate ah Zokhawthar to Aizawl Maxi Cab pakhat atangin Heroin Hawng 11 leh a neitu ni a puh hmeichhe pakhat chu Police ten an man.
Champhai Police hotute hnen atanga thu dawn danin, Zokhawthar to Aizawl Maxi Cab a chuangte an enfiahna lamah Zarzosangi (52) d/o Vanhnuaithanga (L)  Sazep khua ni a insawi hnen atangin Heroin Hawng 11 (Gram 143) an man a. Heroin neitu chuanna Maxi Cab Driver hi he ruihhlo chungchangah hian inhnamhnawihna a neih loh avangin thubuai siamsak a ni lo thung. Heroin man tak hlut zawng hi tualchhung hralhna a chhutin Rs. 5,50,000 man a ni.
ND&PS 21 (b) tlawhchhan a man Heroin man tak Hawng 11 (Gram 143) hi kum 10 lungin tan leh Rs. nuai khat thleng chawi tura hremna pek theih a ni.
Zarzosangi hi ND&PS Act tlawhchhanin thubuai siam sak a ni a, nizanhmasa khan Champhai Plice Station lock Up ah tantir a nih hnuin nimin khan District Court ah hruai niin Champhai District Jail ah dah luh nghal a …

Champhai Tualchhun Chanchinthar ni 18.6.2018 (thawhtanni)

Kar hmasa Ningani leh Zirtawpni ruah sur avang khan Champhai khawpui chhungah chhiatna hrang hrang a thleng nual a, hriat theih china chhiatna thlengte :
1. Pu Topuia Tochhawng IB veng, a in bul a min a, leimin hian a in chu tih chhiat anei lo va, kawngkal a awm avangin a min belh zel tur ven nan silpaulin pek an ni.
2. Pu Muana Hangsing Kanan veng chu a ram in la sak lohna a min a, leimin hian a thenawm te in luhna tlemin a khoih tel deuh a. A thlang Kanan veng field panna leivungin a hnawh a, PWD hriattir tawh an ni.
3. Kanan veng to Electric veng inkal pawhna Sapsakei lamlian ni 13.6.2018 a min chu a min belh a, kawng hi a hnawh ping a, a bul hnaia cheng Pu Hrangthanzama chhungkaw member pathum (3) te chu engemaw palhah an inthiar chhuak a. Kawngping hi PWD EE hrilh tawh a, clear thuai tum a ni.
4. Tuipui leh Champhai inkar ah kawng block a awm a, tunah chuan clear fel a ni tawh.
5. Kanan veng hman kuma min nasa tak kha vawiin ruah sur avangin a min leh a, min n…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 14.6.2018 (ningani)

DISTRICT LIBRARY HLUT : Kumin chhungin District Library tlawhtu mi 2094 anawm tawh. Champhai District Library-ah member 1809 an awm mek a, puitling 1591 leh naupang 216 an an ni a, member thar puitling 3 leh naupang 2 an awm bawk. Lehkhabu thar 276 awmin lehkhabu 29,164 a awm mek a . Library tlawhtu hi mi 2094 an awm tawh ani. District Library ah hian mizo chanchinbu 5 awmin magazine mizo ziak 4 leh saptawnga ziah 1 a awm bawk. District Library member hi nih theih reng niin a duh apiang tรกn inziahluh theih reng a ni a, zirlai te tan zirna atana tangkai leh pawimawh tam tak en tur a awm a, zirlai ni lo tan pawh Pathian thu, hriatzauna leh thawnthu bu chi hrang hrang chhiartur a awm ani.
RUAHSUR NASA LEH CHAMPHAI : Ruahsur nasa avangin PHE Dept ten Tuipui lui, tui an pump na hmun thenkhat chu tuiin a chim tawh. Ruahsur nasa avang hian Champhai tui lakna ber, Tuipui lui chu a lianin a nu nasa hle a, pump tlak a nih loh avangin PHE Dept te hian ni 5 chhung chu Champhai khawpuiah tuisem a…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 13.6.2018 (nilaini)

Champhai Nature Conservency chuan thuchhuah hetiang hian an siam : Deputy Commissioner, Champhai District in 19 february 2018 a Champhai leilet zawl Agricultural land (Agricultural LSC, Periodic patta leh Garden pass) a Kudam leh Chenna in sak thiat tur leh sak khapna order a lo chhuah tawh chu huntiam hnuhnung leh insawifiahna hun pek a ral hnuah pawh thupek zawma thiat an awm lo hi pawi kan tiin kan dem takzet a. He thupek kenkawh dan hian Champhai awm zel dan tur thui tak a hril avangin Thupek chhuahtu Deputy Commissioner leh thupek bawhzui tura din Task Force te hian khauh tak leh huaisen taka thupek hi kengkawh turin kan phut a, huntiam a ral tawh avangin thupek zawm lo te chungah dan anga action la turin kan phut tlat a ni.

January atanga June thla chhungin Champhai District Police ten ND&PS Act tlawhchhan a thubuai 33 an ziahluh ah Heroin Gram 2687.9 leh Ganja Kg 82.6 an man.
Ruihhlo an man zawng zawng hlut zawng…

Champhai - Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 12.6.2018 (thawhlehni)

Kelkang Kohhran te chuan chawl lova zantin an inkhawm kum 5-na champhaphak pualin nimin atang khan an hmang tan.
Kelkang Kohhrante hian Kum 2013 atang khan zantin chawl lovin an inkawm ziah a, kumin hi a kum 5-na niin nimin atang khan chawl lova kum 5 an inkhawm pual hian hun an hmang a, nimin khan Bethelpui neiin nizan atangin Pathian biak inkhawmin hun an hmang tan ang a, vawiinah ruai nen he ni pual hian hun an hmang chhunzawm a ni.

Mizoram hmun dangte rualin nimin khan Champhai District chhunga Green Mizoram Day hmanna pui ber chu Mualbuhvum, Zote Road-ah neih a ni. He hunah hian hawnna inkhawm tawi neih hmasak niin Pu Liansangzuala Chhakchhuak Champhai Addl DC chu khuallian a ni a, thingphun hnatlangpuiin a chhunzawm nghal a ni.
Khuallian Pu Liansangzuala Chhakchhuak chuan Green Mizoram Day hmang tura kalkhawm Sawrkar Department leh NGO te thahnemngaihnaah lawmthu a sawi a. Ramngaw leh nungcha chereu zel humhalh chu mitinte m…

Champhai - Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 11.6.2018 (thawhtanni)

Champhai leilet zawla kudam sak, thiah tura thupek chhuah chu hmalakna a la awm lo.
Champhai leilet zawl hi Agriculture kaihhnawih atan chauha hman tura tih niin hemi piah lama hmalakna - kudam leh in sakte chu thiat turin kumin kum tir khan Champhai District Magistrate chuan thupek a lo tichhuak tawh a, leilet zawla In leh kudam neitute hian thla hmasa ni 8 khan Court an thlenpui hnuah a neitute hi thiah sak an nih loh chhan sawifiah tura lehkha pek an ni a, insawifiahna hun atan hian ni 15 chhung hun pek niin insawifiah hun hi tun thla tir khan a tawp a, vawiin thlengin kudam thiah a la ni lo a ni.
Champhai leilet zawl hi Mizoram Revenue Laws hnuaiah Agriculture lam kaihhnawiha zuah a ni a, ram neihna an pek pawh Agriculture LSC, Periodic Patta leh Garden Pass te an ni a, hemi tlawhchhan hian thupek hi tihchhuah a ni . Kudam leh In satute chuan kum 100 chuang lo neih tawhna a nih avangin rma leilung a chhia a, a ram hi sumdawnna kaihhnawihah an bua…

Champhai - Tualchhung Chanchinthar ni 8.6.2018 (zirtawpni)

Tunhnaia Champhai kahwchhung vela Naupang Kutdawh chungchanga inhnamhnawih Suresh Kumar Chakma chu man a ni.
Tun hnaia naupang pahnih leh mitdel pahnih te chu Champhai kutdawh tir a, Mizoram hmun hrang hranga an kalna leh an kutdawhna tura ruahmanna lo siam puitu ber niahriat Suresh Kumar Chakma chu tunhnai khan Champhaiah man a ni.R Lalrinchhanni, district child protection officer, Champhai hnen atanga thudawn danin tun hnaiah naupang pahnih leh mitdel pahnih te chu Champhai khawpui chhungah vakin kut an dawh a. Naupang kutdawh tir hi naupang pual bil dan the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015 (JJ Act)in a khap tlat avangin he mite chungchang hi District Child Protection Unit, Champhai leh Child Welfare Committee Champhai District leh Champhai Police te tangkawp chuan an chhui zui a, anmahni buaipuitu nia hriat Suresh Kumar Chakma chu man a ni.“Mitdelte hi Lawngtlai atanga lo kal niin, Champhaia hotel pakhatah an th…