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π’πˆπ‹π•π„π‘ π‰π”ππˆπ‹π„π„ π‘πŽππ”I π“π€πŠπˆπ π‡πŒπ€ππ†

π’πˆπ‹π•π„π‘ π‰π”ππˆπ‹π„π„ π‘πŽππ”I π“π€πŠπˆπ π‡πŒπ€ππ† Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) Headquarters, Champhai chuan nimin khan kum 25 an tlin Silver Jubilee lawmna Government Champhai Multipurpose Hall-ah an lawm a. He hun hi Er. Lalrinawma Deputy Speaker, Mizoram Legislative Assembly chuan Khuallian niin a hmanpui a. Silver Jubilee Souvenir a tlangzarh nghal a ni.. Khuallian Er. Lalrinawma chuan MZP Headquarters Champhai in kum 25 hmel a hmua Silver Jubilee a hmang chu a lawmpui thu sawiin, zirlaite chu faina leh mahni inthununna nunpuia an nihna leh dinhmun chiang taka hre thin turin a fuih a. Eng hna pawh zahpui hauh lo a thawh duhna chu ram mamawh a nih tawh thu leh, zirlaite chu chhawrtlak leh belhtlak nihntum theuh turin a chah a ni. Zirlai kalkhawmte chunMizoram runtu hlauhawm tak AIDS natna lak atanga inveng fimkhur tura chahin, thalaite chu taksa zaha hlutna chang hre tur leh Nupui pasal neih hmaa invawng thianghlim turin a fuih a. Kan ram leh hnam chawisan a tulin, tu ram mahin…


SIKUL NAUPANG CHAWLH: Champhai a zirna in hrang hrang te chuan Exam chawlh an hmang mek. Primary Section te hian tun thla ni 16 atang khan Exam nei tanin, ni 26 khan exam an zo fel a, ni 27 atang khan Exam chawlh hmang tanin thla thar ni 4 thleng khian exam chawlh an hmang ang a. Thla thar ni 5 atangin zirna in hawn leh a ni ang a, zirna tan chhunzawm nghal a ni ang. Middle Section te chu ni 16 atang khan exam an nei tan a, tunah hian exam hi la kallai mek in thla thar ni 2 ah exam hi an zo ang a, ni 2 chawlh an nei ang a, thla thar ni 5 atangin zirna in hawn chhunzawm lehnghal a ni ang. Secondary School leh Higher Secondary School te pawh ni 16 atang khan exam nei tanin thla thar ni 2 ah exam an zo ve ang a, thla thar ni 5 ah school an lut lehnghal dawn a ni. Primary Section te hian kumin kum tluanin zirna an chhunzawm hnuah December ni 7 atangin kum thar January ni 6 thleng thlasik chawlh an hman leh hnu ah zirna tan leh in kum thar February ni 12 atangin Final Exam an nei dawn a ni…


INDEPENDENCE DAY LAWMNA : Sports Association hrang hrangte chuan Independence Day Tournament nei turin inbuatsaihna an kalpui mek. Champhai District Football Association-te chuan Independence Day Football Tournament-ah chuan CDFA hnuaia Ist Division Club leh Zone FA Champion te bakah Aizawl District Football Association Ist Division Club pahnih Dinthar FC leh 1st MAP Academy te an inlan dawn a, August ni 5 atangin Chhangphut Field-ah an tan ang. Champhai District Badminton Association chuan 1-Day Badminton Tournament hi August ni 6 atangin Champhai Town Hall-ah an tan ang a. Under-11 Boys, Under 13- Girls, Under 13-Boys Single, Under-15 Boys  Single, Under-17 Boys Single, Women Single, Women Doubles, Men Single, Mens Doubles, 35+ Mens Single 35+ Mens Doubles, 45+ Mens Doubles leh 50+ Mens Doubles hmangte in inelna an buatsaih dawn a. Champhai Khawpui chhung bakah Biate, Khawhai leh Khawzawl atangin Badminton khelthiam rualte an fuankhawm dawn a ni.. Champhai District Volleyball Associ…


GAS MAN BITHLIAH THAR: Mizoram sawrkar, Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs chuan tun thlaa IOCL, revised Retail Selling Price angin, Mizoram chhung khaw hrang hranga Eirawngbawlna Gas Kg 14.2 Domestic Subsidised Rate leh DBTL Scheme hnuaia. Subsidy pek tur zat chu a bithliah thara. Champhai District -ah chuan gas cylinder kg 14.2 Domestic chu Cheng 778 man a ni ang a, commercial bur kg 19 chu cheng 1442 a ni ang. Subsidy hi domes- tic bur khatah Cheng 276.46 a ni bawk ang.


ZIRTIRTU LAK TURTE TAN  : Circuit House, Champhai-ah Champhai District chhunga MR Zirtirtu hna diltute personal interview neih tan takah Interview turten Educational Documents (original); Residential Certificate/ Ration Card/Aadhaar/ EPIC DC/SDO/VC/YMA atanga lakchhuah ken tur a ni ang. Ruahman lawk ang chuan vawiin hian Primary School zirtirtu diltu Serial No. 63-123 ten interview hi an nei ang.

Chanchinthar ka post peih nganglo kan thianpa chanchin hian min la ti nguai a ni ber mai...

Kan then tak

(1980 - 2019)


Thihni: 27.7.2019 (Inrinni) Dar 1:50 am
Vui hun: 28.7.2019 (Pathianni) Dar 12:00 Noon
Vuitu: Rev. R.Vanlalruata, Bialtu Pastor

Pu DK Lalhruaitluanga hi Pu R.Laihnuna DK (L) leh Pi Vanlalhmuchhuaki (Tevani) te fa pali te zinga a upa ber dawt niin kum 1980 June ni 14 khan a lo piang a, amah hi naupang pian tha leh hrisel tak a niin a tetlai atangin thenrual kawm a thiamin a hlim thei em em a, thiante tana ui nei lo a nih bakah mite tanpui hi nuam a ti em em bawk a ni. Champhai leh Aizawl-ah Primary, Middle leh High school te kalin Shillong lamah a zir chhunzawm a, Shillong a awm hnu hian Kolkata-ah Computer lam zirin a awm leh a, hemi hnu hian lo hawngin RIHLIPUI Chanchinbu a buatsaih tan a, nupuite neiin tunah hian a nupui Laldinpuii (Nu-i) leh a fate 3 a kalsan a ni.
A fate :1) Lalmalsawma
2) Vanlalmuanpuii
3) DK Lallawmawmi

A pianpui Unaute :
1) DK Zoramchhani (Mami)
     W/o Lalrotluanga Ralte, Khawzawl
2) DK Lalchhanhi…

Kumin chhungin Vaibelchhe 9 chuang man ruihhlo man tawh

Kumin chhungin Vaibelchhe 9 chuang man ruihhlo man tawh : Kumin kum tir atanga nimin thleng khan Champhai Police te chuan ruihhlo chi hrang hrang Cheng Vaibelchhe 9 chuang man an man tawh. Ministry of Social Justice hnuaia National Institute of Social Defence (NISD) bul tuma ni thum chhung awh tur, Champhai District chhunga Police-te Damdawi hman khawloh laka inven dan tur zirtirna hun, nimina SDPO Conference Hall, Champhai Vengsanga neih tanah he thu hi Course Coordinator, Champhai Addl. SP Francis Lalnuntluanga Ralte chuan a sawi a. An ruihhlo man te hi Heroin Kg 1.926, Rs 69,56,800 man; Ganja Kg. 108.43, Rs 5,48,000; Methaphetamine Kg 29.228, Rs 3,90,00,000; Pseudoephedrine Kg 335, Rs 5,14,56,000 man te a ni, a ti.  Champhai Addl SP hian training-ah hian drugs leh ruihhlo dang, thalaite suata ram leh hnam run mektu hi engtia lo beih tur nge? Kohhran, chhungkua leh khawtlanga bua khuar tlat hi engtin nge nuai bo anih theih ang tih te zir a nih dawn tih a sawi a. Ruihhlo leh a kaihhn…

Zu bilh lai man

Zu bilh lai man : Nizan hmasa khan Chawngtlai branch leh Phaiveng branch YMA duty te chuan Chawngtlai ram chhunga Fartuahtui kamah zubilh lai eng emaw zat an man a, zu neitua puh Lalhmunsanga, Khawzawl Arro Veng niin an sawi. An zu man hi, khur 12 laiah bilhin an man lai hian khur 8 ah la awm in hmundanga an chhawp lai satha bag 2 leh Brite tin 1 man a ni a. Duty te hian an bilhlai lak tum leh a dang bilh leh tura bungrua an inchhawp, 407 truck-a an rawn kal chu an lo man a.  Chawngtlai khua hi YMA ten hma nasa taka an lakna zarah tunah hian Dry Village-ah an in puang mek a, hetiang dinhmuna an din mek laia an ram chhungah khawdang miin zu an chhuang hi an lungawi loh thu an sawi tih thu kan dawng.

Champhai District BJP President

Champhai District BJP President : India ram pumpuia BJP membership drive programe an kalpui mek laiin nimin khan Mizoram State BJP Core  Committee  chuan  C.Hrangsatkima chu Champhai District BJP president hna lo thawk turin charge a hlan fel a. He charge inhlan felna hun hi Staye  BJP GS Ramthansanga chuan Champhai District BJP senior te leh member te thukhawm hmaah a hlan fel tih thu kan dawng.

Grape rah lei leh tan ta

Grape rah lei leh tan ta : Vawiin hian Champhai Grape Growers' Society chuan Champhai Winery-ah kum 2019-a a vawikhatna atan Grape rah Kg.1 Rs.50 in a la tan dawn a, chawhma dar 10 atanga tlai dar 4 thleng pek theih niin, Grape pe tur ten Grape hmin duk tha tak chauh pe turin an hriattir a ni. Hetihlai hian hun eng emaw chen chhung lo chawl tawh, Hnahlan Grape Grower & Processing Society chuan Hnahlan Winery-ah nimin atang khan Grape an sawr/her leh tan ta bawk a. Tun dinhmunah hian Grape Quintal 150 vel lak a ni tawh a, ni tinin lak chhunzawm zel an tum.  Nimin khan Grape chingtute hnen atanga an Grape rah lak tawhna ba pawh sem nghal an tum bakah Hnahlan Winery-a Grape rah her tur an lak te hi a man pek zel an tum niin thu dawn a ni.

Football Sub Junior Trial theih

Football Sub Junior Trial theih : National sub junior football championship-a Mizoram aiawh tur trial neih a ni dawn a, trial hi karleh Ningani leh Zirtawpni-ah AR  Lammual, Aizawlah neih tur a ni a. Trial a tel tum te hian District Football Association  hriatpuina lak hmasak a ngaih avangin C. Zonunmawia, I&PR Sub Committee, CDFA hnenah inhriattir tur a ni a, kum 2005 January thla leh kum 2006 December thlaa piang te tan trial theiha ni ang

Rangkachak man

Rangkachak man : Champhai Excise & Narcotics Enforcement Staffte hian Thawhtanni zan dar 8:30 vel khan Zokhawthar kawng, Mualkawi penga an duty-na atangin rangkachak kg 1.65 an man a, a neitu nia puh Bawithangpuii, kum 38, d/oLalthianghlima,  Zokhawthar ni-a insawi chu an man nghal bawk. Rangkachak leh a kengtute hi niminpiah khan Custom Preventive Force, Champhai kutah hlan nghal a ni a,, an thil mah hlut zawng hi tualchhung hralhna atanga chhutin Cheng nuai 68 leh sing 7 man vel a ni.

Tekin Deng Hlum

Tekin Deng Hlum : Nimin tlai lam dar 4.30 vel khan Kelkang bul Dilkawn khaw thlawhhmaa feh mi 4 te chu Thlama an awmlaiin Tekina deng a Pi Laldintluangi w/o Pu Lalramnghinga, Dilkawn chu ka pawh chhawn lohin a boral nghal. Nimin Chawhnu lam ruahsur nasa avanga Thlama tawmhul mi dang 3 - Pi Lalthanzami w/ o T. Lalringliana; Zodinliani d/o Thanpiala leh Pi Laldinsangi w/o Lalropeka te pawh Tekin a den tirh hian biak theih lohin an awm a. Laldinsangi hi chu a harh chhuak tawh a ngaihtuahawm ani lo a; Pi Lalthanzami pawh hi nizan lam khan a biak theih tawh a; Pi Zodinliani hi tlemin anghawng na zual deuh a; mahse, Champhai District Hospital rawn thlenpui niin, ngaihtuahawm lutuk an ni tawh lo niin thu kan dawng. Nimin khan Champhai-ah chuan ruah a sur tam vak loh laiin Kelkang lamah chuan a tam hle thung niin an sawi


MIZORAM KAILAWN CHAMPHAI AH : Nimin khan Government Champhai College Multipurpose Hall-ah Mizoram Kailawn-2019: Business Plan Contest hmanga Entrepreneurship chawikanna leh inelna buatsaih tur chungchanga  inhrilhhriatna leh zirtirna hun hman a ni a. He hunah hian Entrepreneurship lama tui mi te, Self Help Group, Sumdawnna lama tuimite, NGO aiawh, College Zirlai leh mahni kutkawih thiamna hmanga eizawnna ngelnghet din tumte an tel tha hle a ni.
He hun Planning and Programme Implementation Department, IIM Calcutta leh Mizoram Consultancy Group-te tangkawp buatsaih hi Pu Zoremthara Ralte, SDO Sadar chuan a kaihruai a.  Mizoram sawrkar leh IIM Calcutta-te hmalakna hmanga Entrepreneurship inzirtirna hun leh infuihtharna hun neih a ni chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a. Entrepreneurship chu sumdawnna bultanna thar, chona thar hmachhawna  kalphung bik neia awmze nei taka eizawnna siam tuma bultanna a ni, a ti a. Sawrkar hnain mi a daih vek tawh loh avangin mahni thiamna leh theihna hmanga intodel…


GANJA  SUAT : Khawbung JAC te chuan ruihhlo do kawnga an hmalakna kal zelah nimin khan thlawhlaia Ganja kung an suat. Khawbung khua hi Tuipuiral ah chuan Burma lam atanga Mizoram luh thlakna kawng. awmchhun a ni a. Dungtlang Police Outpost awm hnuah pawh Samthang leh Khawbung inkar kawng hlui chu ralthuam leh ruihhlo tawlhna kawng a nih. avangin dan kalha chetna do kawngah JAC ten hma an la reng a. He an hmalakna kal zelah hian nimin khan Khawbung thlawhlaia Ganja ching awm nia thu an dawn chu bawhzuiin Zawngsih ral Mualzal mawngah leh Pu Vara Mual-ahte insem darhin Ganja kung eng emaw zat an suat a, heng Ganja hi a hmunah an hal ral nghal.


CHHIATNA THLENG AWMLO : Tunhnaia ruahsur nasa avangin Mizoram hmun dangah chhiatan thleng eng emaw zat a awm laiin, Champhai District Disaster Management chuan ruahsur kaihhnawiha chhiatna thleng report an dawn loh thu an sawi. Hetihlai hian kawng chhia avanga Champhai district mipui tana harsatna thleng mek a ziaawm theih nan Keifang leh Champhai inkarah lirthei tlan dan tur ruahman chu hman mek zel a ni a. Police te pawhin hma an la zui zel tih thu kan dawng.


MINISTER MANUNA CHAMPHAIAH : Mizoram sawrkara State Protocol Officer chuan Mizoram hmun hrang hranga Minister-ten kumin Independence Day an hmanpuina tur tichhuakin, Champhai-ah chuan Law & Judicial Minis- ter TJ Lalnuntluanga'n a hmanpui ang a. Khawzawlah chuan Home Minister Lalchamliana'n a hmanpui thung ang.

News tawi zual

DVO SAWN : Champhai DVO Dr. M.Zohmingthangi chu Dy Director (LS), Directorate of AH&Vety hna chelh tura sawn a ni a, a hmun ruak hi Lawngtlai DVO hna chelh mek  Dr B.Zonghinga chuan a rawn luah ang.

AWARENESS CAMPAIGN HMANG TAN : Vawiin atang hian Champhai Police leh Excise-te chuan Champhai Police Stattion Conf. Hall-ah ni thum awh tur Capacity building programme on Drugs abuse prevention for Police functionaries tih thupui hmangin awareness campaign an buatsaih dawn.

TUIALHTHEI DINHMUN Mizofed Pump MS : Khawl chhia  HSD : Khawl chhia  RC Filling Station MS : Nil  HSD : Nil  RD Filling Station MS : Nil HSD : Free Sale


SAWRKAR UISA THIAMTEN NIHNIH CHHUNGIN RUIHHLO NUAI 7 MAN : Champhai Police-te chuan nihnih chhung lekin Champhai Town huam chhungah Ruihhlo Cheng Nuai 7 man zet an man. Champhai Police hotute hnen atanga thu dawn danin, Police leh CID (SB) tangkawpte chuan nimin-zing khan New Champhai-ah rinhlelh thila an dapna lamah Lalthluaii kum 48, Kaphnawka fanu, Aizawl Bawngkawn ni a inchhal hnen atangin Heroin Hawng 6 (Gram 176) an man a. Champhai Police Station-ah ruihhlo neitu a puh hi ND&PS Act tlawh chhanin thubuai an siam sak a ni. Ruihhlo leh a neitu a puh hi nimin khan District Court-a hruai a nih hnuah Champhai District Jail-ah dahluh nghal a ni a. Ruihhlo (Heroin) man tak hlut zawng hi tualchhung hralhna a chhutin Cheng Nuai 3 (Rs. 300000) man a ni  Nimin chawhma khan Police Petrolling chuan Springdale School piah, Zotlangah Zokhawthar atanga Champhai pana tlan, Taxi MZ04 4049 atangin heroin Hawng 3, Gram 42, tualchhung hralhnaa chhutin Cheng 1,50,000 man chu an man a, a neitu ni-a…


TUI SEM  CHHUAK  RIH  LO : Fur hunlaiin Champhai tuilakna ber Tuipui tui chu a nut nasat thin avang leh thlitfim mai theih a nih loh avanga tui lakna ber Fallui tui chu bawlhhlawh nawi a tam deuh avangin mipui hnena sem chhuah ngam a ni lo va, hei vang hian nimin khan tui hi an sem thei lo va, tui pump theih hmasa berah tui hi a pangngaia sem chhuah tum niin an khaihlaknaah Champhai PHED chuan mipui hriatthiamna an ngen a ni.


JNV A LUT DUHTE TAN A HRIATTUR : Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya (JNV) Champhai District Kum 2020 session-a luh tumte tan Dilna Online hmanga thehluh theih a ni leh ta a. Online registration chu  www.navodaya.govin leh ah te tih theih a ni e. Online hmanga dilna thehluh hi September Ni 15, 2019 thlenga hawn a ni ang. Diltu chu 1.5.2007 atanga 30.4.2011 inkara piang, Kum 2019-20 Champhai District chhunga Class V zirlai a ni tur a ni a. Document Online hmanga Submit tur te chu Head Master/Principal hnena atanga Certificate, Thalak, Candidate leh nu leh pa te signature te chu jpg format hmanga 10-100 kb inkar vela liana thawn tur a ni. Prospectus hi DEO, SDEO leh DIPRO Office-ah te ngaihven theih a ni.

News tawi lawrkhawm

MINISTER LOKAL DAWN : FCS&CA Minister K.Lalrinliana chuan tunkar Ningani khian Champhai leh a chheh vela FCS&CA building leh godown bakah Fisheries Deptt hnuaia hmalakna te tlawh turin Ningani khian Champhai a rawn thleng dawn a. Zirtawpni-ah CHANEM building-a sangha khawitute training neih chu khuallian niin a hmanpui bawk ang.
MIZORAM KAILAWN : Thalaiten mahni kutkawiha eizawnna an dap theihna tura inzirtima hun, Outreach programme of Mizoram Kailawn 2019 chu vawiin chawhma dar 11:00 atang hian Gov't Champhai College Multipurpose Hall-ah buatsaih a ni dawn.

TUIALHTHEI DINHMUN Mizofed Pump MS : Khawl chhia  HSD : Khawl chhia  RC Filling Station MS : Nil HSD : Nil RD Filling Station MS : Nil

HSD : Free Sale


REDUCTION SALE KHAR TA : Champhai Synod Book Room Reduction Sale neih chu Inrinni khan khar a ni. Reduction Sale hi kar kalta chhung khan Champhai-ah neih niin Book Room a lehkhabu awm, chi hrang hrang te chu a man pangngai aia za zela 5 atanga 80 inkar a hniama hralh a ni a. Lehkhabu chi hrang hrang 100 chuang te chu Reduction Sale chhung hian hralh chhuah niin, lehkahbu hralh chhuah zawng zawng hi Cheng 8,62,000 vel bawr niin, nikum khan Cheng 7,81,000 man hralh a ni a. Kumin hian Cheng 81,000 in nikum an khum a. Champhai Book Room nghaktute chuan kumtin lehkhabu hralh lamah hma an sawn zel thu sawiin,  kumtin lehkhabu hralh zat hi a pung zel a, hei hi Champhai tan chuan hmasawnna ropui tak ni a an hriat thu an sawi a ni. Inrinni tlai lam khan Rev. Lalthapuia, Kahrawt Bialtu Pastor chuan malsawm tawngtaina hmangin  Champhai-a Synod Book Room Reduction Sale neih hi a khar a ni.


RUIHHLO MAN : Nimin chawhma khan Champhai Khankawn Police Check Gate a duty-te chuan Zokhawthar kaltlanga lakluh Heroin Hawng 5 (Gram 70) an man. Champhai Police hotute hnen atanga thu dawn danin Police duty-ten lirthei pakhat (KWID Car MZ-06-8073)an enfiahna lamah Heroin Hawng 5 (Gram 70) hi man a niin, ruihhlo neitu-a puh mi pahnih 1) Simon Lalruatfela kum 29 s/o Lalzuiliana, Khumtung khua ni a insawi leh 2) Lalthanmawia kum 38 s/o R. Lalnunmawii Baktawng khua ni a inchhalte chu an man bakah lirthei chhunga ruihhlo thuhruk saktu ni-a sawi, an thurualpui lirthei khalhtu  Lalhmachhuana kum 42 s/o Sapzinga Baktawng  khua ni a insawi chu man tel an ni a. ND & PS Act tlawhchhan a thubuai siamsak an niin, ruihhlo phurhna lirthei pawh hrensak nghal a ni. Heroin man tak hlut zawng hi tualchhung hralhna a chhutin Cheng Nuai 2.5 a ni a, nimin khan heng mite hi District  Court-a hruai an nih hnuah Champhai District Jail-ah dahluh nghal an ni.


LIRTHEI DINHMUN : June thla chhung khan District Transport Office ah lirthei 150 ziahluh thar a ni. Lirthei ziahluh te hi 2 wheeler 92, Car 29, Bolero 4 leh Truck 25 te a ni a, hriat theih chinah lirthei ziahluh hnuhnung ber hi MZ04 A 2683 a ni.  June thla chhung vek khan lirthei mihring phur chi atangin Cheng 11,400 hmuh a ni a, bungraw phur lirthei Rs. atangin 1,52,000 hmuh niin, Road Tax atangin Rs. 8,67,826 hmuh a ni a, MV Fee atangin Rs. 4,53,350 hmuh niin Parking Fee atangin Rs. 34,310 leh Compounding Fine atangin Rs. 11,800 hmuh a ni a. June thla chhunga chhiah hrang hrang atanga pawisa tlingkhawm hi Cheng 15,30,686 a ni.


ZIRLAI TITHA CHAWIMAWI : MZP Ngur branch te chuan Inrinni zan khan Ngur khua atanga zirlai titha mi 36- HSLC, HSSLC, BA, MA, BEd pass thar te chawimawina hun an hmang. Khuallian P.Lalrinmawia, Dy Commissioner of State Tax chuan thu sawiin, taimakna leh thawhrimna chauh hmachhuan a,  theihtawp  chhuah turin zirlai kalkhawm te a fuih a, rilruah tum fel tak nei a taimakna a chhun zawm turin a chah a ni. He hunah hian C. Lalthazuala, Asst Commissioner of State Tax chuan career guidance hun a hmang a. MZP Hqrs Champhai atang President  H.Lalramhluna ho in hruaitu eng emaw zatin an hmanpui bawk a, Champhai North bialtu MLA Dr ZR Thiamsanga'n pass tharte lehkhabu present hlanna hun MNF Champhai North Block-l hruaituten an hmang bawk.


LEIMIN VANGIN IN 2 RAUHSAN : Khawbung RD Block huam chhunga Khankawn khua, Kawn Venga chhungkaw hnih luahlai In chu leimin avangin bungrua thiar chhuah a ni. Tuipuiral Tlangdunga khaw hrang hrang inkalpawhna kawngah  kawngko min hmun eng emaw zatah a awm a. Khuangleng leh Leithum khaw inkarah leiminin kawng a hnawhpin avangin District Hospital panpui tur dam lo hun eng emaw chen a dan hnuah YMA leh Dungtlang Polic-te hmalaknain PWD thuneitute biakrawn hnuah leimin hnawhpin kawngpui hi thenfai a ni a. Inrinni khan Farkawn leh Thekte inkar BRO kawngpui-a culvert tui chuan a thlanga rampalailengah lei hreuh thlain a chheh vel Khankawn khuaa Pu Dengchhunga te in leh Pi Vaithluaii te in bul chu meter 50 bial zet lei a titawlh a ni.

News tawi zual

THLAI THAR TAM RIH LO : Tunlai hian tualchhung thlai thar a la tam loh avangin Champhai Bazar-ah anhnah leh thlai rah man a la to rih hle a, Ar lei tur a van deuh avangin Arsa pawh a man a la sang rih hle bawk.

TUIALHTHEI DINHMUN Mizofed Pump MS : Khawl chhia  HSD : Khawl chhia  RC Filling Station MS : Nil HSD : Nil RD Filling Station MS : Hriat loh 

HSD : Hriat loh

Lirthei lianchi intlanchhawk tan dawn ta

LIRTHEI LIANCHI INTLANCHHAWK TAN DAWN TA: Kumin Fur ruahtui tlak chinah Champhai leh Aizawl inkara lirthei kalten kawng lakah harsatna nasa tak an tawh chhoh leh tak avangin lirthei kal velten harsatna tawh mek pumpelh a nih theih nan ruahmanna thar siam turin nimin khan Champhai District SP Rex Zarzoliana hovin a Pisa-ah thutkhawm a ni. Champhai leh Aizawl inkar, a bikin Champhai leh Keifang inkar kawngpui dungah ritphur lirthei kawng kam dai palh leh tangkhangte avanga khualzin lirthei dangten harsatna nasa tak an tawh mek chu sutkian a nih beiseiin, vawiin atanga thla thar, August ni 31, 2019 chhung atan ritphur lirthei 407 Truck leh a chunglam zawngte chu Champhai leh Aizawl inkar-ah nitin intlan chhawk tan tura tih a ni. Lirthei intlan chhawk tura duan hi Champhai District leh Aizawl District huam a nih angin District SP ve ve inbiakremna hnuaiaha darkar bi hi ruahmanna siam a ni a. Vawiin hian Aizawl atangin ritphur lirtheite Champhai lam panin an tlan tan dawn a. Champhai atang…

Courg sawn chhuah Zote ThalaiPawl in phallo

COURT SAWN CHHUAH ZOTE THALAI PAWLIN PHALLO : Zote Thalai Pawl chuan Champhai District Session Court, CHANEM Building-a sawn tur chu hriatthiam har an tih thu leh an lungawi lo hle tih an sawia, Zote-a dah ngheh a nih theihna tura theihtawp chhuaha hmalak an tum thu an sawi. Nimin khan Champhai Press Club-ah Zote Thalai Pawl chuan chanchinbumite kΓ‘wmin, Sawrkar tharin Champhai District  Court, Kum 50 chhung atan CHANEM Building-a awm tura Cabinet Meeting-in pass ta mai chu hriatthiam harsa an tih thu leh an lungawi loh thu an sawi a. Kum 2013-ah Champhai District Session Court turin Zote. YMA Park hmun pek fel tawh a ni a, kum 2017 ah. Comerce & Industry Dept ta IIDC ah Court hi sawn phei niin Zote khawtlangin pek tawh saa insawn lo va CHANEM building lama sawn a ni leh ta daih chu kan lungawi lo hle ani, an ti. Sawrkarin IIDC hmunah hian Ditrict Session Court hi a dah nghet thei ngang lo a nih pawhin Khawtlangin an ram pekah hian dah nghet ngei tura an duh thu sawiin, Kan khua ti…

Graduation Day hmang

GRADUATION DAY HMANG : Nimin khan Gov't Champhai College chuan an Multipurpose hall-ah Graduation Day Rex Zarzoliana MPS, Champhai SP chuan khuallian niin a hmanpui.
Khuallian chuan thu sawiin, hlawhtling tur chuan kan theihna zawn leh kan chenna hmun hriat chian a ngai tih a sawi a. Mizoram hian lehkhathiam tak tak a lo hring chhuak tawh thin a, hlawtlinna nei zui ta lo tam tak an awm a ni, a ti a. Thiamna. hi kan chheh vela mi te tana chawp leh chilha hman tur a nih thu sawiin 'Kan chheh vela thil awmte leh kan society, kan chhungkua leh Kohhran tana kan thiamna lan chhuah tir chuan si loh chuan kan thiamna hian awmzia a nei thin lo, a ti. Sorkar hna kan hmu vek lo maithei, mi taima leh thawkrimte chuan kan thawk dawn a, sawrkar hna pawh hi mi taima tan lo chuan thawh chi a ni lo, a ti bawk.
SP chuan zirlai nih chhung chuan ngaihpawimawh hmasak tur thliar thiama tul thu sawiin,. zirlai ni chunga Kohhran leh. khawtlangah kan inhmang a nih pawhin kan zirlai tibuai lo tawkin k…

Chanchin tawi lawrkhawm

RUIHHLO MAN LEH : Enforcement Staff, Champhai te chuan nimin khan Zokhawthar leh Champhai inkara an duty-naah heroin gram 127.9 gms, hawng 10 chu Zotlangah-ah an man a, a neitu nia puh Lalsiamkimi, kum 40,S eldinga fanu, Champhai Zotlang chu an man tel bawk. An ruihhlo man hlutzawng hi tualchhung hralhna atanga chhutin Cheng Nuai 3 man a ni a, ND&PS Act tlawhchhana thubuai ziahluh  nghal a ni.

TUIALHTHEI DINHMUN Mizofed Pump MS : Khawl chhia  HSD : Khawl chhia RC Filling Station MS : Service Tanky  HSD : Service Tanky RD Filling Station MS : Service Tanky HSD : Free Sale

Hmun dang rualin World Population Day hmang

HMUN DANG RUALIN WORLD POPULATION DAY HMANG : Kum 1989-a Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme-in khawvel mihring pung chak tak avanga harsatna thleng thei thlir chunga kum tin July ni 11-a World Population Day hmang tura a ruahman angin, khawvel hmun dang rualin nimin khan National Health Mission, Champhai District huaihawtin CMO Conference Hall, Champhaiah World Population Day pualin hun hman a ni. World Population day hmanna hi Dr. R Lalawmpuia, CMO Champhai chuan a kaihruai a. Kum 1989 atangin kum tinin World Population day hman a nih thu a sawi a, mihring kan pun chak em avanga harsatna kan tawh lohnΓ  tur leh kan  hriselna-in a tuar loh theihna tura ruahman a nih thu a sawi bawk. C.Lalramengi, DPM chuan thu sawiin, world population day-in a tum ber chu Chhungkaw ruahmanna fel tak neih leh chhungkaw hrisel neih a ni, a ti a. Mihring ka pung chak em em a, kan chenna khawvel a thang si lo va, Mihring pun chak avangin hriselna a tlahniamin Nu, nau chunga thi a…

Champhai ah Dengue vei 3 awm tawh

CHAMPHAI AH DENGUE VEI 3 AWM TAWH : Nimin khan Anti Dengue Month chu CMO Conf. Hall, Champhai-ah hman a ni hman a ni. Champhai District Vector Borne Disease Control Prog. huaihawta Anti Dengue Month. hmanna ah hian Dr.Lianmawia chuan thu sawiin, National Vector Borne Disease ControProgramme in a enkawl ber chu Dengue leh Malaria a nih thu a. sawi a. Dengue hi natna chi khat. thosi rangin a seh atang kai theih a ni a, a natna hrik that thei. damdawi a la awm loh avangin ngaihthah chi a ni lo va, he natna hi a hluar zel lohna turin kan tanruala kan fimkhur a ngai hle a ni, a ti a. Dengue natna do dan tha ber chu thosi inseh tir loh leh Thosi pian theihna tihbo a nih thu sawiin, Chhuna naupang kan muthilh tir pawhin thosilen zar sak thin tur a ni a. Kan in leh a velah thosi pian theihna awmte kan tihbo a, kan in leh a vel thosi hloa kah tir thin tur a ni a, hna kan thawh pawhin taksa lang tam lutuk thawmhnaw inbel loh hi a him a ni, a ti bawk.  Dr. Lianmawia chuan Dengue laka kan himna t…

Zanin aαΉ­angin bial KαΉ¬P Meet hmang dawn

ZANIN ATANGIN MEET HMANG DAWN : Zanin atang hian Champhai Vengthlang Pastor Bial KTP Meet chu hman tan a ni dawn a, Meet thupui atan 'Duhthlanna' tih chu hman a ni ang a. Speaker atan Rev. Dr. K. Lallawmzuala, Leader CKTP chu hman a ni ang a, a hnen atang hian thupui ngaihthlak thin a ni ang. Zanin hian Venglai Kohhran Hall-ah hun hman a ni ang a, bial chhung Branch hrang hrang te'n Solo, Deut, Quarted leh Beat Group hmangin intihsiakna an neih dawn bakah T. Upa F. Lalrinawma hnen atangin HIV/AIDS chungchangah Awareness Campaign neih a ni bawk ang. Inrinni zanah Pathian biak inkhawm neih a ni. ang a, Zaipawl intihsiakna neih. leh a ni ang. Inrinni zan atang khian Speaker Rev. Dr. K. Lallawmzuala hnen atangin Thupui ngaihthlak tan a ni ang a, Pathianni nilengin hun hman chhunzawm tur niin, Pathianni zanah Meet hi a tiak ang. Hetihlai  hian khawpui chhunga Bial tam zawk chuan meet hi an hmang tawh thung a ni.

District Library

DISTRICT LIBRARY : January thla atanga June thla chhung khan District Library ah member inziaklut thar 23 an awma, tlawhtu mi 445 awmin lehkhabu 100 a thleng thar bawk. Kumin January thla atanga June thla chhung khan District Library ah Member inziaklut thar puitling 19 leh naupang 4 te awmin member 23 an inziaklut thar a, tun dinhmunah member awm hi puitling 1629 leh naupang 224 niin, member 1853 anawm mek a ni. Lehkhabu thleng thar hi 460 awmin tlawhtu mi 2300 an awm a, tun dinhmuna lehkhabu awm zawng zawng hi 29,732 niin tualchhung chanchinbu 5 leh mizo tawnga ziak magazine 4 a awm mek bawk.

Chanchinthar tawi zual lawrkhawm

CHHUNZAWM  ZEL : Neihdawn khua chuam chhiat tawk chhungte hna thawhsak kum 20 chhung an kalpui tawh chu an la chhunzawm zel. Neihdawn hian khawtlang inpumkhatna atan leh Mizo tlawmngaihna vawng turin an khaw chhungah chhiat tawk an awmin hnathawh tur an neih angte chu khawtlang hian ruang thlak tukah hnatlangin an thawhsak thin a. He chindan phung hi tun thlengin an la chhunzawm zel a, nimin khan Neihdawn Branch YMA chuan an venga mitthi chhungte chu an hlo an thlawhsak a, hnatlangah hian mi 61 vel an thawk chhuak a ni.

REPORT  THEIH : Champhai SP Rex  Zarzoliana Vanchhawng chuan hriattirna chhuahin, Fur hunlai a nih avanga chhiatna thlengte rang taka report-na atan Champhai Police Station chu Control Room atan a ruat a. Control Room hi 24x7 duty indah tur a nih avangin ruahsur nasa avanga harsatna tawk ten engtik hunah pawh Phone Number 8974924728 ah hian report theuhluh theih a ni ang a. Duty ten a tul anga hma la in, report dawn te chu an lo bawhzui thin dawn a ni.


India aiawh tur Champhai Nula

INDIA AIAWHIN CHAMPHAI NULA : Lalnilawmawmi, d/o Zathangluaia (L) chu Commonwealth Judo Championship neih turah India aiawha kal tura thlan a ni. Commonwealth Judo Championship September ni 20-29 chhunga neih tura India aiawh tur te hi July ni 7 khan National Bal Bhawan-ah Selection Trial neih a ni a, Lalnilawmawmi, Tlangsam khua chu Kg 44 Category-ah India aiawh tura thlan a ni. Lalnilawmawmi hian Commonwealth Judo Championship-a tel tur hian India Camp a zawm ang. Lalnilawmawmi hi kum 2013 khan Mizo nute inchai Champion a lonitawha, Mizoram tan Judo-ah Medal tha hnem tak a lo la tawh bawk.

Mahni kutkawiha eizawnna kawng inzirtir

MAHNI KUTKAWIHA EIZAWNNA KAWNG INZIRTIR : Nimin chawhnu khan DC Conference Hall, Champhaiah Mizoram Kailawn-2019 buatsaih tur puala inhrilhhriatna leh zirtirna neih dan tur District Bawrhsap Dr Naveen Aggarwal hova rel a ni. He huna thukhawmte chuan Mizoram Kailawn 2019 chungchanga inzirtirna chu July Ni 16, 2019 khian Government Champhai College Multipur- pose Hall-a neih ni se, tiin a rel a. Mizoram Kailawn 2019 chungchanga mipui zirtirna hun hmang tur hian Entrepreneurship lama tui mi te chu sawmin, NGO aiawh, Media, College zirlai, Self Help Group, Sumdawnna lama tui mite leh mahni kutkawih thiamna hrang hrang hmanga eizawnna ngelnghet din tumte chu tel vek turin a sawm a ni. Mizoram Kailawn vawi thumna neih tur pual hian District hrang hrangah Entrepreneurship zirtirna leh chawilarna kalpui mek a ni a. Champhaiah pawh Mizoram Entrepreneurship Development Monitoring Committee, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Innovation Park leh Mizoram Consultancy Group (MZCG) tangkawp bua…

Case 25 ziak lut

CASE 25 ZIAK LUT : Champhai District Child Protection Office ah May leh June thla chhung khan Case 25 ziahluh a ni. Child Welfare Committee hian case 18 an ziaklut a, in atanga tlanbo 2, mipat/hmeichhiatna hman sual case 7 leh trafficked case 8 te ziahluh a ni a, case chinfel tawh 1 an nei bawk. Juvenile Justice Board chuan Case 7 an ziak lut a, POCSO Act hnuaiah 2, MLPC Act hnuaiah 1, rukru 3 leh kidnapping 1 an ziaklut bawk. Kumin chhung hian District Child Protection Unit chuan Awareness Campaign vawi 21 an nei a, Sensitization 13 leh Capacity Building 10 an nei a. BDO Champhai leh Ngopa BDO chairman-na hnuaiah Block Level Child Protection Committee thutkhawm neih a ni a. Block Level a naupangte hmasawnna tur leh Block huam chhunga khaw hrang hrangah naupangte dikna chanvo humhalh kawnga hmalak dan tur te an ngaihtuah ho thin a ni. Village Level Child Protection  Committee hi Champhai District huam chhunga khaw tinah din a ni a, VLCPC Champhai Block huam chhung leh Ngopa Block huam…

In sak tanpuina semchhuak

IN SAK TANPUINA SEM CHHUAK : UD&PA hnuaia Insak tanpuina a thawhkhatna sem mek chu kalpui chhunzawm mek zel a ni. Insak tanpuina hi veng hrang hrang Hmunhmeltha, Vengsang, Vengthilang North, Chhungte, Bethel leh Biate ah te pawisa pekchhuah tawh a ni a. Tunah hian Kahrawt, Vengthlang, Zote, New Champhai leh Dinthar vengah te pekchhuah leh mai tura buatsaih mek niin, Document pawimawh te tihfel leh mek a ni a, karleh khian zawh fel hman tum a ni. Hetih lai hian Venglai chu kar kal ta khan VC te hnenah venglai koh an nih thu hriat tir an ni a, VC lam in mipuite hnenah information an pekchhuah  loh avangin Document pawimawh tihfel ngai te tihfel a ni thei ve ta lo va, karleh lamah koh leh tum an ni tih thu kan dawng bawk. Insak tanpuina diltu chuan koh an nih hnuah Document pawimawh, Passport Photo 1 ken a ngai a, LSC/ House Pass/VC Pass, Bank Passbook phek hmasa ber, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID te hi phek khatah xerox a ken tur a ni a, a diltu ngei a kal bawk tur a ni a, a diltu boral ta…

Chanchinthar tawi zual lawrkhawm

KAWNG PING : Nizan dar 9:00 chho bawr vel khan Champhai Road, Kawlkulh leh Dulte inkarah lirthei, motor lian kawng thlanga tla tep a awm a a chhak deuhah truck lian a chhe bawk a. He truck chhe sirah hian lirthei dang tlan tlang theih anih laiin truck lian tho, a dang chu a tang zui ve leh a, he truck tang hi a tlu lek lek tawh niin thu dawn a ni a. Hemi avang hian nizan khan helai hmunah hian khualzin leh motor tam tak an tangkhang niin thu kan dawng bawk.

RUAH SUR NASAT BEISEI A NI : Kar kalta Inrinni atanga Mizoram hmun hrang hranga ruahsur avangin hmun thenkhatah leimin leh tui lian a thleng nual tawh. .Directorate of Science & Technology, Mizoram te sawi danin, tunkar Zirtawpni thleng khian Mizoramah ruah tam vakloin a sur chhunzawm rin a ni a. India Meteorological Department chuan vawiin hian Champhai leh Serchhip District huam chhung hmun thenkhatah ruah a sur nasa deuh dawn niin an sawi bawk.

CHAMPHAI IN PAHNIHNA HAUH : Mizoram Sawrkar, Rural Development Department-in Mizora…

Ruihhlo cheng nuai zaruk chuang man hu man tawh

RUIHHLO CHENG NUAI ZARUK CHUANG MAN HU MAN TAWH : Champhai Police, CID Special Branch, Champhai leh Special Narcotics Squad, Aizawl tangkawpte chuan Mualkawi dai-ah heroin Cheng Nuai 9 man hu an man. Nimin zing dar 7:30 vel khan Champhai Police, CID SB Champhai leh Special Narcotics Squad Aizawl tangkawpte chuan Mualkawi dai-ah random checking neiin, Heroin Hawng 18 leh a neitu nia rin mi pahnih Khawlneihmawii  Kum 44 d/o Hrangsailoya, Chhimluang, Kolasib Ditrict ni-a insawi hnen atangin Sahbawn bawma dah Heroin Hawng 10 (Gram 137) chu Aizawl Taxi atangin an man. Liansianga, kum 70 s/o Phunsanga, Dinthar Veng, Champhai ni-a insawi hnen atangin Sahbawn bawma dah Heroin Hawng 8 (Gram 117) chu Zokhawthar  Maxi Cab atangin an man bawk.  Heroin an man hlut zawng hi Tualchhung rate-in man  Cheng Nuai 9 man a ni a. Heroin neitu-a puhte hi ND&PS Act hnuaiah thubuai siamsak niin, nimin khan Champhai District Court-ah thawn nghal niin, Champhai District Jail-ah dah luh nghal an ni.
June thl…

Zirna chhunzawm theilo te MLA Fund

ZIRNA CHHUNZAWM THEILO TAN MLA FUND : Lengteng bialtu MLA L.Thangmawia hmalakna-in Ngopa RD block huam chhungah Educational Assistance Fund siam a ni. Ngopa BDO in he Educational Assistance Fund dil thei tur hriattima a tihchhuaha tarlan a nih dan chuan HSLC pass chin, chhunzawm tura sΓΊm lama harsatna neite tan dil theih a ni a. Zirna chhunzawm tanpuina hi MLA fund atanga pek tur niin, form awmsa hmangin mahni in dil tur a ni a, dilna lutte hi Screening committeechuan a thlifim leh dawn a ni. Assistance Fund hi kum khat atan ruahman ani a, HSSLC zir tur tan Cheng 10,000, Under graduate zir tur tan Rs. 20,000, Post graduate zir tur tan Cheng Sing hnih leh Sang 5, professional education zir tur tan tan Cheng Sing hnih leh Sang nga bawk a ni. A diltu hian academic record a nei tha tur a ni a, a dil hun laia exam hnuhnung berah First division mark hmu chin a ni tur a ni. Screening committee hian diltu chhungkaw dinhmun te enfiahin, pek awm a tihte thlang turin thutawp a nei dawn a ni.

Chanchinthar tawi zual lawrkhawm

EXCISE  REPORT : Champhai District Excise &Narcotics Dept te report-a tarlan a nih danin kumin January thla atanga June thla chhung khan Rakzu litre 3270.750 an man tawh a, zu bilh lai Tin 1773 leh Pot 133 an man tawh bawk. Sap zu um 127, Beer um 6 leh ram dang Beer um 2 leh. Canned 1516 an man tawh bawk. Ruihhlo phurhna atana hman lirthei 10, Two Wheeler 3 leh LMV 7 an man tawh bawk.

TRAFFIC  REPORT : June thla chhung khan Champhai Traffic Police te chuan lirthei dan bawhchhia 25 an man. Lirthei dan bawhchhia hi 2 wheeler 10 man in Cheng 2400 chawitir an ni a, 3 wheeler 3 man in Cheng 1400 chawitir an ni a, 4 wheeler 12 bawkin Cheng 5700 chawitir an ni bawk. June thla chhunga lirthei Dan bawhchhia man zawng zawng 25 atanga pawisa chawi tling- khawm hi Rs. 9500 ani.

TUIALHTHEI  DINHMUN Mizofed Pump MS : Khawl chhia HSD : Khawl chhia RC Filling Station MS : Service Tanky  HSD : Service Tanky RD Filling Station MS : Service Tanky HSD : Free Sale

ZET in a thlawnin zirlai mit endik

ZET IN A THLAWNIN ZIRLAI MIT ENDIK : Ni 4 chhung awh tur Zoram Entu Pawl ten Champhai 'khawpui chhunga H/S zirlaite tana Free Eye Camp an buatsaih chu nimin khan Govt. GM High School-ah tan a ni. Bul tanna hi C.Lalbiakzauva, DEO chuan hmanpuiin ZEP in zirlaite tana a thlawna mit entirna an buatsaih chu lawmawm a tih thu sawiin, tunkar chhung hian Champhai khawpui chhunga H/S 20-te tlawh chhuak hman turin ruahmanna siam a ni, a ti a. Hriselna, zirna tihhmasawnna, eizawnna ngelnghet dinna leh vantlang hmasawnna atana ZEP hmalakna leh Project neihte chu lawmawm a tih thu a tarlang bawk. Nimin khan Govt. GM H/S, Hmunhmeltha H/S leh Vengsang H/S zirlaite mit en a. Tarmit vuah ngaite chu India Vision Institute nen tangdunin a thlawnin tarmit an pe dawn a ni. Vawiinah King Solomon's, Einstein leh BC English Academy zirlaite mit an en leh ang. ZEP hi Catholic Kohhran hnuaia Charity Club niin, Society in an ding a. Mizoram District Hqrs.a H/S zirlai zawng zawngte mit an endik sak dawn …

Synod Bookroom in Reduction Sale nei

SYNOD  BOOKROOM IN REDUCTION SALE NEI : Synod Bookroom Reduction sale chu nimin khan hawn a ni. Mizoram hmun dang rualin Champhai Synod Bookroom chuan nimin khan reduction sale chu Rev R.Vanlalruata, Champhai Synod Bookroom Branch Committee chairman chuan a hawng a. Lehkhabu chu finna tam tak pai a nihbakah ringtu nun chawm lian a, kawng hrang hranga hmasawnna thlentu a nih thu a sawi a, man tlawm zawka lehkhabu zawrh chhuah chu mi tinin tangkai taka hmang turin duhsakna a hlan a, tawngtaina nen reduction sale hi a hawng Reduction sale hi tunkar chhung neih a ni dawn a, Bookroom-a thil zawrh chu zaa 5 atanga zaa 80 thlengin a man tihhniam a ni dawn a ni. Reduction sale hi Mizoram puma Synod, bookroom hrang hrangah nimin atang khan kalpui tan a ni. Nikuma reduction sale Champhai Synod bookroom hian Cheng Nuai 7.8 man lehkhabu leh bungraw dang an hralh chhuak a, tunah hian lehkhabu hi 2000 chuang an kawl mek a ni. 

Chanchinthar tawi zual lawrkhawm

BUH  PHUN  MEK : Buh phun mek Ruahtui thlak that loh avanga Champhai zawla buh phun mumal theih loh chu tunhnaia ruahsur avangin buh phun mek zel a ni. Tarlan tawh angin Ruahtui a tlak har leh a tlak that loh avangin kumin hian kum danga buh phun hunah Champhai zawlah buh phun theih a ni lo va, loneitu thenkhat chuan buh hi a tuhin an tuh hial a ni. Tun hnaia ruahsur avangin phai bial sawngbawl hleitheih lohte pawh sawng bawl theih a ni ta a, tunlai hian Power Tiller leh Tractor hmangin Phai bialte buh phun theih turin sawngbawl mek a ni.

MHIP DAY HMANG VE LEH : Nimin khan MHIP Branch thenkhat chuan MHIP Day an hmang. Inrinni, MHIP Day, a hun taka hmang thei lo te chuan nimin khan an hmang a. Tlangsam Branch MHIP te chuan MHIP Day pual hian an khaw chhung hmun hrang hrangah thing phunin hnatlang an nei a. Branch thenkhat chuan MHIP Day pual hian intihhlimna hun an hmang a, Branch thenkhat chuan khawtlang tana thil tha tih nan hmangin mirethei hnena tanpuina an hlan bawk.


Champbai Thalai Pawl ten Solar Plant siamtha turin ngen

CHAMPHAI THALAI PAWL TEN DAMDAWIIN SOLAR PLANT SIAM THA TURIN NGEN : Zirtawpni khan Champhai Thalai Pawl te chuan Champhai District Hospital a Solar Plant hman theih loha awm reng chungchang an sawi ho. Champhai District Hospital a Solar Plant hi Mizoram Sawrkar leh M/S Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Plant Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore a mite nen tangkawp a Rs. 2,40,00,000 hmanga siam a ni tih an tarlang a. District Hospital hian a tir lama an hman bak an hman tawh loh thu leh, harsatna an tawh paw'n Company lam te an rawn kal ngai lo a. Champhai Thalai Pawl chuan Company ten an hna an thawh bakah he Solar Plant hi kum 2014 khan kum nga chhung enkawl turin thu an tiam tawh a.Mahse vawiin thlengin Engineer pakhat chu sawi loh Mizoram Sawrkar pawhin he Company, M/S Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Plant Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore hi a ko kal thei lo tih sawiin, hriatthiam harsa an tih thu an sawi.  Hemi chungchangah hian CTP chuan Mizoram Sawrkarah 1vawi thum lehkha thawn tawhin chhanna an la hmu lo chu an Pawl…

Ruihhlo man

RUIHHLO MAN : Inrinni khan Champhai Special Narcotics Squad leh CID (SB) tangkawp chuan an duty-na hmun Champhai leh Zokhawthar kawng, Hringlangtlang pengah Heroin, Sahbon bawm chhunga dah Gram 369.56, Cheng Nuai 13 man chu an man. A neitu nia puh mi pathum- Lalrinmuani, kum 23, Zemabawk mi nia  inchhal; Emanuela kum 39, Zotlang Champhai mi ni a inchhal leh Vanlalpeka, kum 19 Sakawrtuichhun Aizawl mi nia inchhal te chu manin, ND&PS Act, 1985 hmanga  thubuai ziah luh nghal a ni tih thu kan dawng.

Beat Farmer Award dawng

BEST  FARMER AWARD DAWNG : F.Laldingliana (Dadinga),Champhai Kahrawt Veng chu Central lam NFDB chuan Best Farmer-ah an thlang a. Tunkar Nilaini hian

 he Award hi Hyderabad-ah dawng tura sawm leh hriattir a ni a, hun a tepter avangin award dawng tura kal dan tur ngaihtuah mek a ni tih thu kan dawng.

Kum dang tluk theilo

KUM DANG TLUK THEILO : Tlangram Lo neitute chuan hnuhpui thlo zo tawhin hnuhhram an thlo mek a, ruahtui  duhthusam an dawn loh avangin buh leh thlai pawh a than tur angin an thang tha lo. Kumina ruahtui tlak mumal loh avangin khawchhak tlang dunga tlangram Lo neitute chuan buh leh thlai than a tha lo hle tih an sawi a. Thlai rah chi pawhin rah an la chhuah mumal lo a, buh bi awl a awm nual bawk a ni. Hetih lai hian khawchhak tlang dung aiin Mizoram khawtlang lam chuan to hawng a dawng tam zawk a, nikir ruah erawh chhim chhak atanga lo kal a nih avangin  Mizoram khawchhak tlangdungin an dawng tam ve thung a. Tuihna erawh a la inthlung mumal lo hle a. Khawbunga leilet neitute chuan tuihna an neih mumal loh avangin leilet tam tak chu hmun 3 a then a hmun 1 ang vel chauh leh theih a ni hrih niin an sawi.

Chanchinthar tawi zual dah khawm

THE SYK HULHLIAP : Champhai Veng hrang hranga thianho intelkhawm The Sky' chuan anmahni sum thawh khawmin Khankawn Police Check Gate thlanga Chawlhbuk an sak chu Inrinni khan an sa zo fel a. The Sky hian midangte tanpui kawngah pawh hma an lo la tawh thin tih thu kan dawng.

BROTHER THLAH : Brother Anthony Biakthanpara chu Champhai Holy Cross ah kum 10 zet a awm tak 

avangin hmun dangah sawn a ni dawn a, a  awmna thar tur hi Bangalore White Field-ah a ni ang. Brother thlahna hun hi nimin khan hman a ni.

TUIALHTHEI Mizofed Pump MS : Service Tanky  HSD : Service Tanky  RC Filling Station MS : Service Tanky HSD : Service Tanky RD Filling Station MS : Hriat loh HSD : Hriat loh