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π’πˆπ‹π•π„π‘ π‰π”ππˆπ‹π„π„ π‘πŽππ”I π“π€πŠπˆπ π‡πŒπ€ππ†

π’πˆπ‹π•π„π‘ π‰π”ππˆπ‹π„π„ π‘πŽππ”I π“π€πŠπˆπ π‡πŒπ€ππ† Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) Headquarters, Champhai chuan nimin khan kum 25 an tlin Silver Jubilee lawmna Government Champhai Multipurpose Hall-ah an lawm a. He hun hi Er. Lalrinawma Deputy Speaker, Mizoram Legislative Assembly chuan Khuallian niin a hmanpui a. Silver Jubilee Souvenir a tlangzarh nghal a ni.. Khuallian Er. Lalrinawma chuan MZP Headquarters Champhai in kum 25 hmel a hmua Silver Jubilee a hmang chu a lawmpui thu sawiin, zirlaite chu faina leh mahni inthununna nunpuia an nihna leh dinhmun chiang taka hre thin turin a fuih a. Eng hna pawh zahpui hauh lo a thawh duhna chu ram mamawh a nih tawh thu leh, zirlaite chu chhawrtlak leh belhtlak nihntum theuh turin a chah a ni. Zirlai kalkhawmte chunMizoram runtu hlauhawm tak AIDS natna lak atanga inveng fimkhur tura chahin, thalaite chu taksa zaha hlutna chang hre tur leh Nupui pasal neih hmaa invawng thianghlim turin a fuih a. Kan ram leh hnam chawisan a tulin, tu ram mahin…

Champhai Master Plan

Transport MiniΕ‘ter, TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan Champhai khawpui cheibawl dan tur en in tukin hian Champhai-ah a lo chho dawn a. Hemi chungchangah hian nimin chawhnu Dar 3:00 khan Minister chuan a Office Chamber-ah UD&PA hnuaia Town & Country Planning Wing hotute a kawm. Deptt hotute chuan Lunglei, Champhai leh Kolasib master plan tipuitling tura hmalakna hmasa atana sum tlem a zawng an neih tawh thu te Minister hi an hrilh a. Minister leh MLA te zinga khawpui cheibawlna atana sawmtu hmasa ber a nih angin Deptt hotute chuan Champhai khawpui chu ngaih pawimawh hmasak an tum thu an hrilh bawk.Hmalakna hmasa atana an sum neihte hi a beitham em avangin consultant ruai lova In-house a kalpui a nih tur thu te, survey hrang hrang nei a, GIS mapping buatsaih hmasak a nih tur thu te, Champhai master plan hmasa chu turtai technology mila her danglam phawt a, a rang thei ang bera hmalak thuai an duh thu te Deptt hotute chuan Minister hi an hrilh a. Town Planning & Development Committee p…

Pi Lalhruaichhungi In kangral vek

Nimin khan Farkawn khuaah In pakhat chu bungrua engmah chuh hman lohin a kangral. He in hi Pi Lalhruaichhungi d/o Pu PC Lalthanzuala In a ni a, Farkawna Zawra venga mi niin nimin chawhma dar 10 bawr vel khan a kang tih hi hriat a ni a, a kan lai hian in chhungah hian tumah an awm loh avangin thi leh hliam an awm lo va. In kang hi khawtlang chuan thelh tumin thawk chhuak nghal mah se kangmei hi a lo nasat tawh avangin thelh mih theih a ni lo va, bungrua engmah an chuhh man lo bawk. In kang hi a chhan hriat chian ni lo mah se electric short circuit vang ni tura ngaih a ni a. Nimin khan in kang senghawi hna hi thawh nghal a ni a, Farkawn khawtlang chuan Pi Lalhruaichhungi In hi a dang an saksak leh dawn a, a mamawh tur angte chu mipuiin nimin khan

an thawhkhawm nghal a ni.

Champhai District ah mi 2 Scrub Typhus boral tawh

Nimin khan I&PR Conference Hall, CHANEM Building-ah Chief Medical Officer, Champhai buatsaihin thuthar thehdarhtute nen Rannung seh natna chungchang zirho a ni. Japan rama Kum 1899 atanga hmuh chhuah tawh, rannung seh natna Rickettsiae disease-te hi mihring thisena a lan dan leh a awm dan a zirin hlawm thumah then leh a ni a. Scrub Typhus, Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiae leh Typhus Group Rickettsiae a then hran leh a ni. Scrub Typhus natna hi India rama natna buaipuiawm ber pakhat a ni der tawh a, Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiae leh Scrub Typhus Group Rickettsiae te erawhchu report a la tam lo hle thung tih tarlan a ni a. Heng natna te hi Mizoram chhunga hrilenna hmuna mihring leh Sazu thisen atangin a nemnghehna tur ICMR (RMRC-NE) test tura thawn thlak atanga a lan danin thisen test 421 atangin Rickettsial Disease 162 chu Confirm tawh a ni a. Chung zinga 129 te chu Scrub Typhus niin, 29 te chu Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiae a ni a,3 te chu Typhus Group Rickettsiae a ni bawk.   …


AIKAL LOIN MAHNI NGEI KAL TIR TUM : Director of School Education chuan nimin khan thuchhuah siamin, Sorkar chuan aikal lak a remti lo tih a tarlang.  Hemi chungchang hi khauh taka kalpui tum thu leh, aikal la leh mahni thawhna hmuna awm lo zirtirtute ngun taka dapchhuak a; chutiang mite chuan aikal la lo va, an awmna hmun dik taka an awmna hmu tura

 awm tura hriattirna chhuah turin DEO leh  SDEO te chu a hriattir.
SEASON OPENING ZO FEL TA : Champhai District Badminton Association Season  Opening Tournament. chu nimin khan zawhfel niin, Rex Zarzoliana Vanchhawng, Champhai SP chuan khuallian niin a hmanpui. Khuallian chuan thu sawiin, Badminton chu game ropui tak nia a hriat thu sawiin, Mizo mipui kan hriselna turin Badminton hian tha a thawh hlawk em em a ni, a ti a. Badminton game nung taka kalpui theitu CDBA te chu fakin, game enkawltu te game enkawl dante chu fakawm a tih thu a sawi bawk. Kharna hun hi Lalchharliana, Vice President CDBA chuan kaihruaiin,  Paul Zakhuma, Chief Referee …

CTP ten Footballer chawimawi

Nimin khan Champhai Thalai Pawl te chuan Champhai ti hmingthatu Football Player-te an chawimawi. He hun Hotel Hranga Plaza-a neih hi Champhai Thalai President chuan a kaihruai a, Pu C. Lahnunpuia MJA President chuan thusawiin Champhai Thailai Pawlte'n chawimawi phu chawimawi nachang an hria chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a. Hmanlaiin khawtinin Pasaltha a nei thin a, khawtlang aiawhin Lal-in chawimawina an pe thin a, chawimawina a pek thin Nopui an dawm kha thil roipui tak ni lo mahse chawimawi an nih nachhan zawk kha a ropui lai kha a ni a, vawiina Champhai Thalai Pawlin an chawimawina pek chu thil ropui tak ni lo mahse, chawimawi an nihna zawk chu ngai thlu turin a chah. Pu C Lalhnunpuia chuan India ram mipui maktaduai telin an en theih tura Champhai tui liak ngei an tel pha chu ropui a tih thu a sawi a, mite en ber an nih avangin mite en tawn theih tura nung tur leh Mizoram thalaite kaihruai thei tura an nun uluk taka hmang turin a chah bawk. He hunah hian Champhai Thalai Pawl …

District tan Seminar nei

Nimin khan Mizoram State Pharmacy Council buatsaihin Supervising Pharmacists Champhai District tan Seminar neih a ni. He seminar 1&PR Conference Hall, CHANEM Building-a neih, Champhai District chhunga Pharmacist te tana buatsaih hi Lalsawma, President, MSPC chuan a kahruai a, Registered Pharmacist dawr enkawltute tan damdawi dawr enkawl dan leh damdawi vawnhim chungchang te zirtir an ni a, He hunah hian Uses & Implementation of Phar-macists Manual, Regulation of Mizoram State Pharmacy Council leh Role of Pharmacists on Drug store Management te zirho niin Dr. H. Lalhlenmawia, Vice President MSPC in kalkhawmte a zirtir a ni. He Seminar ah hian Lalbiakremi Fanai, Registrar MSPC leh Lalbiakhnuna Ngente, Secretary, MPA Sub Hqrs Champhai hnen atangin report ngaihthlak a ni bawk.

Anganwadi Worker Training

Nimin khan Champhai Main Centre hnuaia ANM, ASHA leh Anganwadi Worker te tan Rotavirus Vaccine & Bridge training buatsaih a ni. Training hi Venglai Community Hall ah neih niin, Dr. R.Lianmawia, District Immunization Officer chuan a kaihruai a. Dr. R.Lalawmpuia, CMO chuan Rotavirus Vaccine chungchang a sawifiah a ni. CMO chuan Rotavirus in a thlen Kawthalo natna hi naupang zinga natna hluar ber leh thihna thlentu tam ber a nih thu a sawi a, August thla atangin Rotavirus Vaccine pek tum a nih thu a tarlang. CMO chuan khawvelah, naupang thi za ΕΌela 9 chu kawthalo vang a ni a, hei hi kum khatah Nuai 2 bawr vel a ni, a ti a. India ramah hian kawthalo vanga thi hi za zela 20 vel an nih thu a sawi a. India ram State 11 ah he vaccine hi pek tura kalpui mek a ni a, Mizoram chu a pathumna atan kalpui mek a nih thu a tarlang.bawk. RVV hi luak leh kawthalo a nih thu sawiin, he virus hi natna inkai-chhawn awlsam tak a ni a, Thisen inpek vang emaw a he natna hi kai theih a ni lo va. Kan ei leh…


TRAINING  BUATSAIH : DIET Champhai buatsaihin nimin khan Middle School teacher-te tan Training on Learning Outcomes based on NAS 2017 neih chhunzawma ni. He training I&PR Auditorium CHANEM  Buildinga neih a ni a, nimin leh vawiin hian Khawzawl leh Ngopa Block huam chhunga zirtirtute'n training hi an nei ve leh a ni. He training-ah hian Mathematics leh Social Science Subject-a zirtirtute hnenah naupangte hnena zirlai pek dan tur te, naupangte hriatthiam theih tur zawng leh an nun kaihruai thei tura zirtirna pek dan turte zirtir an ni. He training- ah hian Baby Lalrindiki, Vanlaldiki leh R.Lal- sawmliana DIET Lecturer te'n zirtirtu kalkhawmte hi an zirtir a ni.
BADMINTON FINAL : Vawiin chawhnu dar 1:00 atang hian CDBA Season Opening Tournament, 2019 final chu Champhai Town Hall ah khelh a ni dawn a, tlai dar 3:00 ah a kharna hun hman a ni ang. Champhai SP Rex Zarzoliana Vanchhawng chu khuallian a ni ang. Tun tum tournament ah hian Mizoram top player pawh an tel nual a inkhe…

Ruihhlo Rs. 7,597,000 man hal ral

Khawvel hmundang rualin nimin khan Champhai District Court tualah 'International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking' pualin Champhai District chhunga Mizoram Police in kum 2015-2018 chhunga ruihhlo an man, Court-in ND & PS dan hmanga a chinfel tawhte chu Additional Sessions and Special Judge R.Vanlalena'n a halral. Champhai District Drugs Disposal Committee Chairman, Superintendent of Police (SP) Rex Zarzoliana Vanchhawng chuan Champhai District chu ruihhlo luhna kawngkapui a nih vangin, chhungtin min runchhe mektu ruihhlo dolet tur hian mi zawng zawng tanrual a tul thu leh he ruihhlo halral hun hmangtu sorkar mi pawimawh tak takte leh Media mite pawhin ruihhlo doletna kawngah theihtawp chhuah turin mawh kan phur a ni, a ti a. Nimina halral tak Heroin Kg 2.356 (Hawng 178) tualchhung hralhnaa chhut a, Rs. 70,80,000  man leh Ganja Kg 127, man tualchhung hralhnaa chhuta Rs. 5,17,000 man chu kum 2015-2018 chhunga man a nih tih a tarlang a. Champhai SP Rex Zarz…

Kohhran , KαΉ¬P & Kohhran Hmeichhia ten Jubilee lawm

Khawzawl Electric Veng Presbyterian Kohhran in an Kohhran kum 25 tlin, Silver Jubilee lawmna, kar kalta Inrinni atanga an neih chu nizan hmasa khan a tiak. Inrinni khan Kohhran Hmeichhe Silver Jubilee puala hun hman a nih hnuah Thawhtanni khan KTP Silver Jubilee puala hun hman leh niin, niminpiah khan Kohhran Silver Jubilee lawm leh a ni a. Inrinni-ah ruai thehin, Thawhtanni khan Vawk leh Ar nen ruai an theh leh a, niminpiah tlai khan nawn leh a ni. Thawhlehni chawhma khan Biak In kawtah Silver Jubilee lawmna dar vua in Khawzawl khawpui chhunga Pastor, Bialtu Pastor lo ni tawh thenkhat leh Kohhran Puipa ten dar vawi 25 an vua a, hemi hnu hian Bialtu Pastor Rev. F. Lalsangkunga'n Jubilee Lungphun a hawng a. Rev. Lalrammawia, Chaplain, Falkawn Referral Hospital in Silver Jubilee Hall a hawng leh a ni. Hemi hnu hian Biak In lamah hun hmang zui nghalin, Kohhran zaipawlte an zai bakah Upa Lalthanliana'n Kohhran report a pe a, Rev. Lalrammawia'n thuchah a sawi a ni. Chawhnu lam…


Champhai SDPO C.Lalsawta chuan lirthei chungchanga mipui hriat tura Champhai Police te hmalakna thuchhuah siamin a tarlang. A thuchhuahah chuan zu rui emaw zu rim nam chunga lirthei khalh hi chetsualna tam tak thlentu a nih avangin Champhai khawpui chhungah rui chunga lirthei khalh thinte dap chhuah hna kalpui a, hetiang mi man an nih chuan na taka hrem a nih theih nan Champhai Police chuan hma a la dawn a, case siamsak zel an nih tawh tur thu a sawi a. Lirthei khalhtute zawng zawng zu rui emaw zu rim nam zawng zawng zu rui emaw zu rim nam chunga an lirtheite khalhchhuak lo turin a ngen nghal bawk.  Hei bakah hian Two wheeler exhaust ri ring chi vuah a, zan rei tak taka bengchheng taka tlan thinte vai turin hmalak a ni dawn bawk. Myanmar atanga lirthei lakluh, Kenbo 125 chu registration nei lo leh register theih loh anitih tarlangin, hetiang hi town area chhunga tlan hmuh a nih chuan

man zel turin hmalak a ni dawn a. Mipui fimkhur a, dan zawm turin a chah a ni.


UNDER 16 FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT : T. Khupzachin U-16 Football Tournament chu nimin khan a ni hnihna khelh chhunzawm leh a ni. Nimin khan Match 4 awmin, Kanan FC chuan Zokhawthar FC chu 2-1 in an hneh a. Venglai FC chuan Selam FC chu 4-1 a hnehin,  Vengthlang  chuan Melbuk FC chu 11-0 in an hneh a, Kahrawt FC leh Tlangsam FC chu 1-1 in an in draw,ve thung. Vawiin inkhel tur leh an khelh dan tur indawt chu:- Electric vs Zokhawthar New Champhai vs Selam Vengthar FC vs Melbuk Zion Veng vs Tlangsam
TAXI  STAND : Presbyterian Kohhran Biak in, Zotlang ram chhunga Upa Vanlalrova Building ep kawngpui metres 10 leh metres 26-a thui chu kawngpui vang tan zawnga Taxi 11 din theihna turin Temporary Taxi Stand atan  Champhai SP Rex Zarzoliana Vanchhawng  chuan a puang.
TUIALHTHEI Mizofed Pump MS : Khawlchhia HSD : Free Sale RC Filling Station MS : Nil HSD : Nil RD Filling Station MS : Free Sale  HSD : Free Sale

Double lane a lai mahse Double lane a Black toping kalpuilo mak ti

Tun thla, June ni 19 atanga 21 chhunga I&PR department leh MJA Champhai district ten Ngopa tlangdunga sawrkar hmalakna project kal lai mek an fan leh zirchian thlirletna chu nimin khan Champhai DIPRO Pisa-ah neih a ni. Review meeting-ah Dr Lallawmkima, District Information and Public Relations Officer, Champhai chuan thawh hona tha leh boruak muariawm tak hnuaia  Chanchinbu mite tana Sawrkar hmasawnna ruhrel en leh zirchianna hun tha tak neih a ni chu lawmawm-a tih thu a sawi a. Press Study Tour kal ten an thil hmuh teh zirchianna te hmanga sawrkar hmalak mekte puangzar a, duhkhawp tawk loh leh insiamthatna tur awma an hriatte thahnemngai taka Sawrkar department hnena thlena tawiawm turin a chah a. Champhai District media-te tawiawmna leh thlawpna tha tak department-in a dawn thin avanga lawmthu a sawi a ni. He hunah hian C.Lalhnunpuia, President, MJA to Kawlbem road, Double Champhai District chuan Study Tour report kimchang lane-a kalpui tur ni anga a pe a. Media mite mamawhtu l…


DIET IN TRAINING BUATSAIH : DIET Champhai buatsaihin Ni 2 awh tur Middle School teacher-te tan Training on Learning Outcomes based on NAS-2017 neih ania, K. Lalsiamliani, DPC, SSA chuan khuallian niin a hmanpui. He training-ah hian Champhai leh Khawbung Block huam chhung a, Middle School-a Mathematics leh Social Science zirtirtute koh khawm an ni a. Baby Lalrindiki, Vanlaldiki leh R. Lalsawmliana, DIET Lecturer te'n zirtirtu kalkhawmte hian zirtir a.Khawzawl leh Ngopa Block te tan vawiin leh naktuk hian training buatsaih leh a ni ang.
FAINA CHUNGCHANGAH HMALA : Nimin khan Neihdawn Presbyterian School chuan Neihdawn khaw chhung kawngpui lun lai tifaiin hnatlang an nei a, faina kawngah an khuain hma an sawn zel theihna turin hmalak chhunzawm zel an tum thu an sawi. Neihdawn khawtlang hian faina lam ngai pawimawhin zirna in bakah YMA, Kohhran leh khawtlang chu a khat tawkin an hnatlang reng niin Neihdawn VCP chuan a sawi.
TUIALHTHEI Mizofed Pump MS : Nil HSD : Free Sale RC Filling Stati…

Chemte hmanga mi beitu Court in achungthu rel

Nimin khan H. Lalhmunsiama S/o H. Zohminga, Zawlbuk Venghnuai chu Addl. Sessions Judge, Special Judge ni bawk R. Vanlalena chuan Kum 7 chhung hrehawm taka jail tang tur leh pawisa Cheng 5,000/-chawi turin a hrem a. Pawisa chawi tur hi a pe thei lo a nih chuan Kum 1 dang Jail a tan belh leh ang. Thu dawn danin, Ni 12.11.2014 chhun dar 12 vel khan Lalkhawngaihi D/o R.Lalzuala, Zawlbuk Veng, Biate khua chu anu damlo awmpuiin inah a awma hetihlai hian  a pa R.Lalzuala chu hna thawkin a chhuak a. Chhunlai takah chuan H.Lalhmunsiama S/o H.Zohminga, Zawlbuk Venghnuai, Biate khua a awm hi rawn lut ve in ngawi rengin a thu ve a. Chutia H. Lalhmunsiama hian Lalkhawngaihi hi man thutin a nghawngah a rek bet a,  chawhmeh channa chemte in a nghawnga zai a tum ta mai a. Mahse Lalkhawngaihi hi lo inveng ve in leh, a nu leh a nu thiannu ten lo chhan vatin, an thawmah midang an rawn tlan lut ve nghal a. Mipa dang lo tlan lut ve te chuan H.Lalhmunsiama chu man betin a chemte ken pawh an laksak ta a, n…

Lirthei kal dan

Inrinni-ah bazar tam hunlaiin zing dar 5:00 atanga chawhma dar 10:00 chhung chu Champhai bazarpui-ah lirthei eng chi mah kaltlang phal a ni lo. Inrinni bazar hi Champhaia mipui bazar tam lai ber a ni a, dar 5:00 atanga dar 10:00 vel thleng chu bazar veivak hi an la tam hle a, kawngpui a chep avangin lirthei an veivah hian mipui tan a him lo hle a. Hemi  chungchangah hian zawhna chhangin Traffic OC chuan kum 2012 vel khan lirthei kal phal lohna dan hi duan a lo ni tawh a. Inrinni apiangin zing dar 5:00 atΓ‘ngin Traffic Police Duty dah an ni a, Traffic Police te hi an indaih tawk loh avang leh Traffic Point tinah duty leh thin a ngaih avangin dar 10:00 thleng hian an duty hman lo va. Lirthei tlan a tlem deuh hnuah an duty na hmun pangngai an pan thin niin a sawi a. Traffic duty loh lai pawhin lirthei neitute chu mipui himna tur a nih anga he dan hi ngai pawimawh a, zawm hram hram turin a ngen a. Dan bawhchhia a, lirthei kal phal loh hun chhunga kal luite chu dan anga hrem an nih tur thu…

Behliang chi sem

Tunlai hian Agriculture Department chuan hmun hrang hrangah  chi  Behliang  semchhuak mek. Behliang chi hi June thla tir atang khan  pekchhuah tana ni a, Champhai District  chhung Circle hrang hrang  pariat ah te semin an fehchhuak mek a, nimin thleng khan qtl 32.5 semchhuak tawh a ni. Behliang chi semna te hi hriat theih chinah Ngopa Circle ah 16.5 quintals, Khawzawl ah 4 quintals, Khuangleng 1 quintal, Vaphai ah 0.5 quintal, Champhai ah 2.5 quintal leh Hnahlan ah 7.5 quintal te sem chhuah tawh a ni a, sem mek zel ani bawk. Behliang chi hi Champhai khaw chhunga mite tan pawhin Agriculture Office ah dil theih reng a nia, vawiinah Khawhai circle chhung a khaw 10 velah an sem ve leh dawn a ni.


ZEP HUN HMAN DAN TUR : Vawiin chawhma dar 11:00 hian Zoram Entu Pawl (ZEP) chuan St. Mary's Dispensary,  Champhai Vengtharah 'Public consulatation meeting on Health' an buatsaih dawn.

Vawiin hian New Hruaikawn VC ten kawng siam that hna an thawh dawn avangin  Champhai SP Rex, Zaroliana Vanchhawng  chuan vawiin hian, New Hruaikawn leh Pi Khuangi Lung inkara kawng chi lirthei eng chi mah kaltlang phal a ni lo tih thupek a chhuah.
CHAMPHAI ATANGIN PAHNIH TLING : MPSC kaltlanga PWF hnuaia Junior Grade of Mizoram Engineering Service (AE/SD0) tur atana written exam nimina result tihchhuah takah Champhai district atangin Lalramliana S/o Lalzidinga, Vengthlang leh SK Lalmuana S/o Damkhuala, Selam te an tling a. 18.7.2019 ah personal interview neih ani ang.
MEETING NEI Vawiin atanga tan tur CDFA Buatsaih T. Khupzachin Memorial U-16 Football Tournament chungchangah nimin khan Managers' Meeting neih a ni.

TUIALHTHEI Mizofed Pump MS : Report lutlo HSD : Report lutl…

June ni 1 thleng Sawrkar nghak dawn

Zirtawpni-a MZP Hqrs Champhai Executive Committee thukhawm chuan an pawl silver jubilee lawm dan tur an rel a, a lawmna pui ber chu Oct 3, 2019 hian neih tum a ni a, sub committee hrang
hrang siamin Jubilee pual hian school leh Branch leh sub hqrs hrang hrangah career guidance
neih an rel a.
Gov't Champhai College zirtirtu indaihlohna chungchang a Mizoram sawrkar hnena an ngen
mek pawh sawiho a ni a. College dang mamawh hnawh khat tura hnathar lak a nih laia rei tak an lo ngen tawh tihhlawhtlin a ni lo chu pawi an tih thu sawiin, session tan hun July 1, 2019 hma ngei a pe turin Mizoram sawrkar an ngen nawn a, a tul anga hmalak zel ni se an ti. Gov't Champhai College in kum dang anga result tha tak a nei leh top 10 lang thei an han nei chu lawmawm an tih thu te, a
lawmna buatsaih ni se tiin, ILP chungchangah YMA Sub- Hqrs Champhai hnuaia Kumpuan sub committee te joint meeting nei tura sawm ni se, sorkar nena enfiahna kalpuiin, dan lo a awm te
na taka nawr let ni se, an ti a. V…

ATMA hnuaiah Famers Scientist Interaction nei

Inrinni khan ATMA Champhai District bultumin I&PR Conference Hall, CHANEM-ah Farmers Scientist Interaction programme neih a ni. He hunah hian vaimin eichhetu pangang Fall Armyworm chungchang ICAR Scientist, Kolasib atanga lokal te nen zirho a ni. Dr. Saurav Saha, Scientist, Agriculture Physics chuan FAW enkawl dan chungchang zirtirna neiin FAW chu Loneitute'n awlsam zawk a an thunun theih dan te sawiho nghal a ni. Hemi hnu hian Awareness Campaign neih chhunzawm nghal a ni a, rannung thahna hlo DDT chu a thih theih loh avangin mihring ei tur thlai enkawlna atan a him lo tih te, DDT hian mihring taksaa natna chi hrang hrang, Cancer te a thlen theih thu tarlan, a ni a Thlai chinna tur chu chemical hmanga sawngbawl lo tur te, mithiamte'n tih dan tur an tih leh hman tura tha an tih chauh hman hian thlai tan a him a, natna lakah a him tih te sawilan tel a ni bawk. Huan sir kuala be lam chi chin kual chu Fall Army Worm laka thlai himna a nih thu te ngaihthlak niin, he pangang hi…

Champhai ah buh phun tan

Champhai zawla loneitu thenkhat chuan Buh an phun tan.
Tarlan tawh angin Kumin hian kum dang angin ruahtui a tlak har avangin Buh chi an kui hma thei lo va. Nikumah chuan June thlachawhnu lamah chuan a tam zawkin buh an tawh a, kuminah erawh Tui lak tur nei tha zual tih loh chuan Buh an la phun phun thei lo va, Loneitu thenkhat chuan Buh chi an la kui mek ve bawk a, Ruahtui a tlak that lohavang hian Buh phun hun hi a inrual ta lo nuaih dawn niin a lang. Champhai zawla loneitu te huan Buh chi an dah zawh hian leilet te khawl hmangin buh phun theih turin an sawngbawl leh hnuah phun dawn a ni. Mithiamte'n buh chi naupang a tha tiin sawi thin mah se Champhai zawlah erawh chuan zawm a hlawh rih lo hle.

Champhai in Addl. DC thar nei

DP&AR Civil Service Wing chuan kar kalta Zirtawpni khan MCS Officer thenkhat awm hmun siksawiin, Champhai Addl. DC sawn chhuah tak Liansangzuala Chhakchhuak hmun ruak luah khat turin Jt Director (OP) Transport hna chelh lai Alexander V.Chongthu chu rawn dah a ni ang.

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar

DC IN UPC (NE) LEH DINTHAR NGO INREMNA ZAWNPUI : Nimin khan Dinthar Veng North East UPC leh Dinthar Veng NGO ram inchuh chunhchangah District Bawrhsap hoin Meeting neih a ni.  He Meeting District Bawrhsap Dr Naveen Agrawal khaihhruaina hnuaiah neih a ni. District Bawrhsap chuan UPC (NE) te hi dan atana en chuan dan atangin  ram an in chuh a, landlist Misc 54 of 1998 neitu an nih bakah chhiah pawh awl lova an pek reng thu sawiin helai ram neitu dik tak an nih thu a sawi a. A neitu an nih anga Biak In sak an tum chu khawtlang lamin sak an phallo chu an tih dik loh thu a sawi ani.  Sawrkar chuan he ram inchuh tute UPC (NE) leh Dinthar NGO te inremna chu a duh ber a nih thu sawiin, inremna a awm theilo a nih chuan  dan anga an kal tur thu leh ram neitu UPC (NE) pek a nih dawn bakah danlo anga helai ram lo ding tawh Anganwadi - MHIP, MUP leh VC House te chu thiah a nih tur thu a tarlang a ni.  Inremna chu Sawrkar duhdan a nih thu a tarlangin District Bawrhsap chuan dan chu dan ni mahse In…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar

CHAMPHAI COLLEGE TOP 10 AH MI 4 LANG : Nimina Bachelor of Arts Result chhuakah Govt Champhai College atangin top 10 ah mi 4 an lang. Top 10 a langte hi Malsawmthari chu History Dept. ah pahnihna a ni a, Lalhmingthanga chu 5 niin Vanlalhruaimawii chu Geography Dept ah 3 na niin BSc Chemistry ah Joel Lallianmawia 10 na a ni bawk. Govt. Champhai College atang hian 53. 3% an pass a, Science ah 62.5% an pass bawk. Govt Champhai College atanga Exam atangin 55.03% an pass a. Mizoram pumah College tihthat dan atangin Govt. Champhai College hi 17-naah an awm in thingtlang bikah chuan College titha pathumnaah an awm a ni.
CHAMPHAI HOSPITAL DINHMUN : Thla 5 chhungin Champhai District Hospital ah damlo 1451 damlo Admit an ni. Champhai District Hospital atanga thudawn danin January atanga May thleng khan damlo mi 1451 Admit an ni a April thlaah damlo Admit tam berin damlo 415 Admit niin February thlaah tlem berin mi 255 Admit an ni bawk. Thla 5 chhung hian zaipui tawk mi 32 awmin OPD leh IPD ah …

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar

MYANMAR A HMEICHHE THAWN TUMTU TLANCHHUAK :Bangladesh-a Rohingya raltlan hmunpui atanga ruk chhuaha Myanmar lama hruai chhoh tur ni a rin Rohingya Muslim, kum 15 leh 16 bawr vela upa, hmeichhe 8 chu Thawhtanni khan Police te'n Champhai district-a Dungtlang khuaah an chhanchhuak. DIG (Northern Range) Lalbiakthanga Khiangte sawi danin he'ng an tleirawl chhanchhuahte hian Hindi leh tawng dang pawh an thiam lo va. Bangladesh atanga rawn ruk chhuah ngei an nih rin a ni a ti. Heng hmeichhe 8 te hi nimin khan Chief Judicial Magistrate hmaah hruai niin Child Protection Home, Champhai ah dah an ni. Heng hmeichhe tleirawl 8 te la chhawng tu tur Jonathan (23) s/o Thathawmliana, Khawthlir Myanmar leh Nguntindawnga (25) s/o Thabuantaia, Tahan Myanmar nia insawi te chu Saikhumphai man nghal an ni. Nguntindawnga chuan heng hmeichhia te hi Malaysia, Singapore leh Indonesia a hruai tur an nih thu a sawi a. Zokhawthar Gateah Mizo te anga hnamdang tan permit lak a theih loh avangin Saikhumphai lam…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar

TLEIRAWL 8 DUNGTLANG POLICE IN CHHANCHHUAK :  Bangladesh-a Rohingya raltlan hmunpui atanga ruk chhuaha Myanmar lama hruai chhoh tur ni a rin Rohingya Muslim, kum 15 leh 16 bawr vela upa, hmeichhe 8 chu niminpiah khan Police te'n Champhai district-a Dungtlang khuaah an chhanchhuak. DIG (Northern Range) Lalbiakthanga Khiangte sawi danin he'ng an tleirawl chhanchhuahte hian Hindi leh tawng dang pawh an thiam lo va. Bangladesh atanga rawn ruk chhuah ngei an nih rin a ni a,-Saikhumphai kaltlanga Myanmar rama luhpui tum an ni a, anmahni hruaitu tur hi Saikhumphai-ah a awm nia hriat a ni. Mizorama luh phalna nei lo he'ng hmeichhe 8-te hi nimin khan Champhai district Chief Judicial Magistrate hmaah hruai an ni a. Hmeichhe enkawlna Home lama dah rih an nih rin a ni.  Rohingya Muslim te hi Myanmar ram Rakhine State a cheng, tihduhdahna an tawrh avang leh helna avanga Bangladesh-a raltlan an ni hlawm a. India rama an luh hian thawnkir nghal zel turin Ministry of Home Affairs chuan s…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar

JAIL TANG TLANCHHUAK : Champhai District Jail atangin mi 2 an tlan chhuak. Champhai Police Station atanga thu dawn danin June ni 15, zing dar 7:30 vel khan Champhai District Jail atangin hmeichhe pahnih Vansuiemi Kum 36, Biaknghilhlova fanu, Tuilum khua Myanmar leh Ngunchuaii Kum 47, Tleihleinghin fanu, Tahan Myanmar mi te chu Jail bang lawnliamin an tlan chhuak a. Champhai Police station hriattir an nih hnuah zawn zui niin chanchin buatsaih lai thleng hian hmuh an la ni lo va, Champhai Police te chuan Jail tlanchhuak mi pahnihte hi ngawrh takin an la zawng mek a, Jail tang tlan chhuakte hi Heroin Case-a tang thubuai ngaihtuah lai mek an ni bawk.
KHAWCHHAK LAM HNATHAWH DAN EN : Kar kalta khan C. Lianlunga, Engineer-in-Chief, Power & Electricity chuan Khaw chhak lama P&E hnathawh mek leh Office-te endikin a tlawh kual a. June 12, 2019 khan Kawlbema MW 4 pechhuak thei tur Small Hydel Project tlawhin, he Project-a civil works leh evacuation line hna hi zawh thawkhat a ni tawh a, …

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar

THISEN PE TAM BER VENGLAI BRANCH YMA : Kum 2018 chhungin NGO zinga District Hospital Blood Bank a thisen pe hnem ber chu Champhai Venglai Branch YMA te niin Thisen Unit 45 an pe Kohhran hrang hrang Thalai zingah Adventist Youth Federation AYF Champhai te chu a pe tam ber niin thisen hi Unit 105 an pe a, Bethel Bial KTP in dawtin thisen Unit 94, an pe a, Unit 70 petu Kahrawt Bial KTP te chu pathumna an ni. NGO atanga thisen pe tam ber chu Venglai Branch YMA niin thisen Unit 45 an pe a, Bethel Branch YMA in dawtin thisen Unit 36 an pe bawk. Zirna in atanga thisen pe tam ber chu NSS Govt Champhai College niin, Unit 121 an pe a, Unit 60 petu NSS Govt GM HSS chu 2 na niin, Unite 41 petu NSS Khawzawl College chu 3-na an ni a. Heng bakah hian Champhai District-a Veng bil ang a Thisen pe awm chhun leh unit 39 petu chu Chhura Hmun Welfare an ni.
KHAWZAWLIN HMASAWNNA TUR PROJECT SIAM DAWN : Khawzawl Dinthar vengin YMA Day lawmna an neiha hun hmanpuitu C.Lianlunga, Engineer-in-Chief, P&E Dep…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar

Nimin chawhma dar dar 10:30 khan Champhai Thalai Pawl leh hun rei tak an lo ve tawh Champhai leh Khawzawl kawng inkar kawng chhe lutuk chhungchangah PWD Natioanal Highway Sub-Division 5 hotute nen inkawm ho na an nei. Champhai Thalai Pawl ten an tum dan tak chuan kawng chhe lai hi a hmun ngeiah PWD hotute nena enhoa sawiho an duh laiin khuain a bumro tak avangin an duh angin an ti thei ta la lo a. He hun rawn hmang tur hian Pi Lalbiakengi, SDO, PWD Natioanal Highway Sub-Division 5 rawn chho in harsatna chi hrang bakah Champhai Thalai Pawl ten an vei te sawihona hun an hmang a. Pi Lalbiakengi, SDO chuan tuna kawng kan siam mek hi chu in hriat tawh angin tun tum fur lo thleng turah motor tang leh tlu a awm loh theih nan Mizoram Sawrkarin theihtawp a chhuak vang a ni, Champhai leh Khawzawl inkar kawng  Repair and Rehabilitation of Existing Single Land Pavement form Km 10 to Km 150 on NH 6 (Champhai to Khawzawl) Rs. 23.64 crore hmang hian siam leh vat tu…

Champhai Tualchhung Chanchinthar

THALAITE TAN SKILL DEVELOPMENT & ENTERPRENEURSHIP : Nimin khan Labour, Employment, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (LESDE) department buatsaihin Champhai College-ah Job/Skill Fair-cum-Career Guidance neih a ni a, a hawnna hun buatsaih hi Lalhmunsanga Hnamte, Director LESDE chuan khuallian niin a hmanpui a ni.
Khuallian chuan he hun Government hmang tura kalkhawmte chu tum mumal tak nei a, nih tum ber thleng pha a, hlawhtlinna chang tura taima leh rinawm taka bei fat fat turin a chah a. Sawrkar hnain mi zawng zawng a daih meuh loh avangin thiamna bik nei tura vocational training lam hawia hmalak a tul tawh a, thiamna tak tak neite tan hna zawn kawngah harsatna a awm lo a ni, a ti a. Thalaite chu mahni kut ke a ding tum tura chahin, hna zawng lai mek te tan District employment exchange-ah employment registration tih theih a nih thu a sawi a. Champhaiah Employment Officer dah a nih theihna tura hmalak mek a nih thu leh Employment Office chu belchianga hmelhriat turin mipui …