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π’πˆπ‹π•π„π‘ π‰π”ππˆπ‹π„π„ π‘πŽππ”I π“π€πŠπˆπ π‡πŒπ€ππ†

π’πˆπ‹π•π„π‘ π‰π”ππˆπ‹π„π„ π‘πŽππ”I π“π€πŠπˆπ π‡πŒπ€ππ† Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) Headquarters, Champhai chuan nimin khan kum 25 an tlin Silver Jubilee lawmna Government Champhai Multipurpose Hall-ah an lawm a. He hun hi Er. Lalrinawma Deputy Speaker, Mizoram Legislative Assembly chuan Khuallian niin a hmanpui a. Silver Jubilee Souvenir a tlangzarh nghal a ni.. Khuallian Er. Lalrinawma chuan MZP Headquarters Champhai in kum 25 hmel a hmua Silver Jubilee a hmang chu a lawmpui thu sawiin, zirlaite chu faina leh mahni inthununna nunpuia an nihna leh dinhmun chiang taka hre thin turin a fuih a. Eng hna pawh zahpui hauh lo a thawh duhna chu ram mamawh a nih tawh thu leh, zirlaite chu chhawrtlak leh belhtlak nihntum theuh turin a chah a ni. Zirlai kalkhawmte chunMizoram runtu hlauhawm tak AIDS natna lak atanga inveng fimkhur tura chahin, thalaite chu taksa zaha hlutna chang hre tur leh Nupui pasal neih hmaa invawng thianghlim turin a fuih a. Kan ram leh hnam chawisan a tulin, tu ram mahin…


DAMCHHUNG JAIL TANG TURIN REL : Kumtlinglo pawngsualtu Vanlalvena kum 51, Hnahlan Saron Veng chu Champhai Special Judge R.Vanlalena chuan hrehawm taka dam chhung Jail tang turin nimin khan hremna a tichhuak. Judgement-a tarlan a nih dan chuan pawngsualtu Vanlalvena hian hmeichhe naupang kum 4 leh a chanve mi chu a chhungte  hriat loh hlanin a khuaihem a, a lakah hian FIR thehlun niin naupang pawh hi doctor ten an endiknaah khuaikhem ngei a ni tih tarlan a ni a. Sub-Inspector VL. Chama Ralte chuan chhui zuiin Police lamin thiltulte an bawhzui hnuah he thubuai chungchang report kimchang, charge sheet chu Champhai Court-ah an theh lut a. Vanlalvena hian kum 2017 February thla khan  hmeichhe naupang kum 6 mi pawh khuaikhem tumin hmun fianrialah a lo hruai tawh a, pawi thui tak erawh a khawih hman lo hlauh a. He thil thlengah pawh chuannChamphai police te chuan an lo man tawh a, Court-ah thawnin jail-ah dah luh a lo ni tawh bawk. A hriselna lam that tawk loh vangin Court chuan hun eng emaw…


NGO HRANG HRANG TE ZIRTIRNA PE : Nimin khan Champhai District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) leh National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) tangkawp  chuan Champhaia NGO hrang hrangte, chhiatrupna thlen thulha chet lak dan tur an zirtir. He hun I&PR Auditorium, CHANEM Building-a neihah hian PC Zoramthara, Champhai District Disaster Management Co-ordinator chuan thu sawiin, chhiatrupna lo thlen thulha chet lak dan tur leh invenna hi la hrethiam chiah lo awm mah se, a tangkaizia kan la hre telh telh dawn a ni, a ti a. Champhaiah chhiatna a thlen thulha chet latu tur pawl bik  anawm  loh avangin tlawmngai  pawl te chu mipawimawh  berte zing a mi an nih thu a sawi a. Khawtlanga hruaitu kalkhawmte chu mite zirtir chhawng leh thei tura uluk taka zir turin a chah bawk. Mizo zingah chhiatrupna thlen thulha chet lak dan tur hrang hrangte bakah hliam tuarte buaipui kawngah thiam si lo, intithiamte an hnawk thei thin tih sawiin, kan tlawmngaihnate pawh hi chhanchhuah hna thawh kawngah min…


MOTOR TLAN DAN TUR THUPEK THAR : Champhai District Addl SP Francis Lalnuntluanga Ralte chuan nimin khan, thla thar, September thla chhunga Champhai leh Keifang inkara lirthei tlan dan turah thupek thar a tichhuak. Thupeka tarlan dan chuan, September ni 1 atanga ni 30, 2019 chhungin motor lian, 407 chin chunglam (Ke 6 nei chin) tan he kawngpui hi One Way-a hmangin intlanchhawk tur a ni. Ni inkawp kim lo (odd days)- ah Aizawl atanga Champhai pan tur,  motor lian tan, zan dar 12:00 atanga a tuk zan dar 12:00 thleng kawngpui zuah a ni ang a. Ni inkawpkim (even days)-ah Champhai atanga Aizawl pan tur lirthei lian an tlan ve thung ang a, zan dar 12:00 atanga a tuk zan dar 12:00  thleng. Champhai lam atanga motor lian chhuk turte chu an tlan ni apiangin Khankawn Police check gate chu chawhma dar 10:00 aia tlai lovah an paltlang ngei tur a ni a. Keifang paltlang nan zan dar 12:00 thleng hun an nei ang a. Hun bituk chhunga an paltlang  hman  lo a nih chuan kawngsir remchangah an chhuk leh hun …


CHAMPHAI TAN NUAI 25 : Zuk leh hmuam leh ruihhlo laka naupangte an him theihna tur 'Himna MADAT (Mizoram  Against Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco An early intervention against Tobacco Usage and Drugs Abuse from Upper Primary Schools) chungchangah nimin chawhnu khan DC Conference Hall-ah meeting neih a ni. He thutkhawm hi DC Dr Narveen Aggarwal chuan kaihruaiin, Champhai District chhungah helam hawi atana NEDP sum ruahman tawh Cheng Nuai 25 pek a nih thu a sawi a. Ramri kana ruihhlo lolut hluar lutuk laka mitin himna piahlamah naupang kumtlinglote ruihhlo, zuk leh hmuam lama an himna tura tangkai zawka hmalak dan awm thei se a duh thu a sawi. He hmalakna hian mitin a thlen theihna tur leh zirtirna zau zawk, mitin thlir theih turin heta tana sum ruahman hmang hian thupui mumal tak hmanga zirtirna tha tak pechhuak thei tur Drama (10 mins) leh Short Video Clip (3 mins) siam ni se, tiin rel a ni.


CHAMPHAI INSTA TE HMALAKNA IN PAPER BAG SEM : Istagrama Account nei, Champhai Insta-te hmalakna-in Holy Cross School zirlaite chuan Champhai Venglai Bazara thil zuartute hman turin Chanchinbu leh Paper atanga siam Paper bag 700 an sem Polythene in khawpui chhung a tihbawlhhlawh avang leh kan ram a  tihchhiat nasat em avanga Polythene hman a tlem zawk an beisei avang leh tawih thei Paper bag hman uar lehzual a nih beiseia sem an nih thu an sawi a. Champhai mipui te chu Paper bag hman uar zel turin an ngen thu an sawi bawk. Champhai Insta hian Champhai District chhunga thlalak hrang hrangte mipui hmuh theih turin an tarlang thin.


MZP SILVER JUBILEE PUAL : MZP headquarters Champhai chuan an silver jubilee lawmna puala career guidance a buatsaih chu nizan hmasa khan Zote branch ah an nei. He hun hi MZP Headquarters Vice president Lalrammawia Tlau chuan a kaihruai a ni.


A VAWIKHATNA ATAN DC IN KAWM : Khawzawl District Bawrhsap H. Lianzela  chuan Khawzawl DC Office a luah hnua a  vawikhatna atan nimin khan a Office Chamber-ah Khawzawl khawpui chhunga NGO hrang hrang YMA, MHIP, MUP hruaitute leh MJA Member te a kawm. He hunah hian DC chuan, Khawzawl DC hmasa ber a ni thei chu lawmawm a tih thu sawiin, Khawzawl khua chu khawpui ni tur awm  rengin Sawrkar Department tam tak an awm sa a, ziak leh chhiar thiam tam lamah pawh Literacy Rate chu 96.64% a ni phak tih a sawi a. Khawzawl District tana hma an lak chhoh zelna turah tihsual nei lo leh ke chheh sual an neih lohna turin kalkhawmte chu finchhuah turin a ngen a. Khawzawl khawtlang hruaitute chu Khawzawl District Foundation bultan tawh, sa pum tura hmalak puiah sawmin hmalakna reng rengah vengbil ni lo va, Khawzawl District dah  pawimawh hmasa ber turin a ngen a ni.


DGP-IN CHILDREN'S CORNER HAWNG : Zankhat riaka Champhai tlawha rawn zin Mizoram Director General of Police (DGP) SBK Singh (IPS) chuan Nilaini khan Indo-Myanmar Border Trade Point a tlawh a, ramri a insumdawn  tawnna leh a kaihhnawihte  a hmun ngeia hmuh chu a lo kalchhan a nih thu sawm bikte nena zanriah kilhona-ah a sawi. Nimin khan Champhai Police Station a  kumtlinglo thubuai neite dah lailawkna tur pindan 'Children's Corner' a hawng  Champhai  Police Station Conference Hall-ah Police te fuihna thu a sawi bakah  tlawmngai pawlte a kawm bawk. DGP SBK Singh chuan Champhai alo kal chhan tak zawhna chhangin, Indo-Myanmar  Border Trade  Point nihphung dik tak a hmun ngei a hmuh leh ram pahnihte  intlawh pawhna kawnga Police tih tur leh chanvo zirchian a nih thu a sawi a. Ramri a ram pahnihte inlaichinna tha tak awm chu lawmawm a tih thu leh ramri kan a lut leh chhuakte chu dan hnuaiah him taka an chetvel theih nan Dan leh thupek kengkawhtu  Police-ten theihna leh thiamn…


MIZORAM CHAMPION PUITU CHAMPHAI TLANGVAL BEST COACH AH THLANG : Mizoram aiawha feh chhuak Saidan Secondary School chuan U-14 Sub-Junior Boys Subroto Cup final-ah Unique Model Academy,Manipur chu 2-0 a hnehin an champion. Subroto Cup champion lai Unique Model Academy leh Saidan Secondary School  inkhelah hian B. Romalsawma leh Hunmawia te chuan goal khat ve ve an thun a, hei hi Mizoram hian an chakpui ta a ni. Subroto Cup  champion Mizoram hian lawmmanah pawisa fai Rs. Nuai 3 an dawng a, pahnihna team te hian Rs. Nuai 1.75 an dawng bawk a ni. Best Player-ah B.Romalsawma, Saidan Secondary School, Mizoram chu thlan niin, Rs. 50,000 a dawng a. Best School-ah Saidan Secondary  School, Mizoram hi thlan an ni bawk a, Rs. 25,000 an dawng. Best Coach-ah K. Lalbulliana, Champhai Vengthlang North leh CDFA Hony Secretary chu thlan niin Rs. 15,000 a dawng a. Best Goalkeeper-ah Bijando, Unique Model  Academy, Manipur thlan niin Rs. 50,000 a dawng a. Fair Play Award chu Our Lady Mount Carmel High Sc…


KUM 20 CHHUNG TANG TURIN TI : Nimin khan Champhai Special Judge, Pu R.Vanlalena, MJS chuan heroin phurtu Vansuihmunga leh Lalengliana te chu kum 20 chhung hrehawm taka jail tang tur leh pawisa Rs. 1,00,000/- ve ve chawi turin a hrem a, pawisa chawi tur te hi an pe thei lo anih chuan thla 5 dang ve ve tang turin a ti bawk.
Vansuihmunga, kum 30, a pa Hmetliana, Falam, Myanmar nia insawi chu Falam atangin heroin Hawng 30 kengin Zokhawthar panin a rawn chhuk thla a, a heroin ken chu Zokhawthar a rawn luhpui hnuah Melbuk pan zelin Melbuk dai ramhnuai  hnim karah a thuk ru a, amah chu Aizawl panin a rawn chhuk thla vang vanga, Aizawl a hotel pakhatah thlengin chutah chuan a thian hlui Lalengliana, kum 29, a pa Chalianzul chu hmu fuhin heroin a thuhruk la tur chuan a sawm a, a thianpa Lalengliana Bike chu Rs. 5000/- a hire sakin an thian dun chuan Melbuk dai ram hnuaia heroin thuhruk an han lak hnuah Champhai kawng zawh ngam loin Dungtlang lam kawng an zawh a,  Aizawl pan pui an tumna lamah …


NDRF TEN POLICE ZIRTIRNA PE : Nimin khan Champhai District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) leh National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) tangkawpte chuan Champhai Police-te chhiatrupna thlen thulha chet lak dan tur an zirtir. He bun Champhai Police Station Conference Hall-a neihah hian PC Zoramthara, Champhai  District Disaster Management Co-ordinator chuan thu sawiin, Champhaiin SDRF a neih tawh loh avangin chhiatrupna thlen thulha mi pawimawh berte chu Police an ni tih a sawi a. Champhaiin infrastructure a neih chhiat em avangin chhiatna nasa zawk thleng palh se hmanrua-in min daih dawn lo va, kan chheh  vela awmte a tla chawpa hman tangkai dan kan lo zir thiam lawk hi a ngai a ni, a ti a. Thiam ve nia inngaihna hi Mizote kan  buaithlakna ber a ni a, chhiatna a thlen hunah a thiam ve lo te chu kan tlawmngaih loh ngam a ngai tawh a ni, a ti bawk.  Chhiatrupna thlen thulha inzirtirna neih leh Kangmei chhuakahte kang thelh motor leh Ambulance-te ken nachang hre lo lirtheih khalhtu t…


SEMI FINAL LUT CHAMPHAI COLLEGE : UPSC Challenge, Inter College Quiz Competition 2019 neih mekah Gov't Champhai College-te chuan Semi Final an lut. Mizo Students' Union in Mizo zingah kum tam tak UPSC exam buatsaih Central Civil Service a kan tlin theih taklΓ³h avanga zirlaite leh thalaite a challenge siamna atana a buatsaih  UPSC Challenge inter col quiz comp 2019 chu Thawhlehni zan leh nizan khan Quarter Final lut team 8 Kolasib, ACC, JTC PUC, Serchhip, DIET Aizawl, Champhai, TRC ten inelna neiin  an zingah point hmusang team 4 PUC, Champhai, DIET Aizawl leh Serchhip College ten Semi Final an lut a ni. Semi Final hi zanin dar 8:00 hian intihsiakna neih leh tur a ni ang. Semi Final hi Knockout hmanga neih tur a ni a, match pahnihah hian a chaklo zawk an tla nghal tawh ang. Semi final-ah hian PUC vs DIET Aizawl an intum ang a, a hnuhnung zawkah Serchhip leh Champhai College te an intum ang. Gov't Champhai College aiawh hian Khamkhanthawnga leh Joseph Vanlalhruaia Zadeng-te …


OPD A DAMLO TE TAN TELEVISION PE : Nimin khan Men's Fellowship, Champhai Corp, Salvation Army chuan Champhai Hospital OPD a damlo leh a kalpuitute en turin TV lian tha tak 43 inches an pe. Pawl member tam lo te in thil ropui an ti hi an chungah Damdawi in hotute an lawm hle tih thu kan dawng.


THUPEK CHHUAH : TARMAT Project Manager ngenna leh Melbuk khaw thlen hmaa lei tlahniam thawm that mek chu chak zawka thawh a nih theih nan Champhai  Addl SP Francis Lalnuntluanga Ralte chuan thupek a chhuah a. New Hruaikawn pengthuam kaltlanga Melbuk lut tur leh Melbuk kaltlang tumte tan nitin zing dar 8:00 atanga tlai dar 5:00 inkarah lirthei eng chi mah kal lo turin thupek a chhuah.


MAHNI MIHRING PUI HRALH RUK TUM MAN : Rohingya (Myanmar) raltlan Bangladesh awm mek zinga bum chhuah tleirawl pathumte chu a ruka Myanmar ram luhpui tum anih lain Thawhtanni zan khan Zokhawthar Hotel-ah a buaipuitu hnam dang pakhat an man rualin chhanchhuah an ni.  Champhai Police hotute hnen atanga thu dawn danin Myanmar ram Rakhine State a Rohingya mi, Bangladesh a raltlan zing a mi Tleirawl kum 14 pahnih leh kum 13 pakhat te chu Bangladesh Katufalong atanga an rama hruai-haw tur anga bum chhuah an ni a. Lirthei  hnungah thukru in, Silchar  atangin  Zokhawthar kal tlanga Myanmar ram luhpui  tum an ni a. Heng hmeichhe tleirawl 3 te leh Zokhawthar a lo kilkawi tura tih Faruk Ahmed kum 19, S/o Abdul Malik Gulsara, Karimganj District ni a insawi.chu Zokhawthar Hotel pakhatah Police-ten an man ta a ni. Tleirawl pathumte hi Champhai Observation Home-ah dah an niin, a hruaitu zinga pakhat ni a puh Faruk Ahmed chu Trafficking of persons thubuai awrhtir a ni a, thu zawhchian zui atan Champha…


MJA CHAMPHAI DISTRICT TEN KHAWZAWL DC TLAWH : Champhai District MJA te chuan nimin chawhma dar 11 khan Khawzawl District Bawrhsap Pu H. Lianzela Office an tlawh a. Champhai DIstrict MJA te hi an President Pu C. Lalhnunpuia`n ho in DRDA Project Director Pi Ethel Rothangpuii MJA te hi a tawiawm a ni.  Khawzawl District Bawrhsap Pu H. Lianzela Office Chamber ah in khawm hona an nei a. Champhai DIstrict MJA President Pu C. Lalhnunpuia chuan Khawzawl District chu Champhai District aαΉ­angin indang mahse Champhai District hmalakna kawng tam tΓ’kah inthen hran theih ala nih loh avangin District Pahnih Bawrhsap te chu thawhhona tha an mamawh a, Champhai SP in Aizawl leh Champhai inkara lirthei rit phur tlan dan tur ruahmanna a siam te pawh kan zavaia that tlan nΓ’ tur a ni a. Hetianga District pahnih that tlanna tur a ruahmanna awm αΉ­hin leh hmalakna awm αΉ­hin ah te District Pahnih ten in hriatthiam tawnna nei a thawhhona tha tak an neih chu Champhai District MJA te duhdan a nih thu a sawi a. MJA c…


TANPUI NGAITE TANPUI DAN TUR ZIRHO : Nimin khan Champhai District Disaster Management Committee  (CDDMC) leh National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) te chuan Govt. GM Higher Secondary School zirlaite hnenah chhiatrupna thlen thulha chet lΓ’k dan tur an zirtir. He hunah hian Pu PC. Zoramthara, Coordinator CDDMC chuan India ram hmun hrang hranga chhiatrupna thleng chi hrang hrangah NDRF te hi koh an ni αΉ­hin a. An ni hian tui lian ani emaw In chim a ni emaw chhiatrupna chi hrang hrang a tlenin chhanchhuah nΓ’ hna an thawk αΉ­hin a ni a ti a. Chhiatrupna lo thlen thulha lo in zirtirna hi Higher Secondary School te hnenah pek a nih chhan sawiin School chauh nilo hmun hrang hrangah chhiatrupna hi thleng thei a ni a. An mahni In ngei pawh chhe rup thei a ni a, chutiang hun an tawn ni pawh a an sΓ’ himna tur leh midang tanpui ngaite an tanpui theih dan tur an lo hriat lawk theihna theihna tur a nih thu a sawi a. Champhai-ah SDRF a awm loh avangin chhiatrupna alo thleng a nih pawhin zirlai naupangt…


NATIONAL AWARD DAWNG TURA AN THAWH DAN ROPUI TI : Vawiin khan Champhai ICDS Anganwadi Worker te tΓ‘n ILS chungchanga Sector Level Training buatsaih a ni.  He hun hi Pu Zothanmawia Hnamte, Circle Officer kaihhruaina a neih niin Anganwadi Worker te hi an hnathawh a pawimawh em em rualin Health Worker leh ASHA te nen an thawhhona pawh a pawimawh a ti a. In ngheng reng tur an ni angin in pawh tlanna αΉ­ha tΓ’k nei reng turin a chah a. National Award an dΓ’wn chungchang tarlangin National Award dawng turin Anganwadi Centre te chu hna an thawh tha hle tih a sawi a. Award dawng thei tura an thawh rimna chu ropui a ti a, National Award dawng ve ta lo te pawh hnual mai lo a tih leh hun a awm a nih chuan dawng ngei thei turin a sawm a. Hetihlai mΓͺk hian Adganwadi hna hi in thlah dah a ngai thei lo a. Nikhat lek Anganwadi an hawn loh pawh a pawi em em αΉ­hin a. Central lam nen inthlunzawm vek a nih tawh avangin taimak a ngai em em a ni tiin an zir turte chu hlawk taka hmang turin duhsakna a hlan a  ni.…


KHAW 25 VC LEH YMA HRUAITUTE KO KHAWM : Khaw 25 awmna Khawbung RD Block huamchhunga VC leh YMA hruaitute ko khawm in chhiatrupna a thlen thulh a chet lΓ’k dan tur Training on Preparation of Village Level Disaster Management Plant chu DM&R Directorate buatsaihin BDO Conference Hall, Khawbung ah nimin khan neih a ni.  Training hi Disaster Management Coordinator Pi PC Zoramtharan a akaihruai a. Khawbung BDO Pu Vanlalchhuanliana, MCS leh Pu C. Lalhruaia, Jt. Director DM&R ten thu sawiin Village Disaster Management Committee din tur a Sawrkar hmalak dan an sawifiah a, chumi hma la thei tur chu VC leh YMA te khawtlang innghahna an nih thu an sawi a. Training ah hian Village Disaster Management Committee kalphung leh dan leh hrai te zirtirna hun an nei a ni. Khawtin VC leh YMA te an mahni huamchhunga leilung awm dan leh In leh lo awm din dan te chhiatna chi hrang hrang khuarel chhiatna leh mihring vanga thleng pawh nise an hmalak dan tur hmang chang leh remchang zawk ngaihtuah dan tur…


SUMDAWNG PAWL LEH MJA INKAWM : Thawhlehni tlai khan Sumdawng pawl leh MJA Champhai District te inkawm hona an nei.  Champhai Sumdawng pawl CIETU, EXIM leh Champhai Import and Export Syndicate hruaitute leh MJA te inkhawmhona an nei a. He hunah hian tunlai an harsatna chi hrang hrang te sawi lang in mi thenkhatin sumdawnna kal vΓͺl hi mi hausa tlemte chauh hlawkna a ni tia sawi a ni αΉ­hin chu pawi an tih thu an sawi a. An sumdawnna kal velah hian Zoram pumin hamthatna a dΓ’wn thu leh  mi tam takin chhungkaw chawm nan an hman bakah Mizoram Sawrkar ah pawh chhiah an chhun luh that αΉ­hu an sawi a. Zokhawthar Border Trade te chu tluang taka a kal zel theih nan MJA te chu thawhpui ah an sΓ wm a, MJA lam pawhin an theihna chuan tawiawm zel an tum thu an sawi ve bawk a ni.


PAWL KUT THLA HMAN TUM : Nimin khan Sub Hqrs. YMA chuan Executive Meeting neiin YMA General Conference Vawi 75 nΓ’ neih turah Agenda atan "Ram ngaw leh nungcha humhalh kawngah αΉ­un ai hian hmalak nasat ni rawh se"  tih chu thehluh nise an ti.  Hruaitu hlun chawimawina H. Darhmingliana, Zotlang; Pu C. Lalbiakhluna, Rabung; Pu Vantlang khuma, Khawzawl Dinthar; Pu PC Laldarhzauva, Pamchung Leh Pu C. Zoramluaia, Pamchung αΉ­e Central YMA ah dilpui nise.  Kum 2019-2020 chhung hian SYMA huamchhunga Central Dance Competition buatsaih nise, 2019-2020 chhung hian Pawl Kut thlΓ  hman nise tih an rel a.  Nimin SEC neih zawh hian nikum lama Kumpuan Committee αΉ­en an man Heroin hawng 2 chu President Pu VL Chama Hnamte in a halral nghal.


MIPUITE TAN DAMDAWI MANTLAWM : Mipuiten man tlawm zawka Damdawi an lei atheihna tura Sorkar laipuiin ruahmanna a siam, Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Kendra (PMBJAK) hmanga Champhai District tana Champhai Town Multipurpose Cooperative Society (CTM-PACS)-in Generic Drugs Store a siam chu nimin zing khan Champhai District Senior Medical Officer Dr. R. Lallianmawia'n a hawng. Champhai Vengthlang Pu Chalbawia Building-a CTM-PACS Variety Store sira he Generic Drugs Store hawnna hun hi PACS Chairman HS Vanlalfakzuala'n kaihruaiin, Senior Medical Officer Dr R. Lallianmawia chuan, Sorkar laipui ruahmanna anga Champhai District mipuiten man tlawm zawka Damdawi an lei theihna tura Generic Drugs Store hawn a ni ta chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a. 'Nang malsawmna ni ang che' tih thupui a hmangtu Champhai Town Multipurpose Co-operative Society-in hetiang Dawr a hawng hi thil inhmeh tak leh mipui tana vanneihna rahbi thar a ni, a ti. SMO Dr. R.Lallianmawia chuan Generic Drugs S…


ELECTORAL ROLL REVISION : Nimin khan Champhai DC Conference Hall-ah Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls-2019 neih dan tur ngaihtuahin District Level Standing Committee chu Addl DC Pu Alexander V. Chongthu kaihhruainain an thukhawm. Pu Alexander V. Chongthu chuan Electoral Roll chu khua leh tui nihna dik tak tichiangtu ani a, dik leh felfai taka buatsaih anih theihna turin a khat tawkin hun bi nei zela siam that thin a ni, a ti a. January Ni 1,2020 qualifying date-a hmanga Special Summary Revision neih leh turah dik taka kalpui anih theihnan ruahmanna kalpui mek zel anih thu sawiin, hun tiam chhung ngeia zawh hman anih theihna turin thawhhona tha tak awm angaih thu a sawi a. Sawmna ngaipawimawha kalkhawmte chungah lawmthu a sawi a ni. Pu Lalnunfela Chawngthu Election Officer Champahai pawhin thusawiin, Special Summary Roll Revision neih a lo hun leh tak a vangin roll a lut leh siamthat tur awmahte a hma thei anga bawhzui zel a tul thu sawiin, dilna siamtute chu a hun taka peihfel …


DR SANGTHANKIMA HLAWHTLING TAKIN ZAI A NI: Mizoram hmun hrang hrang leh Myanmar lama mi chanhai leh ruaihhlo ngai, fahrah naupangte enkawina hmun din leh enkawltu, TNT Home hrang hrang dintu leh an hotupa ber Dr. Sangthankima chu Yangon-a a khup hlawhtling taka zai a nih hnuah niminpiah khan Champhai a rawn thleng a; an Inpui, Champhai IB Vengah a awm mek tih thu kan dawng.


RUIHHLO MAN : Excise& Narcotics Enforcement Staffs, Champhai te chuan Ningani zan dar 8:50 vel khan Venglai Bazar, Champhaiah heroin hawng khat (14.6 gms) leh a kawltu C.Lalrinmawia (28) S/o C.Lalthanga (L), Ngur khua ni-a insawi chu an man a, an thil man hi lo- cal market-ah Cheng 30,000 man a ni a nimin khan District Court, Champhai-ah hruai a nih hnu in Dis- trict Jail-ah dahluh a ni.


MISSTA CONFERENCE : Nimin khan Mizoram Secondary School Teachers' Association (MISSTA) Sub Headquarters Champhai chuan Conference Vawi 8 na hmangin hruaitu thar an thlang. Conference hi General Hqrs Aizawla hruaitu mi paliten an telpui a. Kum 2019 - 2021 chhunga hruaitu tur an thlanpui nghal a. President atan HT Vanlalsawma, Headmaster Gov't GM HS, Vice President atan C. Hualrikhuma, Dy DPC RMSA leh Treasurer atan Lalrohlua, Teacher Gov't GM HS te thlan an ni a, anni hian kum 2019-2021 chhunga an thawhpui tur te an thlang ve leh dawn a ni. MISSTA Sub Hqrs Champhai-ah hian Champhai District chhunga Sorkar School 30 atangin member 130 an awm mek a ni.


CHAMPHAI DISTRICT LEH MIMAL TEN AWARD DAWNG : Ministry of Women &Child Development in an buatsaih "Poshan Abhiyaan Award 2018 2019",ah Mizoram chuan Category hnih ah Incentive Award la-in Field Level Leadership Awards-ah Champhai District-in "Best District award" a dawng. Poshan Abhiyaan Award-ah hian State/UT 36 te mihring cheng zat a zirin Group-4 ah then an ni a, Mizoram hi Group-3 category-naah dah a ni a. Implementation of ICDS-CAS-ah leh Overall Excellence in Implementation- ah Pakhatna ve ve a hmu a, Ci- tation leh Pawisa fai Cheng Nuai 250 a dawng a ni. Field Level Leadership Awards-ah Champhai District-in "Best District award"an dawng a, Champhai ICDS Project hnuaia Vengthlang Anganwadi Center-lIl te chuan "Best AAAA&LS" Award la-in Zomuansangi AWW,Champhai Vengthlang; Vanlalhruaii Helper, Champhai Vengthlang; R. Zonunsiami ANM, Vengthlang, Ngurzikpuii, ASHA, Champhai Vengthlang North, Vanlalchhuangi CO, Champhai Vengthlang te hnenah AAA…


ONLINE APPLICATION CHUNGCHANG ZIRHO : Nimin khan DEO hnuaia zirna in hrang hranga zirtir tute tan Scheme thar Online Application of Scholarship Scheme chungchang Govt Champhai College Multipurpose Hall-ah zirho a ni. Pu P. Lalhmingliana, Principal, Govt. Champhai College chuan tun hma chuan scholarship ti turin awlsam takin a tih theih mai thin a, khawvel changkang zelah tunlaiah chuan tun hma ang mai maia tih theih a ni tawh lova, Online-a Scholarship form dah khah a ngaih tawh avangin Computer leh Online a tih theih hrang hrang te hi kan thiam a ngai a ni a ti a, la hmang thiam lo te pawh intuaihriam zel a, Internet hmanga tih theih hrang hrang te hi thiam vek tum turin zirtirtu kalkhawm te chu a chah a, mi inzir peih te tan thiam theih loh hi a awm tak tak lova, kum upa lam tawh tan pawh zir peih phawt chuan thiam theih a nih thu sawiin Seminar chu a hawng a ni. Mizoram Scholarship Board Secretary Pu JH. Zoremthanga chuan, Scholarship chu naupang harsa zawkte tanpuina anih avangin …


MOTOR CHESUAL : Nimin zing khan champhai atanga Aizawl lam pan Sumo darthlalang a C.Hrangnguri tih inziak chu Tuirial ah kawngthlang ah tlan liam in 20mtr vel athui an lum a . Vanduai thlak tak in hmeichhe pakhat a boral a, Hliamtuar dangte pawh Hospital panpui nghal an ni. Motor neitu hi Pi C. Hrangnguri Zotlang Champhai niin Driver  Zonuna pawh hi Champhai Zotlang a cheng ve bawk a ni. Vanduaia tawk a  boral ta hi Pi Thamawii kum 57 Khawthlir (Myanmar)-a a pa bula  cheng mek a ni a. Pu Rodailova Zokhawthar (Krista Thuhriltu Team Speaker)  u chiah niin a ruang hi Aizawl Ramthar Vengah Vui tura lakthlak a ni.


SCHOLARSHIP BUAIPUI TURIN TI : Mizoram Scholarship Board Secretary Pu JH. Zoremthanga chuan, Scholarship chu naupang harsa zawkte tanpuina anih avangin a theih ang tawk a lo buaipui vek turin zirna in hrang hrangte chu Mizoram Scholarship Board in a ngen a ni a ti. Khawzawl District huamchhunga Primary School, Middle School, High School, Higher Secondary School leh College tana Workshop-cum-Seminar on Online Application of Scholarship Schemes and Awareness Campaign, Govt. Khawzawl College Multipurpose Hall a nimina buatsaihah he thu hi Mizoram Scholarship Board Secretary Pu JH. Zoremthanga chuan a sawi a. Mizoram bikah hian Tribal leh Minority Scholarship hi zirlaite dil tam ber a ni a, tun dinhmunah Mizoram pumah zirlai nuai 2 deuh thaw in heng Scholarship hi an dil tih sawiin Scholarship hi a dil thei tak tak chauhin an dil tur a ni a ti a. Tunah hian Mizoram District hrang hrangah Mizoram Scholarship Board chuan Workshop-cum-Seminar hi an nei mek tih sawiin tunah hian Tribal Schol…


MINISTER CHAMPHAI HMANGAIHTUIN BIAL FAN TI TAWP RIH : Nimin khan Law Minister leh Champhai South bialtu MLA nibawk Pu TJ Lalnuntluanga'n a bial chhung Champhai Kanaan, Dinthar leh Vengthar a tlawhin Minister hian a bial chhung fan kalzel program chu a khar. Minister chuan a bial mipuite chu  kalpah mai nilo a hnathawh tak tak duhna rilru pu tura fuihin,  tunhnaia  tharthawh leh Champhai Town Plan leh Seling-Champhai kawng double lane a zauh tuma hmalaknate pawh tihtak takna nena bawhzui anih hnuah chauh peihfel thei tura beiseina neih anih thu a sawi a. Khawtlang mamawh te sawiho hmasak phawt hnuah a tul anga thuneitute dawr thin a finthlak a, rualkhai taka hmasawnna bial chhunga a awm theihna turin inrawnkhawma  official te thawhpui thin angai ani tiin, " Mipui aiawha thlan ram hruaitute, thiamna, remhriatna leh tawn hriat tam tak nei Sawrkar official leh mipuite an thawhho that phawt chuan ramin hmasawnna duhawm leh kawng dik tak a zawh thei dawn a ni, a ti a. Rilru puthmang …


SILAI MAN : Champhai Police leh 8th Assam Riffles Champhai  tangkawp te chuan Silai AK 47 pathum leh Magazine 3 an man. Nimin zing dar 3 vel khan Champhai Police te leh 8th Assam Rifles te'n Samthang khuaah Joint Operation an nei a. Keilianthanga Kum 52 s/o Satina (L) Dihai khua, Myanmar a cheng ni a insawi hnen atangin Silai AK 47 leh Magazine 3 te hi an man ta a ni. Keilianthanga hi tunkar Thawhtanni Samthang khuaah kalin a khan  silai kawlte hi a zuar kual a, nimin zing dar 4 vel khan a thlen inah Champhai Police leh 8th Assam Rifle te hian a bag chhunga a dah AK 47 3 leh Magazine 3 te hi an man a, Magazine-ah hian Silai mu erawh a awm tel lo thung. Keilianthanga hian heng a silai kawlte hi nikuma a lo vahnaa a chhar niin a sawi a, kum 10 liam ta vela an khua Dilhai-ah VC a nih laiin hel pawl tlanchhia a lo mikhual tawh a, hmanrua engmah keng lovin an tlanchhe chhunzawm zel a, an hmanrua te an thuhruk ngei ringa a lo zawn tawh thu leh heng a silai kawlte hi helho thuruk a nih a…


LIRTHEI CHUNGCHANG SAWI HO : Nimin khan Pu Zoremthara Ralte, DTO Champhai kaihhruaiin I&PR Conference Hall, CHANEM Building-ah Champhai District chhunga lirthei chungchang leh a kaihhnawih hrang hrang ngaihtuaha  inrawnkhawmna hun neih a ni a. He hunah hian Champhai District chhunga Tlawmngai Pawl aiawh, khawtlang hruaitu aiawh leh mipui phur lirthei neitu hrang hrang hruaitute an tel a ni. He hunah hian Champhai khawpui chhunga  mihring phur chi lirthei Permit pek belh chungchanga State Transport Authority (STA)-a rawtna thlen tur hrang hrangte sawiho a ni a. Champhai District chhunga District Headquarters thar pahnih siam a nih tak avangin Champhai District huam chhung bika lirthei mamawh zat tur tlangpui rawtna thlen turah hetiang hian rawtna siam a ni. 1) Thingtlang khuaten District khawpui awlsam zawka an kal theih nan Maxi Cab permit pek belh tura rawtna thlen tha tih a ni a. Hemi chungchang hi DTO in a awm sa te lo zirchianga a zat tur hi chu lo bituk se tha tih a ni a. Tuna I…


DISASTER MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE NEI: Nimin khan Champhai District Disaster Management Committee chu Addl DC Pu Alexander V Chongthu hovin DC Conference Hall Keifangtlangah an thukhawm. Meeting-ah hian 1st Battalion National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in August 26 - Sept 1, 2019 chhunga programme Champhaia rawn neih an tum changchang thlirho a ni a. Chhiatrupna thlen thulha chetlak dan tur chungchang zirhona hi August ni 26 chawhmaah Department Officials leh Champhai khawpui chhunga High School zirtirtu mi pahnih zel tan Govt Champhai College Multipurpose Hall- ah neih  ni se August  ni 26 chawhnuah GM Higher Secondary School ah neih nise tih a ni a. Meeting-in a Ruahman dan chuan August ni 27-ah Einstein Higher Secondary School, Champhai South Higher Secondary School leh Champhai Higher Secondary School zirlaiten  Champhai College Multipurpose Hall-ah an nei ang a. August ni 28-ah Govt Champhai College zirlaite tan Govt Champhai College Multipurpose Hall-ah neih ani ve leh ang a. Augu…


TARMIT 41 SEM : Nimin khan National Prevention& Control of Blindness & Vision impairment hmalakna in Hmunhmeltha YMA Hall-ah a mamawhte hnenah Tarmit 41 a thlawnin sem ani a. He hun hi Champhai CMO Dr R.Lalawmpuia chuan kaihruaiin, Dr R.Lianmawia, SMO leh MUP president ten thu an sawi bawk.


CHAMPHAI AH TB VEI MI 68 AWM MEK: Nimin khan District TB Centre, Champhai District buatsaihin Press Club-ah Journalist-te tan Revised National TB Control Programme chungchang zirho a ni a, he hunah hian Champhai District-ah TB vei, damdawi ei zo duhlo mi 5 an awm tih tarlan a ni. He hun hi C.Lahnunpuia, MJA Champhai District President chuan a kaihhruai a, Dr R.Lallianmawia, District TB Officer chuan Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme chu Health Dept in Programmea kalpui tam tak zinga mi a nih thu leh District TB Centre inrelbawl dan a sawi a. TB natna chu khawvelin a la buaipui chhunzΓ‘wm zel a, kum 2030 ah chuan he natna hi umbo hman tum a ni, tih sawiin, India ram chuan kum 2025-ah umbo a tum thung, a ti a. TB natna chu khuh leh hahchhiau  atanga  boruaka  leng  chu  inkaichhawnna a ni a. He natna hi India ramah chuan puitling zaa 40 in an nei tura ngaih a ni, tih a sawi a. TB-ah  hian chi hnih, chuap leh chuap pawna mi a awm a, chuap TB chu inkaichhawn awlsam leh a tlan…


THIL DIKLO TI TURA NAWR LUILO TURIN CHAH : Nimim khan Law and Judicial, EF&CC, Transport leh Parliamentary Affairs changtu  Minister Pu TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan a bial chhung Champhai Venglai, Electric Veng, Zion Veng leh Tlangsam te tlawhin Sawrkar Department hotute nen mipuite kawmin an mamawh thlente bawhzui dan tur an ngaihtuah. Law and Judicial Minister chuan mipuite harsatna hrerengin awlsam taka Sawrkar Department te dawr anih theihna turin Sawrkar Pisa hun hnaih anih thu sawiin, mipuite chu an mamawhte thlenna hun atana chhawr tangkai turin a chah a. Sawrkarah khua leh tui ten beiseina sang tak an neih thu sawiin, Mizoram chu  State naupang tak  thawhchhuak lian tak neilo kan la ni a,  mipuiten  beiseina an neihte tih  theih anih leh nih loh an hriatfiah  hmasak angai a ni, a ti a. Bial dangte entawn theih tur bial, kut tlinglo leh hlemhletna hmanga inhaivur ngailo, a thlawna sum  dawn chungchangah bial dangte zirtirtu nih kan tum tur a ni tiin, dikna leh rinawmna rilru pu chu…


CHAMPHAI STATISTICAL HANDBOOK TLANGZARH : Economics and statistics Department, Champhai District buatsaih Champhai District  Statistical Handbook 2018 chu nimin khan DRO Conference Hall, Champhaiah Economics & Statistics Director Pu Lalrikhuma Sailo chuan a tlangzarh. Pu Lalrikhuma Sailo chuan’ “Kan hna leh thiltihte a bul thutah Statistics base lova kan kal chuan a tawp kharna a felfai thei thin lo va, Statistics tel lo chuan thu awmze nei sawi a har tawh thin a ni,” a ti a.  Handbook hi Champhai District mai bakah, zirlai leh Office hrang hrang, mimal leh pawlten an tangkaipui ngei a beisei thu  sawiin a tlangzarh  a ni. Lehkhabu tlangzarh inkhawm hi Pu Lalrinhlua, Deputy Director Econmics & Statistics Deptt & DRO Champhai chuan a kaihruaia. Pi Lallianpuii, UDC chuan Technical Report pein tun hi Champhai District-in Handbook an tihchhuah vawi khatna a nih thu leh chhuah leh hunah chuan a hun takah leh tun aia changtlung zawka chhuah theih a beisei thu a sawi a. Pu H. Lalhma…


ZIRTIRTUTE NI HMAN DAN TUR REL : Nimin khan September ni 5 a Zirtirtute Ni hman dan tur chungchang relin District Working Committee chu Addl DC Pu Alexander V. Chongthu kaihhruainain Circuit House Conference Hall-ah an thukhawm. Meeting chuan thingtlang khaw te deuh Zirna In pa 2/3 awmnaah chuan Zirtirtute Ni chu VC te leh SMC te nen a huhova hman dan tur rel nise an ti a, khawpui ah erawh chuan mahni school theuhah hman nise tiin a rel a. Kum danga an tih tawh thin angin School hrang hrangah Teachers'  Day lawmna hi hmanpuitu  awm se tiin an rel a, School hrang hrang a hmanpui tur lo tifel turin DEO an ruat nghal a. School 3 hnenah Award sem tur awm chu ngaihpawimawh nise tiin an rel tel bawk. Pu C. Lalbiakzauva DEO Champhai hnen atangin Teachers'  Day a sum an lo sen tawh dan leh sum thawhkhawm a nih dan te ngaihthlak a ni. Meeting-ah hian Banner  veng lun lai deuhah tar a lo nih tawh dan te ngaihthlak niin tar leh ngei nise an ti a, Slogan tar leh tar loh chungchang pawh sawih…


RUIHHLO MAN : Vaphai ram, Saikhumphai bul-ah Mizoram Excise & Narcotics- te'n  Heroin  hawng  45, gram 540 neitua puh Vanlalsiama kum 29 leh Jakob Lalsawmkima kum 27, Sangkhuma fapa Myanmar Leilet khua chu an ruihhlo nen nizan hmasa khan an man. Thu dawn danin, Excise & Narcotics Sub-Inspector Lalrinsanga leh a hote chuan nimin khan Farkawn lam atanga Heroin tawlh lut tur nia thu an dawn bawhzuiin, an chΓ’n chhuah mai loh avangin Vaphai lamah hawng kualin Mizoram lam atanga Heroin lak tum nia an rinhlelh chu zuiin nizan hmasa khan  Vanlalsiama kum 29 leh Jakob Lalsawmkima kum 27 Sangkhuma fapa Myanmar Leilet khuate chu an ruihhlo, Myanmar bike, Kenbo hmanga an phurh nen Saikhumphai kai an kai fel chu an lo man a. Vaphai VDP-te  phungbawma  sawmin Excise & Narcotics te chuan Heroin hawng 45 chu buk a, lehkha tihfel ngaite an ziah fel hnuah Aizawl lam panpui nghal an ni.


NAUPANG CHHUANAWM ZORAMTHARI: Niminpiah tlai khan Champhai District Badminton Association chuan kar hmasa a khelh zawh tak, Mizoram  Badminton  Junior  Ranking, 2019 Under 11 Girls Single Champion Zoramthari d/o Lalthlekchuailova (fam)  chawimawina hun an hmang. Zoramthari hi kum kua lek niin kum 11 hnuai lama a Champion bakah, kum 13 chin inelnaah Semi Final a thΕ‚eng bawk. CDBA hruaitute  leh chhungkhat atangin thusawi ngaihthlak a ni a, thilpek leh thuziak, pawl hming leh mimal atangin thahnem tak pek a ni.


CHAMPHAI TLANGVAL MINISTER IN A BIAL LA FANG : Law Minister leh Champhai South bialtu MLA nibawk Pu TJ Lalnuntluanga'n niminah a bial chhung New Champhai, Zotlang leh Ruantlanga khawtlang mipuite mamawh leh harsatna thlente  Sawrkar Official-te nena an ngaihthlak sakna huna a sawi a ni. Law and Judicial Minister chuan hmasawnna tluantling leh tlo nei thei turin rilru sukthlek siam dik hmasak angai a, chumi hnuah chuan hnasawnna ruhrel hna thawh tha takin a kalpui theih a ni, a ti a.  Ram dinhmun ngaihtuah chung zela mamawh dan indawt angin  rualkhai taka hmasawnna ruangam siam a pawimawh thu a sawi a. Mipuite chu Pathian leh kan ram tan tih thupui chu changchawi fo a, Pathianin  ram min pek hlu tak hi neitu rilru pu chunga enkawl tur leh    chhungkua  leh khawtlang tana rinawm taka hna thawh tum  theuh turin a chah a. Mipuite harsatna sutkian sak inhuama thahnemngai taka thawkchhuak  official-te a fak a, mamawh thlen te danin a phal ang zela tihhlawhtlin anih theihnana  bawhzui turi…


KAWNG SIAM MEK : PWD chuan tunhnaiah Vengthlang North Biak In atanga Chhangphut Field panna kawng siam that hna an thawk, vawiinah hian VengthlangYMA Run atanga Vengthlang North panna kawng siam leh turin hma an la mek a. Nimin khan DC complex leh Selluaia Traffic Point inkar a kawng khuar leh chhe deuh lai te thuam tha in hun an hmang a, helai inkar an siam zawh hian YMA Run lam an pan leh ang.


TUIPUIRAL DEVELOPMENT COMT THLAWPLO: East Tuipui North Block MNF chu kar kalta khan thukhawmin Tuipuiral Development Committee din a ni chu pawi an tih thu an sawi a. Bialtu MLA in hma

a lak mek leh, hmasawnna hnathawk tura ke a pen mek laia amah leh a hmalakna duhkhawp lo ni awm taka hetianga bial chhung atanga hmalakna awm chu tha lo an tih thu an sawi a. East Tuipui North Block MNF te chuan he pawl hi an thlawp lo tih an puang. An bial hmasawnna hnathawk tur hian MLA Ramthanmawia leh BDO te an ring tawk a, Mizoram hmasawnna hnathawk tur pawhin Zoramthanga leh a kaihhruai sorkar an rintawk thu an tarlang tel bawk.


MINISTER HUN HMAN DAN TUR : Champhaia cham mek Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan vawiin hian Venglai, Electric Veng, Zion Veng leh Tlangsamah Public interview a nei ang a Naktukah Kanan Veng, Dinthar leh Vengtharah nei zui lehin, naktip khian Aizawl lamah a kir thla tawh ang.


RUIHHLO TAM THAM TAK MAN : Inrinni chawhma khan Champhaia Excise & Narcotics Enforcement Staff duty-ten Champhai leh Zokhawthar inkara Maxicab  pakhat atangin tunlaia ruihhlo lar leh hlauhawm tak, Methamphetamine tam tham tak chu Zokhawthar panna kawng, Champhai District Park pengah he ruihhlo hi zin bag siam danglam chhuat hnuaiah thuhruk a niin, Excise & Narcotics Staff-ten uluk taka an enfiah hnuah he ruihhlo hi an man chhuak a. Ruihhlo neitua puh Tinsianmunga kum 50, Tinzama fapa, Tahan Pyi Daw Ta, Myanmar a cheng ni a inchhal chu man a niin, midang ta a ken sak angin a insawi thung a.  He ruihhlo hi Mum 50,500 a tam niin, tunlai tualchhung hralhna a chhutin Cheng 75,75,000 man a ni. Tinsianmunga hi ND & PS Act tlawhchhanin thubuai siam sak a ni a. Champhai District Hospital-ah a hriselna enfiah a niin, Inrinni chawhnu khan District Court-ah hruai a ni a. Champhai District Jail-ah dahluh nghal a ni. Inrinni vek khan Excise & Narcotics Enforcement Staff duty-te hian…


LITERATURE WEEK DISCOUNT : Ni 19-22/8/2019 chhung hian Vengthlang Branch KTP te chuan Literature Week an hmang dawn a. Hemi pual hian Synod  Bookroom chuan an bungruate an Discount dawn a. Mipui ten Thawhtanni zan, Thawhlehni zan leh Ningani zan Dar 6-9 pm chhungin man tlawm takin a lei theih ang.


LIRTHEI KE 6 NEI CHIN CHIAH: Champhai leh Aizawl inkara lirthei tlan, kawng laka tangkhang nasa lutuk thin ti ziaawm turin Champhai SP chuan ritphur lirthei ke 6 nei aia tamte chu August ni 16 atanga September 30 thleng Champhai district kawngpuiah kal lo turin thupek a chhuah. Tarlan tawh angin kumin Fur chhung hian Champhai leh Aizawl inkarah lirthei chesual leh khawihchet zui ngam loh lirthei tang a tam hle a, lirthei tangkhang thin hian nitin nunphung a nghawng tak avangin, lirthei leh mipui him zawk nan Champhai  District SP Rex Zarzoliana Vanchhawng chuan July ni 13 atang khan ritphur lirthei bik tan ni inkardan a intlanchhawk turin thuchhuah alo siam tawh a. SP thuchhuah hian zawm hlawh viau mah se, lirthei tlanten kawng lakah harsatna an la tawh tho avangin, August-ni 7-a SP kaihhruai khawtlang hruaitu te, lirthei neitute leh bungraw neitu thukhawm rel angin SP chuan Lirthei Ke 6 nei aia tam tlan rih lo tura thuchhuah a siam bakah, ni kardan a ritphur lirthei intlan chhawk paw…


e-VISA BUATSAIH : Champhai Bawrhsap pisa ruahmanna-in thla hnih/khat chhunga e-Visa District Facilitation Centre, DC Office kaltlanga buatsaih hman tum a ni. Sorkar thuchhuahin a sawi danin Inrinni khan Trasport Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan Champhai Bawrhsap Dr Naveen Aggarwal leh District thuneitu dangte a chenna Champhai Kahrawt Vengah kawmin e-Visa chungchang hi an sawiho a. Dan ang thlapa India leh Myanmar inkalpawhna awlsam leh rang taka mamawhtuten internet kaltlanga e-visa an dil zung zung theihna tur chungchang chipchiar taka sawiho Γ  ni a. Minister thurawn leh ngenna bawhzuiin Champhai Bawrhsap pisa a e-Visa dil theihna hi ruahman tura tih a ni ta a. Hei hian Immigration Centre leh Integrated Check Post changtlung zawk siam kawngah kawngro a sut ngei beisei a nih thu inhmuhkhawmna-ah hian tarlan a ni. Law Minister ho hian District Official-ten Zirtawpni kalta khan Myanmar Immigration Office, Khawmawi Myanmar a mi chu tlawhin thawktute hnathawh dan, hmalakna leh e-Visa chun…